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The Jogging is About to Begin!

by Lizzie Bee 4 years ago in fitness

An update on my current exercise regimen and overall health!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my fitness blog. I apologize for not keeping this as regular as I should. I have been very busy lately between work, exercise, and taking over on some social media coordinating for my boyfriend's YouTube channel. All very exciting stuff, but they shouldn't be an excuse to get lazy in writing. So without further ado, here are my current updates to my fitness.

So as some of you may know, I wrote a previous blog outlining my goals and just giving some tidbits about where I am at fitness and health wise in general. Even though my schedule has been a little hectic recently, since my last blog I have refused to let that get in the way of exercising and eating healthy.

My doctor's current recommendation is that I cut my thyroid pill in half only on Sundays, which has been interesting, but keep the regular dose the rest of the week. She says that this is because I was mildly over treating my thyroid and since it was such a mild amount, she is hoping that this course will help to make sure my thyroid is correctly regulated.

I have also continued to make sure that most of the week I eat healthy and monitor my calories. I am currently doing 1,800 calories Monday through Friday. Saturday is my cheat day. On Saturday I do not track my calories, I allow myself to eat less healthy and I also allow myself to indulge in a little alcohol related fun. Then Sunday I start to get back on track, I allow myself 2,000 calories but all of it is only healthy food and no drinking. Then my cycle restarts.

Up to this point I have finally reached my goal of 25 reps for all of my calisthenic exercises and one minute for all yoga poses, stretches, and a plank. My current schedule for this is 5 days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I allow myself two rest days, Sunday and Wednesday, in which I only strive to get my 10,000 steps no more or less exercise than that.

Now, this upcoming week my schedule is going to be a little hectic so I won't be starting to jog until the following week, but when I do start adding jogging in I am going to start as slowly as I started with the rest of my exercise regimen. To clarify, my plan for jogging involves me jogging on a treadmill at the gym. The first day that I start jogging I am hoping to jog until I cannot jog anymore. This will become my starting point for how many minutes I will jog for the rest of the week. Once the first week is over I will then work my way up another five minutes, one minute per day, for an entire week. I will stay at the point I worked up to for a full week. I plan to continue this same regimen for jogging until I work my way up to jogging for a whole hour. Once I get to that goal, I will slowly start increasing my pace until I'm at a pace of 5 mph.

As for the rest of my health, I would like to brag that I have lost another three pounds as of yesterday, putting my total weight loss at 22 lbs since the start of this adventure, which may not seem like a lot to most people but considering my thyroid issues and slowing metabolism due to age cut back what I can lose in a certain amount of time I am very proud of myself. I am hoping to continue this progress until I reach my goal of 125 lbs.

In other news, I bought a Halloween costume that I'm very excited to wear to our friends' Halloween party on October 21. I will post some pictures with why I chose that costume. Hopefully I will have some awesome make up tales to tell as well, and all about getting ready for the party. Enjoy and have a lovely day all!


Lizzie Bee

Hello everyone! My name is Lizz. Some of you may know me; some of you may not know me. I am here to start writing more. I plan to write about three pieces a week here. I will also be sharing small sections of a book series I am writing.

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Lizzie Bee
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