TerraGold Plus Helped My Chronic Back Pain. Here's How.

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CBD changed the way I feel about my chronic pain—and my life.

TerraGold Plus Helped My Chronic Back Pain. Here's How.

For the entirety of my adult life, I have suffered from chronic pain in my back and neck. The first time I felt the pain was late in my high school career—junior year, I believe. It arrived one day, and it has since bothered me in class, driving from one place to the next, or even laying in bed after waking up in the morning. The pain likely stemmed from a strain I suffered playing soccer, but before that it could also be attributed to years of poor posture—or at least, that was the original assumption I was under.

I set out on a mission to correct my posture. I made it a habit to stand up straight when I walked. I told myself, “I don’t care how bored you are, no more slouching in class.” (Girl... did my intro to accounting elective pose this ideology quite a challenge…) And for the remainder of high school, I would persevere to make these changes in my life. I would also argue that I succeeded; however, even after my posture improved, a dull pain still lingered behind me everywhere I went.

This was all probably six or so months after the pain started. As you might be able to guess, I hadn’t been able to sleep well ever since, and after waking up well past my alarm on the day of an important exam, I decided that enough was enough. My parents took me to a doctor (who was useless), and I also began to see a chiropractor (who was actually helpful, but only offered mild, temporary relief).

Although I would continue to see the chiropractor during my college career, the pain never truly went away. Chronic pain was like my conscious, never leaving my side as I walked around campus, constantly reminding me that it was still there no matter what steps I’d take. A solution would not come for years to follow.

Spoiler alert: The solution is TerraGold Plus in a wide line of hemp-based CBD products, but don’t worry, I’m still getting to the good stuff...

Add inflammation to the equation.

Now that my glory days of high school were behind me, I no longer played soccer or played other competitive sports, and I had hopes that this change in strenuous activity would, in turn, help alleviate my chronic pain. I was deeply mistaken, and in my now sedentary lifestyle, I would discover two things: Not only was my chronic pain still a burden throughout my daily life, but every time I would workout, go on a run, or even do yoga, the pain would worsen (obviously), usually flaring up inflammation that was deeply set into my bones.

I was at a loss. What was I to do?

Yes, the chiropractor continued to offer me a form of relief, but again, this was only temporary. The pain would be back before I knew it, and between the constant pain and the nagging inflammation, my chronic pain was beginning to impact other aspects of my life.

I lacked all confidence.

Not only were my problems physical, but I was also experiencing problems mentally. I was a ghost of my old self, feeling foolish every time I had to shift around in my seat just to maintain some semblance of comfort. My chronic pain had stripped me of all the confidence I used to have with every drawn out sigh from my classmates behind me when I would obscure their view, and the once loud-mouthed captain of the soccer team I used to be was now a quiet and subdued memory of her former self. I became a wallflower, even amongst my closest of friends.

The saddest part: No one even noticed, not until I finally returned home after graduation.

I returned home a different woman, but not because my life was changed—not yet, that is.

Let me paint the scene—a stereotypical local bar, a mediocre hangout spot at best. All my old high school friends were meeting up with other classmates for a mini reunion of sorts, and, reluctant to my preferred night spent, I tagged along with them. Sitting at the corner of the bar, one of my old friends—an acquaintance from class that I had a crush on back in the day—came up to me to say hello and catch up when, not two minutes into the conversation, she said:

“You’re a lot quieter than you used to be.”

Finally, somebody noticed. A long story short: We dove into a deep, deep conversation about my chronic pain, the lack of confidence that it left me, and the way I felt about that. But towards the end of the conversation was when she asked me a question that changed my life, and later, the way I felt about my chronic pain:

“Have you tried CBD?”

“What is CBD?” I asked.

I was ignorant, to be quite honest, but lucky for me, I had an expert in front of me to answer all of my questions: “What are cannabinoids? Is this the same thing as pot?” Unfortunately for you, the reader, I am much less of an expert, but what I do understand is that cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound found in cannabis (hemp, marijuana, etc.). However, unlike THC—the stuff that gets you high—CBD is not psychoactive. That’s the key distinction between the two.

Nonetheless, where my expertise lacks, I hope my personal voucher for those three letters, CBD, will suffice.

CBD changed the way I feel about my chronic pain—and my life.

That’s not an exaggeration. I can understand how it might seem that way, but I promise to you that it is not. Research has shown that CBD can help relieve anxiety, movement disorders, and pain—and the second I read “pain,” girl, I was sold. Before discovering CBD, I had tried everything. Nothing ever worked. My chronic pain persisted, and I let that constant pain in my back dull down my life, and my attitude, as well.

It took a few months of searching after I heard about CBD to find something that worked as an everyday supplement, but after I stumbled upon TerraGold Plus, my life finally saw the change I had been waiting for. I first tried their CBD oil—100 percent produced from locally grown Colorado hemp—and TerraGold Plus was true to their word. I saw holistic healing within minutes. Not only did I feel substantial pain relief for the first time in years, but taking a dose before exercising also prevented any flare ups of inflammation.

I was a changed woman.

Thanks to TerraGold Plus, I no longer let my chronic pain dictate my life. My confidence didn’t come back overnight, of course, but finally feeling a lasting form of relief, time would tell a different story for me. I wound up being at the bar a year or so later, striking up a conversation with that same friend who turned me onto CBD, and he asked me for my number before he had to leave with his friends.

It may seem dramatic, but that’s what TerraGold Plus gave me: Peace of mind, and faith, that I would be okay.

Not long after I began using CBD to treat my chronic pain, TerraGold Plus added a body balm to their line of hemp-based products. I was ecstatic.

I had just begun to try their transdermal patch, but between these three products, I was pain-free—well, at least less muscle soreness from my time spent at the gym or in yoga class.

It’s important to find out which CBD product is right for you, but when you do, there’s no question that you’ll know. TerraGold Plus changed the way I feel about my chronic pain. And it can change how you feel about your life, too.

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