Take Charge of Your Health

by M K about a year ago in health

If you don't like the answers, find someone who will listen.

Take Charge of Your Health

A lot of people tend to think doctors know everything. I'm not saying don't trust doctors, they did go to school for years for that degree. But after watching a few videos, and seeing posts on a few support groups I am part of, I noticed that some people need to take charge of their medical well-being, within reason. What does within reason me? Finding a healthcare professional that meshes with you and makes you feel listened to.

Until I was 23, I was on my parents health insurance. That meant I had to go to the doctors at the Veteran Affairs hospital or go through hoops to find a doctor outside the VA. I never liked these doctors. When I talked about getting the HPV vaccine, at 20, the reaction was, just don't have sex. The doctors only spent ten minutes with you and wanted to medicate everything instead of figuring out natural ways to help ailments. I don't not believe in medication, but if I can treat something with exercise and diet, wouldn't that be a better option? It wasn't until I had my own personal insurance that I realized I could shop for my own doctor. One that I liked and truly felt listened to me. I went to three different doctors, and the last one was the right fit. She took her time with me, she listened, and came up with a plan with me. She even wanted to try more holistic methods to help me with my blood pressure. I started taking vitamins and tracking my calorie and water intake. In time, my blood pressure went down.

My sister had a similar experience with the VA, and my parents became smarter because of it. Her experience was very different because she had a neuromuscular disorder. It started when she was much younger. We noticed problems early on, and the doctors kept saying "she'll grow out of it." Years went by, and unfortunately, her walking became worse. She would fall over nothing multiple times a day. My parents not only had to fight to get insurance to approve a specialist, they had to fight the doctors to give the referral. We started with one specialist, and then she had a team of specialists. Not every doctor on the team was the correct fit, but my parents liked the neurologist. When he moved, my parents had to fight with insurance to move her to a different hospital. After months of research, my parents knew who they wanted as the main neurologist on the case. Fighting got my sister the correct care she needed.

As said in the intro, I have seen videos and posts on support group pages that discussed being unhappy with their doctors. I know right now I am lucky. I have good health insurance and good hospitals in my area to choose from. Having the top notch hospitals around, I was able to be looked at by specialists immediately once I got pregnant again and have a plan. Having an incompetent cervix, there is not one clear plan to treat it. For me, I did not have to go through a second loss to get the cervical cerclage. For others, their doctors do not see a need.

There are videos where people talk about how their doctors do not believe the pain they feel. Women who have severe vaginal pain are sent to therapists because doctors believe they are making it up. Back pain is seen as people trying to get pain medications. When the pain is very real and no one listens, or no one listens to your concerns about what you are feeling, you begin to think you are truly crazy. When something feels real, find a doctor who will listen. If you decide to find a therapist, you are told that you may go through a few before finding the right fit. Why are MD's or DO's any different?

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I am a mom of one angel baby and expecting a rainbow. I know I am lucky to know what happened last time and have a fix for it. Just sharing my experience in hopes to help others in similar situations.

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