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The 12 Spiritual Laws Of The Universe

by Jesse Bixby about a month ago in spirituality

And how to use them to your advantage for all your wildest manifestations.

The 12 Spiritual Laws Of The Universe
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How we operate in the world has everything to do with how the universe operates itself. After all, it's said we humans are simply the universe experiencing itself through our existence.

Did you know the Law of Attraction is not the only law of the universe?

With the rising trend of spirituality and our ability to manifest our deepest desires, becoming aware of the twelve laws of the universe has the ability to seriously change your life.

1. Law of Divine Oneness

The Law of Divine Oneness is the foundation in which the rest of the laws of the universe are built upon. This law enforces the idea that we are all connected to one source. Every cell, fibre, atom, molecule, and being of your existence is connected to the greater universe around us.

Understanding the Law of Divine Oneness is to understand that your actions and decisions directly impact the collective consciousness of the universe, creating a ripple effect throughout space and time.

When you meditate or do breathwork, you become connected to that all-being source. Knowing everything and everyone around you is connected allows you to move through life with more awareness and respect for yourself and others.

2. Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration is the first step towards manifesting our desires, because how we vibrate in this world affects what we attract to us.

Manifesting is not just about writing down your goals and repeating them to yourself over and over each day. In order to truly get everything you want in this life, you have to match the vibration of whatever it is you're trying to achieve.

Everything in this universe is energy, and energy has a vibration. Energy particles are moving at different frequencies all around you at this precise moment. In fact, you are vibrating, too, whether you know it or not. In order to use this law to your benefit, you have to beome aware of how you vibrate in this life.

Are you vibing high or low? You can tell by your emotions. If you're feeling down, your vibration is low. If you're elated and positive, you have a high vibration. These levels of vibration directly correspond to how happy you are in life and how you view the blessings around you.

3. Law of Correspondence

The Law of Correspondence is all about patterns. Everything is a pattern, and we often don't see or understand the cycles that play a part of our lives until we do some major introspection. The situations we find ourselves in simply mirror what's going on within ourselves.

These patterns are either amazing for our growth or detrimental to it; however, we always have the ability to change course. Our subconsious mind makes up all the habits and patterns we willingly (or unwillingly) repeat.

For example, my parents start each day with coffee, no matter what. Growing up, I'd watch as they would wake up and directly turn the coffee pot on, and then proceed to drink coffee all day. Drinking an insane amount of coffee was normal in my household, and growing up, my brothers and I all took on this habit.

Recently I noticed I was only ever drinking half a cup of coffee in the mornings before letting it go cold, and I'd waste entire pots of coffee just because I'd wake up and start the coffee machine, with no real desire to drink it. Too much coffee gives me anxiety, makes me feel gross, stains my teeth, and my skin started breaking out due to the sugary milk alternative creamers I'd put in my cup. When I realized how internalized this habit was, I learned that this habit was passed down from my parents and it was not even my own. After noticing this, it was easy for me to cut out caffiene and switch to tea. I feel better and I'm reclaiming my power by making my own conscious decisions.

4. Law of Attraction

This is the law most people are familiar with, but if you don't understand how the rest of the laws work, chances are you'll be unsuccessful at manifesting whatever it is you desire.

Like attacts like. Whatever it is that you are thinking about, you will attract. When you give something all your energy, you're asking for that same energy back. Ever notice when you're having a bad day, things continue to go wrong? You might start the day with stubbing your toe, then you get a parking ticket, then you forget to pick up ingredients for dinner, and you go to bed thinking, "Wow, that day sucked."

That's because you're focusing on the negative things that happen to you, therefore you attract more negativity. However, consciously noticing these negative thoughts is the first step to becoming self-aware.

Try to move through your day with a positive attitude, and you'll be amazed at all the good you attract. This can even be a smile from a stranger, how good your coffee tastes, or a phone call from an old friend. Notice when the little blessings come into your life and bigger ones are sure to follow.

5. Law of Inspired Action

Practicing the Law of Inspired Action + Law of Vibration + Law of Attraction is where you'll start to see massive changes in your every day life.

The Law of Inspired Action is just that -- taking action! You know when you have that voice inside you, that gut instinct telling you that you should act on your ideas? That's the one.

Has a situation ever occured where you knew you should say or do something, but instead you stayed quiet? You know that feeling of regret you get? Yeah, that's the universe testing you to see if you'll actually take inspired action towards your goals.

Becoming aligned with your energy levels, manifestations, and taking baby steps is what's going to make you successful. What you think about all day matters, but how you respond is what the Law of Inspired Action is all about. It's all about trusting your intuition, which is essentially trusting the universe.

6. Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

As we learned earlier, everything is energy. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, put simply, means that there is a never-ending supply of energy around us and it is always changing to fit our energy levels.

