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Tearfully summarize the 10 points of custom closet

by Lavezzi 2 months ago in decor
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Be careful when customizing your closet

We must be careful when customizing the closet, although it seems to be a small thing, if you do not pay attention, the future will bring a lot of trouble to life after moving into the new house. My family was like this at first, did not think it through, and it was very inconvenient after moving in.

When the bedroom decoration, to facilitate the life of the family, many owners will choose to customize the closet, so that not only can be designed according to the interior space but also make their interior looks more beautiful. Customized closet words to pay attention to some details of the problem. Tearfully summarize the 10 points of the custom closet, when the brain was caught in the door, actually won 8, come and see.

A. 10 points of the custom closet

1. drawers must be more than 3

Custom closet drawers are generally additional charges plus money, so many people will save money, as long as 1-2 closets, and so really live in, only to find that the original closet drawers are too practical, you can put underwear socks and some important documents, etc., when the custom as long as two drawers, simply not enough ah, too many small things to put, now stuffed full, so your home custom closet time. Do not save this money, it is recommended to do 3-4 drawers.

2. Do not do too high a hanging rod

Closet inside the hanging rod to be determined according to height, if the family has a short person, my home hanging rod is to do high, hanging clothes to tiptoe, too failure, so I recommend not to do the hanging rod high or late can only tiptoe to hang clothes and take clothes, really too painful. The installation height of the hanging rod should be the owner's height plus 20 cm is the best. The distance from the upper edge of the hanging rod to the top of the cabinet is 40mm to 60mm.

3. closet does not do sliding doors

Many people feel that the closet sliding door is very space-saving, but in fact, the sliding door is very inconvenient, there are clothes inside not folded, then, there will be stuck clothes can not be pulled, in the use of the time, only open one side of the door, the other side is in addition to the closed state, can not want to open the door, you can all open at the same time more convenient, in addition to the bottom of the sliding door guide is very easy to accumulate dust, I think it is better to use the door.


4. closet internal space layout

partition to be reasonable

Closet internal partitioning according to their family wearing habits to determine, general closet internal partitioning will have long clothes area, short clothes area, stacked clothes area, if you like to wear long skirts or long coats, then set aside more space to do long clothes area, if you think hanging clothes area is too wasteful space, you can set up multi-layer partition to do stacked clothes area, stacked clothes area storage function is stronger than hanging clothes area, so if you want to put more clothes, then If you want to put more clothes, do some more stacking area.

5. Never choose a fixed grid shelf

Closet lattice rack looks quite practical, visually can be used to store socks, belts, and other small items, but when you practical, found very bad, this lattice is fixed, a little larger items can not be stuffed, so it is recommended not to install this fixed lattice rack, later can directly buy those flexible activities lattice rack.

6. Do not choose a trouser rack

Many people move in, the trouser rack usage rate is very low, the family generally does not wear pants, pants washed and hung up or folded, generally rarely put on the trouser rack, so it is not recommended to choose, a waste of money, a waste of space.

7. Do more movable partitions

The cabinet inside the stacking area to choose movable partitions can be adjusted high and low so that the later can be used flexibly.

8. Wardrobe remember to install a foldable dressing mirror

When customizing the closet, do not save money on the mirror, mirror money is not expensive, generally, a few hundred can be done, choose the mirror to choose which can be folded, so that the cabinet door is closed, and do not have to worry about the cabinet against the bed.

9. closet door panels with cushioning

Closet door panel must remember to bring a cushion, otherwise, there will be a lot of noise when the cabinet door is closed, so this point of money should not be saved.

10. closet to do the top

Custom closet to do the top, so that it looks beautiful, and the top will not accumulate dust, in addition to storage quilts and other large things, so you can maximize the use of space.

Second, custom closet to pay attention to what?

1, in the custom closet, to buy sliding doors, try to choose the material and a door material with the same top-bottom rail, though the top bottom rail is the weight-bearing part. To withstand repeated friction, custom closet so the top bottom rail must be high strength, resistant to wear and tear, the top bottom rail is made of aluminum-magnesium titanium silicon alloy higher strength, strong resistance to deformation can have a more extended custom closet life.

2, the main materials popular on the market are PVC rubber, silicone, etc. Among them, silicone strip is made of non-toxic, non-corrosive silicone material. Super low temperature can also maintain good toughness, to ensure the flexible connection between the plate and the profile.

3、Sealing tape is mainly used to seal the board section. Custom closet to achieve from the environment or the use of the process of adverse factors (mainly moisture) to the destruction of the plate. The custom closets also achieve a decorative effect. Ordinary glue will have a pungent smell because it contains formaldehyde, and there is a risk of cancer. So when buying and selling pay attention to the cabinet having no odor.

4, sliding door practical profile base material there are two kinds: one is aluminum alloy, and one is plastic steel. Custom closet due to aluminum alloy with lightweight, high strength, and other characteristics, is the sliding door substrate of high-grade materials. Has gradually replaced plastic steel products. Custom closet and aluminum alloy itself is divided into ordinary aluminum-magnesium alloy and smaller special aviation with aluminum-magnesium alloy. Custom closet due to aluminum magnesium titanium silicon alloy having higher strength and smaller weight.

Customized closet then we should pay attention to the customization method, pay attention to the specific customization method and skills, and choose the regular company to customize the closet. The style of the closet can be chosen according to your preferences, and the size of the closet can be customized according to the location and space of your room to ensure the beauty of the installation.


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