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Switch to these habits if looking for long-term weight loss

Sounds boring right! Or must be thinking, now we will be getting some old-school tips about ditching those pizzas and burgers and starting eating salads. And the not-so-surprising thing, most of you must have tried these tricks already. Unfortunately, not working out.

By Ayushi SharmaPublished 2 years ago 15 min read

Well, I can understand and I mean it because I have been through that phase. I have been through the phase when closing the last two buttons of my school skirt was impossible for me. I have been through the phase when running used to give me a thought " Damn! I can't do this". Hence, I can feel you. So here I am with my transformation journey. And the best part is, all these tips are safe for your body and soul as following them will help you lose weight, not mind.

The time when I realized:

I remember I was in class 6th when I realized its high time to work on my body. Well, people might take this in another direction that " you shouldn't change yourself" instead "should accept the way you are". Well, I wanted to be in shape and lose weight, that was for me. The reason, I was facing several health issues, one of them was jock itch. Jock itch is a fungal infection in the skin of the genitals. Accepting yourself and staying unhealthy are two different things. If something is injurious for your health and causing health issues, you must do something about it. And if change embraces your personality, what's wrong with it?

Hence, I started working out. During those days, I was a kid hence gymming and weight training was nowhere in my dictionary.

The routine that I followed.

Before switching to a healthy diet, I included a healthy habit in my life which was" DETERMINATION". The determination made my journey easier. Though it wasn't easier for me, it took days to get detached from unhealthy food habits but I became successful. Before starting, I made a solid plan.

Step 1: Started eating breakfast.

I started with "eating healthy breakfast". Breakfast is the most important part of our meal. When you eat a meal with great nutritional value, you don't feel hungry in the meantime, as a result, you don't opt for unhealthy snacks.

I used to wake up at 6:00 am because my school bus use to come at 7:30 am which means I have to get ready by 7:00 am. After getting ready, I used to have a healthy breakfast including a paratha with cooked vegetables. Now, for those of you who are not aware of paratha, it is a layered flatbread made with flour, salt, ghee & water. In India, you will find several variations in paratha. But the one which I used to eat was a plain paratha with cooked vegetables.

Paratha is made out of flour and flour is an excellent source of protein, vitamins, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. Further, it is low in fat and cholesterol so all those people who feel "how can paratha be healthier for you, now you know how it can be". And when I eat it with cooked vegetables, I don't think I need to mention the benefits Indian spices and vegetables provide to your health. According to research, Indian spices keep you safe from digestive problems, flatulence, and constipation. Well, well, this article is not about the " benefits of Indian spices" hence won't be going into detail.

After finishing my breakfast I used to walk from my home to the bus stand which was 30 minutes away from my house. Well, to reach the bus stand I need to cross a huge playing ground which was equivalent to Olympic ground. Trust me on that.

Step 2: Increased the intake of water

I was a sportsperson in school and used to play throwball and basketball. Well, I am not exaggerating but I did played nationals and state in basketball. Again, this article is not about "my qualities", it's about telling you how to stay fit, hence will focus on that. So being a sports player, drinking less water was not an option for me.

As per studies, being an athlete one must increase the intake of water as it keeps you hydrated, improves muscle function and you know how well you can perform with hydrated muscles. Drinking excess water regulates blood pressure because of which your heart doesn't have to work harder to maintain normal blood pressure.

Increasing the intake of water helps in regulating body temperature and maintaining electrolyte balance. Hence, I started drinking at least 8 glasses of water. To keep a check on my water level, I maintained a diary as at that time I wasn't aware of maintaining a journal. Another benefit that I received from drinking water was, my stomach started feeling full as a result I stopped eating unhealthy food.

Step 3: Switched to healthy snacking

We used to have this period called the" Zero Period" in which we were supposed to go to our hobby classes. For example, if someone is interested in dance that student will go to dancing class. If someone is interested in sports that student will go and play whatever he/she wants to. Now, because I was in the basketball team, no matter what, I have to play that.

And whenever we used to get a break of 20 mints or 10 mints and if I used to feel hungry, instead of grabbing that one chip from my friend's snack I rather used to eat orange or apple. Being a foodie, and noodles lover, for me staying away from that chip's packet was kind of difficult. However, I was determined so nothing could stop me from attaining my final goal.

