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The best way to Meditate

by Infinitians 5 months ago in meditation

No one talks about this method

The best way to Meditate
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Most people find meditation to be super boring and an out of fashion thing! (I was one of them)

They don't think it's cool and ultimately quit too soon!

So the basic aim of this article is to make meditation refreshing, easy, and fun not just for the millennials but for everyone! Because it is actually damn cool!! So stay with me and discover.

Meditation is actually a tool to free yourself from the grip of your past's haunted memories and future's futile worry and take control of the present.

Everyone knows theoretically that meditation is good for your health, mind, and soul. Still, we don't do it!!

It's actually the society that fed you the belief that meditation is boring. Well, the thing is, 99% of the methods to meditate are boring/useless. But hey hang on, that's what I am here for.

Meditation is not being lazy or acting dead. Some schmucks who couldn't understand this meditated in such a way that they fell in love with it and now can't stop meditating.

What they are missing is the very basic reason to meditate; which is to be free from all kinds of attachment. What happened instead, they got attached to meditation only!

Photo by NeONBRAND on UnsplashWhenever you get attached to do something or not do something, that means something is going wrong.

It's true that most of us only do something when it becomes absolutely urgent to do it. Till then we keep on procrastinating until the situation becomes a do or die one.

WE have to, have to start doing things that are freaking IMPORTANT! And not just the urgent ones.

So, now I gotta create a sense of urgency of meditation in you.


Whatever you are doing in life, from anything to everything; What's the reason for that?

For happiness, right? (hopefully)

This is the essence of all problems. The whole world thinks the same way, if I will achieve 'this', then I will be happy.

When you are a college student, you think when I will graduate then I will be happy, you graduate and then you say when I will get a job then I will be happy, you got your dream job, you may be happy for a day or a week but then you think when I get this promotion then I will be happy, you get the promotion but still it's never enough for you, and the cycle of 'when I get x y z, then I will be happy' continues.

So, what to do?


Yeah, you heard me!!

HAPPINESS is here only, not in tomorrow, not in objects! This is the real essence of meditation, to make you realize the power of now!

Okay now, time for some action. Let me share with you how to meditate the right way.


1. If you are a beginner, then first find a suitable pair of earplugs to cut off any outer noise. (I will tell you why)

2. Now how to sit? People have a number of myths here as well. All the poses are good as long as your back is straight (don't lie down on the bed though, for obvious reasons).

Don't choose a pose that is uncomfortable to you because then your attention would keep going there.

3. Even a chair will do.

4. Straighten your neck.

5. Close your eyes. Now after closing, you don't have to move your eyeballs up or down. If you look up, it will start paining, if you look down you will fall asleep.

6. After you do all this, take 10 deep breaths. Slowly. Deeply. Thoroughly.

7. By the time you go to 0, you will notice that your mind will be blank, but it's not the end.

Hooked up, now just follow the link to get the full article:


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