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Sweet or Sexy

by Beth (Halo) Hanson about a year ago in diet
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I choose sexy, mostly

The simple solution to finding a sexier, more satisfying life? Quit the sugar. Stop letting one flavour make all of the decisions.

Being a sugar addict is like only having one person in your life. Nothing wrong with that necessarily, unless being with the person is the only thing you enjoy. With everything else lacking flavour and pleasure.

Even worse when you get withdrawals not being with this person and act like a sad, lonely puppy without its owner when they are gone. But sugar is a delicious quick fix to any problem. These days, there is also plenty of sugar substitutes. Which claims to be healthy. Stevia, monk fruit, sugar alcohols. Better than sugar, maybe. But I have also experienced a direct link between consuming these fake sweeteners and increased cravings and anxiety—kind of like scrolling through Instagram when you are lonely.

If what you consume consumes you, why not choose rich, deep, satisfying and nourishing? Because these foods initially come with a bitter taste. I try to think of this bitter taste as an undoing of all the sweetness I have grown uncustomed to. Growing up, I lived on a diet of strawberry milk, sweet tea, and treats. I was also highly anxious and irritable.

It really does not take long to start to enjoy more natural flavours. As I write, I am sipping hot chocolate. Made with pure cocoa, reishi, ashwagandha, maca and some oat milk. I danced around the kitchen as I took my first sips. Not because of pleasure, but because I was debating with myself if I should add just that one packet of sweetener. Now that my cup is almost finished. I can really appreciate all the different flavours of cocoa and herbs.

I can tell you from experience, quitting sugar is the most efficient way to lose weight and gain muscle. Simply. Body composition is determined by hormonal functions, and sugar is a massive disruptor to our body’s natural hormonal state. For the more obvious reason, when things taste sweet, we can eat many more of them.

I have never felt better than when I have consistently stayed away from sugar, just sugar. You can still eat fruit, potatoes, oatmeal, anything really, in its natural state. It may feel restrictive at first, not making your morning coffee the way you usually would. Fighting through cravings is not easy. You also have to check every label of everything you buy at the grocery store, at least initially. But this gets easier, and the cravings go away. When I remind myself that every sweet treat I consume will only make me hungrier. I tend to want to choose the apple over the cookie.

To be able to look fit and feel calm and relaxed. It is priceless to me. To be able to be that why while never feeling hungry. A miracle. This is what quitting sweetness has allowed for me.

It is not all sunshine and rainbows; as I said, sugar is an easy, quick fix to feeling low. And when you do not have something too often, it can be easy to slip back into bad habits.

Just this one,

I will start tomorrow,

Start now, do yourself a favour right now. Try it for one week, no sugar or sweeteners. If you slip up or have meals with friends and family, by all means, participate. But stop reaching for sugar as a crutch and watch as all that stubborn belly fat starts to melt away. Watch your mental clarity come back, and have some great sex, because well, sex is great.


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Beth (Halo) Hanson

Visonary painter, Realist writer

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