Step 4: Ditched my comfort zone

I read somewhere that "to achieve something in life, it's essential to leave your comfort zone as there is no gain without pain". Now, that doesn't mean you have to be strict on yourself like Hitler. Be calm and praise your body even for achieving the smallest goal. Praise your body and show her love after all your body is doing a lot for you. Achieving that final destination is not difficult, staying consistent, patient, and hopeful, most important. Always remember.

After doing my afternoon routine, I used to go for a walk in my "Olympic like a playground" and used to complete 10 rounds. Can you imagine! Playing basketball in that terrible summer season for 2 hrs, do you even think I would have been left with any stamina? No. But I was determined hence, that kept me going.

The entire process took 1 month but it was worth it. Switching from unhealthy eating habits to a bowl of fruits was not easier for me, however, I achieved it. The best part was, I never skipped meals. I used to eat my breakfast on time, lunch on time, and dinner on time. I gained enough stamina and to be honest, got that slight curve on my waist. That was incredible.

From there I became a health freak and still the same. I am grateful for it.

However, there are times when you start focusing on other things in life and couldn't able to cope up with healthy eating, a right sleeping schedule, and exercising. So, what to do? How to stay fit in a COVID-like scenario? How to stay fit as a college student or a working professional?


Before I start with this tip session, I want you guys to bring this feeling of staying healthy from the inside and speak to yourself, "Yes, I want to stay healthy and fit because that makes me happy".

Once, you are ready from the inside, you have already won half of the battle.

Tip 1: Drink a lot of water

When you are a working professional or college student, you can't be too busy to drink a glass of water. No matter what, you have to keep your excuses aside and make a "water-goal" of the day. Water goal means fixing the number of glasses which you have to drink in a whole day. I would suggest you start with the goal of 5 glasses a day to someone who drinks only 3 glasses a day. Follow this pattern for 1 week and then start increasing the number of glasses. Try following this for 21 days and then it will become your habit.

If you fail to keep track, it's good to maintain a journal or can even download an app, whatever is comfortable to you.

A good water intake will keep you active, hydrated, will protect your organs and tissues. It will provide glowing skin too. Most important, you will not feel like grabbing unhealthy snacks as your stomach will remain full.

Tip 2: Look for healthier options

Now, so many people don't get enough time to make their breakfast due to tight work schedules. As a result, they cannot take care of their health. I can understand.

However, small efforts will lead to changes. For instance, if you are getting late for your work, instead of grabbing a pack of chips, grab an apple or any other fruit of your choice.

One can even carry a pack of dried fruits, whole wheat cookies, or oats cookies. The best part about oats cookies is that that are delicious and provide you sufficient nutrient. If you can manage your work and baking hobby, go ahead and look for some quick and tasty cookies recipe.

These cookies are a good source of vitamin B, proteins, minerals like zinc and iron. Furthermore, whole wheat cookies contain a lot of fiber as a result your digestion stays fit. You will be surprised to know that wheat cookies help in losing weight.

Peanut masala is a healthy Indian Snack and a good way of keeping you full while in the office. These can be enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee. People who are fond of black coffee can even eat it with black coffee. Trust me, it tastes so good. By adding chopped vegetables like onions and tomatoes enhance its taste.

Tip 3: A pack of mixed dried-fruits

Office-going people can make a pack of different dried fruits including almonds, blueberries, dried dates, raisins, cashews, etc. You can add or subtract according to your likes or dislikes. The best part is even if you consume three types of dried fruits you will get enough benefits.

For instance, if you want to have only almonds and blueberries, you will get enough proteins, healthy fats, antioxidants, and fibers. Almonds are a good source of Vitamin E and perfect for those who are suffering from cholesterol or high blood pressure problems. If you want to avoid those hunger pangs, munch on a couple of almonds.

Similarly, dried blueberries are great for your health as well. They provide a quick boost of energy hence if someone who is into sports must include blueberries in their diet. However, these are a rich source of natural sugar content as a result diabetic people must avoid it.

Tip 4: Eat healthy sugar

I know what you are thinking " Does healthy sugar even exist"? Well, when I say healthy sugar that means opting for some natural sugar sources such as dried dates, fruits.

Dried dates are come in Indian festivals and consumed during winters mostly. Eating dried dates is a great source of energy hence grab them when you are fatigued. Besides that, it's great for your skin and helps in reducing hair loss. Yes, you heard it right.

Fruits that you can eat if craving for the piece of cake, eat mangoes and grapes. Try adding some yogurt to your fruit to enrich its taste.

Tip 5: Exercise

Well, maintaining the right diet is fine but you cannot expect to have those body curves without burning extra calories. No matter how much you hate exercising, but you have to include it in your day-to-day life.

