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The Happiness Project

by Chloe Noelle King 2 days ago in aging

The beauty is in the details.  Embarking on a journey to make yourself happy every single day.  I hope this helps everyone at whatever stage of life they are in. If you are 80, you have so much experience to really embark on this journey well, and if you are 8 you have such an open mind to be able to shape into happy thoughts. 

The Happiness Project
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Allowing positive thoughts, allows more positive thoughts to occur. Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of being, and your thoughts, create your actions, which create your personality, which create your character. It is time to make happiness one important character trait that you do not negate for anything or anyone. SO what makes you happy? What are you grateful for?

I will go first. I am grateful for the sunshine, for easily accessible yoga on youtube, for my dog, for the ability to run, for food to eat (the small amount I have while writing this), and the home that is over my head.

Nature Photographer Kahn Ngataua, "loves appreciating the little things, like the details in nature and the world, through adopting a cruelty-free lifestyle." Seeing the details through your eyes fully, and truly appreciating them, is all that gratitude is. 


You got this, what are you grateful for in your life?




Now that we have secured those positive thoughts, it is time to think about what lights you up. 

What would make you jump out of bed every single day so excited to contribute to the world? 

You deserve all good things. 

Take time to stop and breathe if you need to. 

Claim your future here:




Let's be honest, how often do you have animal products on your plate

If it is every meal, and you do not feel good in any aspect, that is why.

Here I want you to write down 3 PLANT-BASED meals, and if you are already vegan, write down the meal you have been waiting to treat yourself with, and I am giving you permission to write down the ingredients you need, and go get them, and take the time to make that beautiful spread for yourself.

For me, it is the Pinterest recipe I have been absolutely dreaming over while I keep making the same three things. It is a cashew-based, cheese-clothe-made vegan cheese ball for charcuterie and as someone who can barely scrape a meal together, a daily charcuterie board using a little bit of homemade vegan cheese for the homemade crackers is something I am going after for my happiness. What meals/ snacks are going to light you up? Claim it!




Nature Photographer, Kahn Ngataua, feels that veganism "makes you more humble in a way, but also a lot more aware." This awareness is what helps lead you through the journey to achieving daily self-happiness. Kahn Nagataua continues that "you genuinely care about stuff" and this includes your own happiness. Taking cruelty off of your plate, helps you see the details in life, and be less cruel to yourself.


Nourishing your soul with consuming good things, fruits, plant-based protein, meditation, music, positive television (yes I dabble in Housewives, Bravo, but only if it adds to my relaxation and turning off my mind to focus on the drama) never as an outlet for growth because I know binging bravo is not going to get me to my goals.

Speaking of which, what goals do you have for yourself this quarter:

I want you to choose three, in three months that you can attainably accomplish.

Is it sending out 30 resumes for your dream job? Is it doing 5 minutes of yoga and meditation a day? Writing that blog post! Whatever it is, claim it, own it, do not let anyone or anything take you away from your goals.



Look at you, only a few exercises and you are embarking on your happiness journey to achieve daily self-happiness! Go you!


Chloe Noelle King

Learn, share, and form healthy habits that work for you. I truly hope my shares gives everyone something they can take away for themselves to enhance their happiness.

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Chloe Noelle King
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