The Girl that Lost Four Senses

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A story about the practice of grounding techniques through meditation.

The Girl that Lost Four Senses
Photo from a grounding session on a beach in Florida

"Inhale fully through your nose, fill your belly with air, expand your ribs, exhale slowly through your mouth, releasing the air and settle into the comfort of your being,"

One day, a girl work up on the eve of the last year of her twenties and she couldn't see the sunrise, she couldn't hear the birds chirping, she couldn't smell her morning breath, and she couldn't taste her own saliva. The only evidence that she was alive on the eve of her 29th birthday was that her breathing was not shallow and she could feel the steady "thump. thump. thump." of her heart beat. She woke up with just one of her five senses and for 15 minutes she stayed in bed, feeling the rhythm of her lungs expanding and her heart pumping blood to her organs. Without the distraction of her other senses a warmth overcame her. Her temperture slowly rose and radiated from her body as she focused on the dance between her lungs and heart.

For 8 months, she read about meditation and the power of positive thinking. What started as a 5 min session in the morning or whenever she found a moment to relax became her new ritual. Overtime, she collected Rose Quartz, Jade, Amethyst, and Tiger Iron (grounding) crystals for good energy and even a pretty blue sound bowl to introduce healing through audio vibrations. Through her personal teachings she learned meditation took no work at all, you just sit back and observe you mind.

The most important lesson was the art of grounding. At first it was weird. As a high maintenence bohemian, the thought of taking her shoes off and feeling the grass between her toes where the shines and where it was shady felt like stepping on seaweed on the beach. On the contrary, she would leap at the opportunity to walk on scorching sand and dig her toes into the mushy sand in sea. Everyday she went outside and took off her fuzzy Birkentocks and stepped intentionally on the grass until she woke up and sprinted out of the house barefoot landing on the grass and gazing at the vast sky, humbled by her opportunity to exist. Through grounding she came home to herself. She wanted to hug herself often because the disconnect between mind and body was dissolving.

Slowly, as her body temperature plateued her senses came back. She fluttered her eyelashes to welcome the sunlight raditating directly on her from the window in her bedroom, she heard the morning birds speaking their language to one another, she smelled the crisp air, she swallowed her saliva, tangy from a good nights rest, and she smelled her naturally scented breath. She was by most standards fully alive now.

What happened on the eve of her birthday was a moment she had read about, but had yet to experience - transedence. She woke up with the most important sense which is the art of feeling to the purity of your heart and the calm flow of your breath.Those are the tools to a good metitation session.

All her worries had faded and she was a beaming beacon of light. She did not need to try so hard anymore. All she had to do was feel. She lost her senses and felt the depths of her soul.

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