Besides, shedding extra calories, exercising keeps your body and mind healthy and I have experienced that. Hence, I have made exercising part of my lifestyle.

Now, when I say, exercising that doesn't mean I am referring to the gym or weight lifting activities. You can have 20 min skipping or walking session if you don't have much time for yourself. People who are fond of sports and dance have already won half of the battle. Or if you want to keep it a pure yoga session, go for it. But do something for your body.

Exercising helps you control your weight, maintain your weight. Further, it reduces the risk of heart diseases. Exercising regularly strengthens your heart, leading to better circulation. Moreover, the increased blood flow raises the oxygen levels in your body, exercising will lower the risk of heart diseases such as high cholesterol, etc.

Further, people who exercise regularly have maintained insulin levels and blood sugar. Exercising cut down the risk for metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. You will be amazed to know, it strengthens bones and muscles. When you start doing exercise on an everyday basis, later in life, you don't have to go through the loss of bone density. Moreover, it helps in increasing or maintaining muscle mass and strength.

All the sports lovers out there, there are few things which you will attain if you keep your love for sports alive, one of them is a strong heart. So many people are the envy of those who sleep better because unfortunately, they don't get better sleep. The reason, sports or exercise triggers chemicals in the brain due to which you feel happier and relaxed.

One achiever better lung function and zero stress level. Moreover, playing sports leads to better mental health as well. And how can we forget, sports build leaders as sports teach the value of determination, patience, and hardwork.

Therefore, all those young teenagers who are wasting their life playing PUBG on the phone, go and play some sports.

Well, having a great body isn't enough if your mind is extremely messed up. You can't have a peaceful day if your mind isn't doing well. Therefore, pay attention to mental health as well. For that, there are certain activities which you can perform on an everyday basis.

1. Meditation:

I don't have enough words to describe the wonders of meditation. There was a time when I used to be aggressive, had anxiety, insecurity and started feeling like "I am good for anything". However, people who know me won't believe me as I am not that person anymore which I used to be.

I have become more calm, confident and have started believing what sounds" impossible". Therefore, if you are looking for such an attitude, honey, it's time to reduce screen time and increase meditation time.

How to do meditation?

Well, everyone has their way of doing it. I prefer meditating on the chakras of our bodies. Chakras are energy centers in our bodies. There are a total of 7 chakras in our body. Those of you who are not well aware of the benefits of Chakra meditation, well it develops incredible willpower. It helps in building up strength from the core, resulting in an immense amount of willpower. You will be surprised to know that meditation has helped people to even quit smoking.

Chakra meditation helps in increasing the sense of love of life which means you feel less stressed and tend to enjoy life more. This, I am speaking from my own experience. On the other hand, people who are prone to negative thoughts and looking for a transformation, trust me, no book can help you to change your perspective as meditation does. Chakra meditation or any form of meditation opens up the mind and lets you think about the solution in a negative situation. Dealing with a bad situation becomes easier for you and you start developing a habit of "learning something from experience, good or bad".

2. Decrease the screen time

Don't worry, I am not saying you to quit your job and sit ideal at home. What I am trying to say is, once you are done with your office work give your eyes rest. Staying in touch with electronic devices hurts your brain. And even if you still want to use your mobile phones, try to limit the usage. Avoid using it while going to bed. Rather read your favorite book. Or if meditation works for you, 5 minutes of meditation can lead to sound sleep.

My Final Take

When it comes to staying in the right shape, we always consider physical health and start ignoring our mental health to demands proper nutrition. Nutrition doesn't always refer to eating right for mental health, providing the right sleep and enough positive thoughts are also considered the source of nutrition. So, don't you dare to ignore it.

My mom always says that " Honey, it doesn't matter how many zeros you have in your salary, if you are unhappy from within and unhealthy from outside, that zeros are of no use. It's better that you focus more on your health at an early stage. Try to stay happy and calm in every situation.

Well, telling these things is very simple but obeying them is quite difficult, hence 21 days theory. The 21-day theory is " practicing a certain activity for 21 days. After which it becomes your habit. So, go ahead and give this a shot, after all, you have nothing to lose.

Don't you believe that!

Before I leave you guys, there is something that I would like to repeat with you guys. In this entire weight loss journey, your body needs your support. Therefore, support and show some love after all your body is doing a lot for you. So don't be harsh on yourself, just keeping trying and give 200% and most importantly, love your body.

Stay safe

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