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The Benefits of a Routine Physical Exercise Program Essay

by EBONY MOORE 4 months ago in fitness

In recent yearsthe proliferation of lifestyle diseases coupled with the underlying need to stay healthy has made many populations worldwide to become increasingly aware of the need for physical fitness.

Popular media and other advertising channels bombard us everyday with messages on how to guard and improve our health conditions. Although much of this information is commercially motivated by marketers keen to sell vitamin supplements and other ‘health’ products, some of it, in particular that campaigning for a routine exercise regimen, merits serious consideration.Such a regimen, if done routinely and with passion, can provide numerous benefits to individuals. In essence, routine physical exercise is beneficial to individuals since it assists them discharge tension, improve physical appearance, and enhance stamina.

The first of these advantages, the discharge of tension, is in actual terms felt immediately after taking part in a workout. Current literature demonstrates that tension builds in our bodies’ overtime, in part, due to an over-accumulation of adrenaline mostly generated by stress, job strain, anxiety or fear.

Indeed, medical professionals are in agreement that participating in physical exercise or sporting events for at least thirty minutes or so actively vent off the tension accumulated in our bodies.

If an individual actively engage in playing volleyball or tennis for half an hour each day, he or she should be able to sleep comfortably at night and have a better disposition the next day primarily because sleep is vital for cell rejuvenation and growth. In addition, unwarranted irritations and frustrations with everyday tasks and responsibilities should be less upsetting if one engages in physical exercise.

For example, a manager affected by work-related distress may rush home, argue with his family and engage in other antisocial activities such as smoking and alcohol consumption to release stress. Taking about an hour or so to vent off the stress through physical exercise could inarguably assist the manager to avoid such antisocial behaviour. In this perspective, routine exercise can to a large extent control tension.An improved physical form, which is the second benefit of routine exercise, takes some time to display, but it certainly comes if one is resilient enough to be able to strictly follow the exercise regimen. Physical exercise experts are of the opinion that individuals must at least train for a month or so before they can start reaping the benefits of improved appearance in the form of a trimmer and firmer shape.

An individual who is overweight by five pounds, for example, may enrol in an exercise program that will see him or her burn away the excess fat in a month or so and thereafter such an individual will not only acquire pride in tighter muscles and improved physique, but he or she will wear clothes more delightfully and contentedly. The individual may also benefit from an improved skin tone if he or she masters the art of combining the exercise regimen with a sensible diet.

In addition to the self-assurance occasioned by an enhanced physique, increased physical strength is known to stimulate stamina. Indeed, a stronger, healthier body is not only more capable of working harder in work-related environments, but it can withstand fatigue experienced as one goes about his or her daily tasks and responsibilities.

An employee who engages in physical exercise should be able to easily complete his or her weekly job assignments and still preserve sufficient energy for watering the garden and scrubbing the kitchen. Stamina is also known to play a significant role in warding off diseases that may slow down the individual and prevent him or her to accomplish set tasks.

Still, stamina opens the doors for employment in industries and sectors that primarily look at endurance as a basic requirement for employment suitability. The police force, the army, and the club bouncers are just a few examples of sectors that require fully invigorated personnel. In consequence, improved stamina is one of the most rewarding benefits of a routine exercise regimen.

While cheap solutions to the broader objectives of losing weight and attaining an eye-catching and full rejuvenated body continue to flood the popular media, acquiring these attributes is not an easy task for the feeble-hearted. The benefits, however, are totally worth the attempt of an established physical exercise regimen that enables an individual to not only feel relaxed and healthy, but also provides ample strength for successful completion of strenuous as well as normal activities.


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