The Highest Vibration

Infinite possibilities reside within you

The Highest Vibration

Let's take a second and meditate together.

Imagine you are a being from another place in the galaxy. I want you to imagine the place, imagine a name. It could be your own paradise. Your own rules. Your own landscape. Your own everything.

Enjoy your time there. Enjoy the beautiful interactions between beings sharing paradise. Enjoy the air, the nature, every single thing that your mind has created.

Now from your paradise, imagine you take a short visit to Earth. Just a short visit to try and understand beings from another place in the galaxy. When looking at humans; do you feel we are even remotely close to "beings sharing paradise?" Do you feel like we are vibrating, as a race, at our highest possible frequency? Or for that matter, anywhere close?

Humans have spent their history killing and separating each other. It is a fact. As soon as we became "civilized" we began our history of total hypocrisy.

The greatest gift given to mankind is the ability to love. Love is an eternal healing power that transcends time. It is the most powerful thing mankind can harness. It has the ability to bring light from darkness. To love is to vibrate at the highest possible frequency on this planet. The idea of love can't be fully understood without adding the word "unconditional" to it. Unconditional love should be the only love that exists. We should love every single living thing on this planet completely. Every single being that is here while you are here shares that same life energy that makes you exist. No one asked to be here. No one asked to be made how they were made. No one asked to go through the experiences they go through. Everybody wants to be accepted, but hardly anyone wants to accept. We are literally descendants of the stars. Infinite possibilities reside within all of us. Instead of living in that, we argue about physical traits of a body we live in. (The social equivalent would be people killing each other for the color of their house.) We argue about who likes who. We argue about who believes in what. We find time to argue and hurt each other about things that have no real significance in the grand scheme of existence.

Imagine this same Earth without religious wars. Imagine this Earth without race wars. Imagine this Earth with acceptance of everybody for who they truly are naturally. Imagine loving every single person you met for their unique outlook on the same life you are trying to understand. It is possible. It just starts with YOU. It starts with looking inside your(self) and accepting EVERY single facet of you. It takes appreciating and loving every single facet of yourself, so you can then love every single facet of someone else. It takes spreading that love as much as you can so as many people as possible know that someone loves them. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people spend days, weeks, months, even years not ever hearing or feeling someone else's love, or knowing someone accepts them for them. That kind of darkness can consume someone. Be the light in someone's life. Be the smile that gets someone through their day. Be the "how are you" that gives someone space to vent. Be EXACTLY what you would want if you were in a dark mood.

We have the ability to help each other. We have the ability to share with each other. We have the ability to create and make better lives for each and every person living today. BUT it all starts with loving ourselves fully. Humans are approximately 80% similar in physical anatomy, with you being 15% MORE likely to be genetically similar to people IN OTHER RACES than your own. The only way you can hate someone here is if you have hate for yourself. We are all beings of consciousness trying to survive the SAME experience. Love completely, every single thing you encounter here. They are you.


Macano Nwachukwu
Macano Nwachukwu
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Macano Nwachukwu

I am an artist of many expressions. I offer my understanding of myself, the world, and the human experience in my work. I hope what ever I express in my work finds you in the best of spirits and helps you along your journey. Love always.

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