The Best Sleeping Position for Your Health

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Learn how to get the most out of your sleep.

The Best Sleeping Position for Your Health

Sometimes we wake up in the morning and feel like we didn’t sleep all night. But this is not only due to lack of sleep. If you sleep seven to eight hours every night and you still don’t feel rested, your sleeping position is probably wrong.

Scientists argue that there is at least one sleeping position that is the best for you and your sleep. If you will sleep in this position, you will feel more rested in the morning. Gradually training yourself to a new sleeping position may be difficult and take time, but it could prove to be the secret to greatly improving your sleep quality.

Don’t stress if you’re not comfortable with sleeping in an entirely new position. Sometimes you can just slightly modify your favorite sleep position and still achieve a noticeable improvement. Every person is different, it’s simply a matter of finding what works best for you.

Sleeping on Your Back

Even if you go to sleep at the same time everyday, it doesn’t mean you won’t wake up tired and irritable. A full night’s sleep is not only sleeping at the same time each day, but it’s also sleeping in a good position. Statistically, most people prefer to sleep on their side. But this sleep position has the potential to provoke shoulder pain and hip pain, as well as aggravate heartburn.

In the latter case, this is caused by relaxing the muscle, which is located in the esophagus and keeps the acid in the stomach. But if you were to sleep on the left side, you won’t have heartburn.

If you regularly suffer from heartburn, you should try to sleep on the left side. Also, sleeping on your back prevents heartburn. It’s because there is no pressure on your stomach.

Sleeping on your back is good for those who wake up with back pain. All your muscles are relaxed when you sleep on your back. This position may spare your spine from pain.

Besides, experts say that people should have a little soft pillow for putting under their shoulders. In this way, people decrease the load on their back.

But if you still feel pain in your back, you shouldn’t try to cure it yourself. It’s best to go and see a back specialist because constant back pain may be a sign of certain severe diseases. Also, sleeping on your back is the best choice for people with hypertension.

Sleeping on Your Stomach

The worst sleeping position is sleeping on your stomach. Your body is under heavy pressure when you sleep on your stomach. This leads to an increase in the probability of chronic diseases in your muscles and joints.

When we sleep on our stomach, our head is turned to the side. This pressures the vertebral artery and disturbs the blood supply to the brain. It also leads to shortness of breath because our chest is under pressure.

Even cosmetologists don’t recommend you sleep on your stomach! It may provoke premature wrinkles and fine lines that are difficult to remove. Those who like to sleep on their stomach are vulnerable to swelling of the face in the mornings.

Wrap Up

One third of our lives is spent sleeping, so our sleeping position is more important than you may think. The best sleeping position for you and your body is sleeping on your back. It helps decrease different types of pain and reduce pressure on your body.

Also, you will be full of energy in the morning. But you should know that sleeping on your back increases the risk of snoring. Choosing an optimal sleeping position, and don’t forget that you should think about your own comfort.

Amelia Grant
Amelia Grant
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