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The 3 Ketogenic Diet Brings Big Mistakes

by andre medy 3 months ago in diet

To continue the calories off and achieve in the long-term, discover the connection between 'dirty' keto and 'clean' keto.

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The ketogenic diet can (and should) be maintained over the long term when it is correctly formulated.

You need to eat foods that feed the microbiome (the billions of bacteria that live in your gut), which are inherently healthy and anti-inflammatory for you, to do that.

The keto diet, when correctly formulated, meets all these criteria, but most people fall into common pitfalls.

The fact that HOW and WHAT they eat can not be maintained for a very long time is the reason why most people struggle at keto in the long term.

Keto Dirty Vs Keto Clean

"The human body is a miraculous machine for self-healing, but those systems of self-repair require a nutrient-dense diet."

Most people use an approach I call 'dirty' keto, when they first start consuming keto.

High fat, moderate protein levels and low carbohydrate consumption should be included in a properly formulated ketogenic diet.

Intellectually, most people "get" this, but the practical implementation of it always falls short.

This is so many individuals will start keeping their macros on track, but they are utterly starving after 2 or 3 weeks, no matter how much fat they consume.

There are many reasons why this occurs, and one of the most common reasons is that your microbiome is starving, and all of your attention will be drawn to the desire for pizza, or burgers, or both.

This is how much of the demand for weight loss operates.

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Dirty Keto is no exception to this.

To hold you on the yo-yo routine, the weight loss industry is rigged so that you are continually buying more 'things' and feeling like you're not good enough.

You could get a fast win, but the weight still comes back, because the skills to keep things going on your own have not been taught to you.

Did you ever think, "I'm not good enough"? ”

Have you ever worried that the "after" picture will never be there?

Doesn't anybody with a body that you're proud of have cards for you?

From a different vantage point, I work.

I always start with the idea that no matter what label you have been given, your body WANTs to be safe.

dirty keto, in turn, is what is widely available on the market right now.

That is when individuals, including vegetables, remove all carbohydrates from their diet and then continue to consume hazardous waste similarly nutritiously.

Dirty keto is a replacement for another for one bad habit

Sure, it's great to get rid of refined carbohydrates, but replacing it ONLY with bacon, butter and burgers is not

Reducing the carbohydrate load has a direct mortality effect, but are you really going to eat bacon fat fudge forever as a snack?

What are we, six years old and without an executive brain function? How is this a rational long-term solution, or by any way deemed healthy??

As I said play the long game. Bacon fudge, butter and lard all day err day does not take longevity or vitality into account

Macros are important, but the minerals and vitamins obtained from plants and other living things are also micronutrients.

Now, if you're a pork eater, I'm not suggesting that bacon should never be consumed.

You may, of course.

And I'm not bacon and butter AGAINST... I love both of them.

But from both a realistic viewpoint, and from a durability and vitality lens, I will always look at things.

Bacon every day is not a long-term option for optimum health and vitality (which is what many keto "experts" would recommend).

A ketogenic diet properly formulated is mainly based on plants.

In other words, we eat a large amount of vegetables (such as green leafy vegetables with a high fiber content) and then layer suitable fat and protein on top of that.

What's great about a "clean" ketogenic diet is that vegetarians can also excel in being fat-adapted and benefit from a fasting-mimicking diet's benefits as well.

You hit the jackpot when you layer fasting alongside a fasting-mimicking diet.

When we think about your wellbeing playing the long game, we should still ask the following questions:

What are the anti—inflammatory things I should eat?

What are the foods I can make that will nourish my cells and feed them?

What is going to assist with frequent and consistent elimination?

What is going to make me feel good and stabilize my mood, raise my focus, concentration and clarity?

How do I maintain a balanced and healthy brain?

My friends, your vegetables and fat are the answer. Just like your mother used to tell you.

As someone who spends much of her time teaching individuals about brain wellbeing and optimization, I know that the brain is sometimes overlooked.