This means you have the ability to transform your life by changing the energy around you. The smallest actions have the biggest effect. Think of dancing, or singing in the car, or doing a quick breathwork exercise. When you do these activities, your energy changes and transforms into one with a higher vibration.

Personally, I find that starting the day off with intention is the best way to change stale or negative energy within myself. By reserving the mornings for yourself -- no phone, no social media, no outside influences -- you can sit with yourself and figure out what it is you need to do for yourself every day. I like to wake up, do a quick work out, meditate, journal, read, and write my affirmations. By honouring what your body and mind needs, you have the ability to alter the energy within you and have the best day ever.

7. Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect is taught to us when we're kids, usually to warn us that for for every action we take, there is a consequence. This law is also known as the Law of Karma. Whatever you put out there, you get back.

When you are doing good for the community, you are often rewarded for it either directly (like financial compensation) or indirectly. You might get recognition in the newspaper, or you might make a new connection that helps you move forward in whatever you are trying to achieve. However, if you are causing havoc and trouble and not acting in your highest self, you will often be punished for it.

Be aware of the actions you take, how they effect everyone around you, and how the universe is playing your decisions back to you. If you start to notice you've got a lot of negative situations coming your way, try to look within to see if it's something you can outwardly change.

8. Law of Compensation

Similarly to the previous law, if you're seeing blessing after blessing, this is usually because you're doing good in the world and the universe is rewarding you. As long as we're open to receiving (some people have blocks here, usually associated with the root chakra, so be aware of how well you give and recieve), we will be rewarded for our work.

Once I started writing on my blog about spiritual awakenings, posting on TikTok about my own spiritual journey, and speaking my truth to whoever would listen, I noticed more writing opportunities started to come my way, more important connections and friendships were being made, and my financial situation began to improve. When we are being our authentic selves and constantly spreading good vibes, the universe notices. The Law of Compensation is about making sure you are rewarded for your efforts.

9. Law of Relativity

How we relate to the world is directly proportionate to our perspective. The Law of Relativity states that no situation and no person is inherently good or bad. Good and bad are just words humans have made up so that we can judge a situation. How do we judge what a good day or a bad day is anyways? Aren't they all blessings?

The Law of Relativity reminds us that everybody has their own perspective and everything is subjective. We are the ones who label things good or bad, so we get to choose if something is "good" or "bad" when it happens to us. Your mindset has the ability to perceive everything as good, if you let it.

10. Law of Polarity

You may have heard the saying "As above, so below." Everything has an opposite. Up, down; light, dark; good, evil; love, hate; positive, negative. We know this to be true because one cannot exist without the other.

Everything has duality; two extremes that look like opposites but are actually inseparable. For instance, you cannot seperate failure from success because it comes from the same continuum, just as you cannot seperate hot from cold because it comes from the same continuum, too.

In order to learn how to use the Law of Polarity to your advantage, you have to see that there's another side to everything. For every negative situation that happens to you, there is a lesson, which truly is a positive outcome. Perhaps you didn't get what you wanted, but by learning the law of polarity, we can identify what we don't want so we can get clearer on what we do want.

11. Law of Perpetual Motion

The Law of Perpetual Motion, also sometimes known as the Law of Rhythm, states that everything is always changing and nothing stays stagnant. This theory states we are continuously moving forward regardless of our energy and momentum, because the universe has an unlimited supply of energy.

We can see the Law of Perpetual Motion at work in nature. The seasons always come, the human body always ages. Even when things seem to stay the same each day, know there is a greater power moving things along.

With this in mind, you understand that when you are having a bad day, things will change and continue to move forward. Nothing is permanent. And since we also learned about the Law of Polarity, we know that our good days won't necessarily last, either.

12. Law of Giving and Receiving

What you give, you get. As I mentioned earlier, sometimes it is hard for people to receive. These types of people are usually caretakers or people who have been emotionally neglected growing up. By removing the blocks to receiving blessings in your life, you balance yourself out and become more aligned with the universe.

I am one of these people who had blockages when it came to receiving. I'd never ask for help and I'd get awkward when people gave me gifts. I didn't know how to recieve, and instead, I gave too much. Learning how to unblock my receptive side changed my life. Now that I give and recieve equally, more blessings have come into my life.

So what do we do with all this information?

By using the information we have about the way the universe works, we can implement these laws into our own lives and watch as unexpected miracles start to occur and things start to shift in our favour.

Once again, we are the universe experiencing itself, so following the Laws of the Universe will also help us better understand ourselves. If you want more information on the Law of Attraction, reading The Secret is a good place to start. You can also find the documentary version on Netflix.

Everything boils down to gratitude, good energy, and the power in positivity. The universe wants what's best for you, so become self-aware and watch as the blessings start to roll in!

Jesse Bixby
Jesse Bixby
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