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The Heart of a Ballerina


By Melanie RosePublished 4 years ago 3 min read

She steps out into the bright lights of the stage and closes her eyes just for a moment to take it all in.

She hears the music begin and she can feel the beat inside her soul compel her to move. Each step she takes is with certainty and confidence.

She can feel the eyes of her audience laid upon her and the butterflies in her stomach dance with her as she moves with grace across the stage.

Her majestic body lengthens as she extends her leg behind her, perfectly straight into an arabesque, then twists her body around to face the extended leg and poses in a front attitude, while lifting herself onto the tip of her pointe shoe.

She holds the pose just long enough to be admired by her audience and keeps her eyes on them to hold their gaze as long as possible.

She can feel her heart begin to beat faster as the music picks up its pace. She releases her pose and gathers her strength for just a moment.

She begins to leap across the stage and gives Grand Jeté a new meaning the higher she glides through the air.

When she reaches the end of the stage, she leads her body into a succession of slow, lyrical, and continuous movements to create the illusion that the positions that flowed from one into another were one cohesive motion.

She becomes one with the music as it slows along with her, then she pauses on the opposite side of the stage landing in fourth position.

She pliés her position and begins to spin in circles around the entire stage in a string of pirouettes. She allows her breath to pace her movements, slow and steady.

When she reaches center stage, her arms land in fifth position and she slowly turns her eyes inside to admire the curve of her arm.

Then she releases the position of her arms and lets them flow freely to match the sound of the music that guided them.

The pace of the beat begins to pick up rapidly and she knew it was time for her big moment.

She locks her eyes with her audience to signal for them to pay attention. They wouldn’t want to miss this!

Her heart begins to race with anticipation then she takes a deep breath and prepares her body for what is about to come.

Her feet are in fifth position, then she moves her right foot out to second then back to fourth in Plié to lift off onto the tip of her pointe shoe.

She begins to spin by whipping her extended leg around to the other side passing through passe while using her audience to spot each turn.

With each Foutté, the music becomes louder and louder with dramatics that allow her to feel the momentum and push her forward into the next one.

She could feel the audience in awe of her beauty and strength as she spun with such fluidity and grandeur.

Just before the music plays its final note she lands her final turn, then immediately hoists herself onto the tips of her toes, drops her head and back behind her, while elongating her arms into a full extension in opposite directions and holds her final pose.

The audience erupts simultaneously with applause and jumps to their feet which is followed by whistles and words of appreciation for what they just witnessed.

She slowly releases her pose and brings her eyes to meet the admiration of her fans, then she smiles and gives her final curtsy just as the curtains close.


About the Creator

Melanie Rose

Writing can free your soul. At least it does for me. I am an artist and a mother first, but writing gives me an outlet to let my brain wander and create stories to expand my artwork in a whole new way! Follow me @melanierosecreates

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    Melanie RoseWritten by Melanie Rose

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