We can not see the brain, and since they are so gradual and because the way the brain is is the way we are, changes in function are also not seen.

Unless they are serious, detecting changes is immensely difficult.

Changes in your brain are difficult to identify, since you ARE your brain.

We need to think about the brain and maximize the efficiency of the brain, since the body is simply a representation of the health and function of the brain in all its glory.

The fuel you feed your brain is one of the ways you can protect your brain in order to do its best.

To the brain, everything follows.

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In reality, if we look at your body, all your body parameters, such as HRV, blood pressure, respiratory rate, forced vital capacity, grip strength, hormones, laboratory markers, will also give you a clear picture of your brain's health and vitality.

Out-of-whack hormones? We have to have a look at the brain.

Being overweight? We ought to look at the brain in order to

With low energy? We ought to look at the brain in order to

Unable to sleep through the night? We have to have a look at the brain.

Impoverished focus? We have to have a look at the brain.

Swings of mood? We have to have a look at the brain.

We need to have a clean ketogenic diet in mind.

Not a disgusting Keto.

Not bacon or burgers or butter.

It just doesn't mean you can do it because it suits the macros.

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Photo by Olga Islamkina from Pexels

1. You age too much protein *AND* Gain weight

"Go for strong vegetables. By making meat the side dish and vegetables the primary course, reverse the plate psychology. Bobby Flay

Unknowingly, they eat too much protein, the major trend I have most frequently identified with individuals who indulge in dirty keto.

A dirty keto diet would predictably lead to a rise in protein intake day over day, week over week.

This is because if you don't feed your microbiome, consuming protein will feel more' enjoyable' than fat, and you want to consume it more and more over time.

Just as carbohydrates are, over intake of protein is insulinergic.

2. Resistant Starches, Butyrate, and Oh My, Your Gut!

"In your immune system, your gut and your heart, there are receptors for these molecules. So you're not talking metaphorically when you say, 'I have a gut feeling,' or 'my heart is sad,' or 'I am bursting with joy,' "Literally, you're speaking." Deepak Chopra

Seeing the bond between your stomach and your brain is always forgotten.

If you're on a filthy keto diet, you're starving by week 2 or 3, one of the most popular concerns. More precisely, it is your microbiome that is hungry.

Part of the way we blunt this response to hunger is through resistant starches. In other terms, starches the digestion "resist". These are found abundantly in oats, legumes, green banana flour, and beans.

With a regular Fat:Protein:Carb ratio of 70-20-10, what I have always learned on a conventional ketogenic diet is that you are totally hungry by around week 3 and will overeat and gorge on protein and carbs.

This is why, at keto, most people "fail".

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3. Especially for women Eating for long-term results according to your Menstrual Cycle

Her reality is formed by the hormonal interplay inside a woman's brain. Her hormones tell her what's necessary on a regular basis. "Her desires and values are molded." Abhijit Naskar

The best way to preserve your weight loss results is to start harnessing the strength of your menstrual cycle once you are fat-adapted by following a clean keto regimen.

Meaning, depending on where you are in your cycle, you will start to change the percentage of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates week by week.

You're not, as a woman, supposed to be forever in ketosis.

You should, and should, consume more carbohydrates and protein at certain times of the month.

Yes, it also involves chocolate!

When we have been metabolically flexible, we will take advantage of insulin, a growth factor. When you are fat-adapted, insulin is not the enemy.

We can develop lean muscle mass when done intelligently, continue to lose weight, reduce cravings, and support some of the moodiness that can come in the week prior to your cycle.

In the weeks leading up to your time, serotonin gets gobbled up. A recipe for failure is to continue and push through and eat low carb at this moment.

Not to mention the self-talk that is going to go along with it, doubt, and inner criticism.

The women aren't little guys.

Every day of the month, we should not eat the same way or live in ketosis forever.

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andre medy
andre medy
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