Taking the Pseudo Out of Science

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How to tell pseudo science from actual science.

Taking the Pseudo Out of Science

In today’s world things such as social media, celebrities, and YouTube stars who endorse Pseudo Science and alternative medical treatments have heavily influenced how some people not only view our healthcare system, but also how it influences their own approach to their treatment. This has led to the gaining momentum and popularity of things such as the anti vaccine movement and other Pseudo Scientific beliefs within today’s society and culture.

When it comes to things such as disease, vaccines, mental health, prescription drugs, diet and nutrition and many other aspects of the healthcare system, we give way too much credibility to celebrities and other people who have absolutely no education or understanding of just how complicated these things can actually be, which can actually do more harm than it does good for an individual.

We also don’t give enough credit or gratitude to the qualified medical professionals who have years of education and experience that day in and day out do their best to make our lives better even though they get more grief than gratitude. They still go back to work every day saving millions upon millions of lives. Trained medical professionals are able to more accurately treat and diagnose medical issues and mental health issues than your local health food store employee or your favourite celebrity.

Here are a few ways that Pseudo Science believers attempt to manipulate you in order for you to buy their products instead of getting the proper medical or psychological support that you need.

Big Pharma and doctors just make you dependent on medication instead of actually helping.

Pharmaceutical companies and doctors aren't perfect, but who is perfect? Every industry has people who are amazing at their job, and not so amazing at their job. Pseudo Science tries to generalize to make it seem as if the entire medical field is corrupt. How is this harmful? If you actually need pharmaceutical drugs, but refuse to see that they're only there for helping people, you're not going to get the proper treatment for effectively dealing with your issue. When it isn’t treated correctly, instead of feeling better, your health gets worse. A doctor's intention is to make sure you feel better and not make you into a drug addict.

Food is the best medicine because natural is safer.

Not necessarily. Granted eating a balanced diet is important so that we get the proper nutrients we need. An apple or vegetable or any other food is in no way shape or form an effective replacement for actual medicine. Just like the various diet fads that are out there are all basically useless. They only have short-term benefits and are usually not even very healthy. Things such as being gluten free (unless you are celiac) only benefit the person’s bank account that you are buying these products from.

Supplements are safer and just as effective as prescription drugs

When a prescription drug is first made on average the research and development costs around 5 billion dollars. Could you imagine what medication would be like if pharmaceutical companies didn’t put in the time and effort into creating medications?

Supplements do not have a certain measure of standards so they don't need to be proven to work. Pseudo Science plays on people's fears and hesitations regarding the pharmaceutical industry. Instead of putting those hesitations at ease they manipulate you into purchasing their product. When they are asked to have their products tested they get defensive and uncooperative.

They want your money, also.

Have you ever noticed that Pseudo Science types usually are also trying to sell a product that, they say, is so much safer and healthier than prescription drugs? When in actuality it is nowhere near as effective as prescription drugs. When they do this, they are attempting to play into your concerns and hesitations regarding the pharmaceutical industry. They are doing this not for your benefit, they are trying to make money off you. They are trying to help themselves a lot more than trying to help you.

Here are few ways to tell whether you are buying or supporting something that is more pseudo than actual science.

  • Their motivation for helping you is to make a profit not to actually help you.
  • They quote YouTube videos or ridiculous websites for validating their own point.
  • They quote big pharma a few to many times.
  • They have very negative views on medical, therapeutic and pharmaceutical fields, and tend to generalize when speaking about these things.
  • They talk about mental health issues as if they are caused by nutritional deficiencies or an allergic reaction to something.
  • They get defensive when asked for proof that they are correct.
  • They can’t see anything outside of their own opinions and beliefs.
  • They tell you that your medication is only making you into a drug addict or for making your doctor or therapist rich.
  • They base their opinions on stereotypes and outdated information.

Lastly, be very wary when taking advice from unqualified people who don’t have the education and qualifications of a qualified medical professional. Their advice and tips can actually be extremely harmful and counterproductive to your health and wellbeing. Regardless of how many times they say things like big pharma, natural is safer.

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