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The Different Styles of Yoga

by AskOliveJames Blog 2 months ago in yoga


So I think many of you by now have heard of the many benefits of yoga. Countless celebrities are constantly talking about the effects yoga has on their minds and bodies. So when you start to research local yoga glasses you may think yoga is yoga but you would be wrong. There are many different types of yoga with different benefits. No style you choose is wrong but a lot of people have a preference for different styles.


Better Balance & Mobility

Increased Flexibility

Helps with asthma symptoms-Weight loss and muscle toning

Improved circulation

Increases strength

Eases pain in the body

Improves concentration

Increases range of motion

Burns fat

Improves posture

Increases Endurance

Builds Immunity

Improves Metabolism

Brings Harmony

Lowers Heart Rate

Lowers Blood Pressure

Relaxes the nervous system

Promotes Better Sleep

Lowers Blood Sugar

Helps with Back Pain


Good for beginners wanting a slower style of yoga

Most forms of yoga in the West can be classified as Hatha Yoga. Hatha basically is doing yoga postures, so your Ashtanga, vinyasa, Iyengar and Power Yoga styles are all Hatha Yoga. A lot of beginning classes use hatha in their studios.



Good if you want more of a cardio workout

Vinyasa yoga is the one yoga style I started with because there is an emphasis on the movement between postures to create a flowing sequence. I found the flow process fun and by the end of the workout, I felt energized. When I first started I found it difficult, but after a few sessions I really started to pick it up. Vinyasa goes from one posture to the next using breath which is why it’s called flow yoga.

Ashtanga series

Good for experienced yogis who like discipline

Ashtanga is a super demanding practice, so if you are new to yoga, you may want to start with a different style. There are six Ashtanga series so your instructor will decide when you are ready to progress to the next series. Be prepared to twist your body like a pretzel. These classes are difficult, so take your time and be mentally prepared to practice this style of yoga.


Great if you prefer the spiritual side of yoga

Kundalini is a spiritual practice that uses meditation, chanting and breathing techniques to increase consciousness. After class, you may notice muscle soreness that you’ve never felt before. Holding the kriya postures for longer periods of time can be quite vigorous. You will be begging to let your arms down after holding them up straight for so long.

Bikram/Hot Yoga

Great for those who want to sweat and detoxify the body

Bikram is a style of yoga that is traditionally performed in a 90 minute class, with 26 postures performed in a room heated to 105 degrees and a humidity of 40%. This is an intense workout, which can result in injury if you don’t stay extremely hydrated, mainly due to low sodium because of the crazy sweating. Get ready to have a change of clothes, you will be drenched.


Great if you have injuries

Iyengar Yoga focuses on alignment, sequencing and timing. Iyengar Yoga is great no matter your age, or level of fitness. What is really wonderful about Iyengar yoga is that it focuses a lot on body awareness and postural alignment. The use of props makes it easier for new practitioners as well.


Perfect if you have limited mobility and you need to really focus on flexibility

Normally Yin poses are floor based so you don’t need a lot of strength to perform them. A great style to start your yoga journey with. Yin poses are held longer allowing your body to relax into them, which is great for increasing your flexibility.


Kripalu yoga is about self-empowerment and believing in yourself and in what your body is capable of, which makes it great for beginners and regular yogis alike. The poses are wonderful for any age from young to old. 

 Power Yoga

Power yoga is exactly as the name implies. It will work every muscle in the body, revving up your metabolism and resulting in extreme calorie burn. I personally wouldn’t recommend it for beginners or those extremely out of shape unless you want to crawl into work the next day. Work your way up to your first attempt at power yoga with something easier to begin with.


Prenatal is just that, for moms to be. It focuses on breathing methods to ease pregnancy pain, improves posture and works on your core power. Great for moms wanting to bounce back quicker after giving birth.

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