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Study: Night Shifts Linked Prostate Cancer In Men

Night shift work linked to prostate cancer in men, study finds; complete study below.

By Willing WaysPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
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Night shifts are common for certain occupations like miners, phone agents, doctors, etc. Night shift work may lead to addiction, as workers may take drugs or alcohol to cope with the stress. If you know someone struggling with addiction, seek professional help from the best addiction treatment center in Karachi that provides support and guidance to overcome the challenging situation. Certain industrial enterprises worldwide usually have a non-stop manufacturing routine, which requires workers to work shifts both in the daytime and at night. It is estimated that in the modern industrial sector of the United States of America, about 3.6 million male workers (or about 14 percent of the country's working population) have to work shifts, meaning getting involved in regular work at night. Plenty of dangers and risks are linked to using this kind of working routine and regularly working night shifts. In particular, according to the findings of a scientific group from Harvard Medical School and the Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital, those workers who work at night are exposed to higher risks of diabetes and higher chances of obesity. Explore the hidden dangers of LSD addiction and how it can impact individuals. Another study published this summer in the British Medical Journal has shown that working shifts can increase the risks of strokes and heart attacks by almost 40%.

Recently, the findings of one more study related to the issue were published in the American Journal of Epidemiology and reported in many world's leading mass media. It turned out that working night shifts expose men's health to more dangers and risks of suffering from serious health conditions. Experts surprisingly found that spicy foods can cause nightmares because spicy food can irritate your stomach and intestines, which leads to inflammation and pain. A group of Canadian scientists at the University of Quebec conducted a series of studies to research the effects of working night shifts on men and women. Earlier this year, the findings of their first study were published, saying that working at night is linked to very high risks for breast cancer in women. According to the present conclusions received after analyzing the data on men working at night, this type of working routine is linked to increased risks of prostate cancer in men. In addition, as the study's findings have shown, night workers are at increased risk of suffering from other common types of cancer, including bowel, lung, bladder, and others.

The scientists have chosen quite an interesting approach to their scientific work. They gathered extensive data for the last ten years on about 3,135 Canadian men diagnosed with prostate cancer and similar kinds of data on 500 healthy men. That included eating habits and diet, daily exercise routine, the specifics of work and occupation, and other important social, economic, environmental, personal, cultural and other factors. Analyzing and comparing the collected information allowed the scientists to understand that working night shifts is linked to more than three times higher risk for prostate cancer in men and almost twice higher chances of being diagnosed with bowel cancer. To make things worse, it is reported that such a working routine is associated with up to 70 percent higher risks of bladder cancer and up to 76 percent higher risk for lung cancer, one of the most common types of cancer leading to death in most cases.

The Canadian scientists underline that their findings should be addressed and must bring many employers to revise their working routine. Many people who want Supportive Counseling for their addiction recovery should consult the rehabilitation center that is located near them. They explain the discovered phenomena by the property of the body to suppress the effects of melatonin which takes place when a person is awake and needs to focus on working at night. Melatonin is a hormone produced in the human body and is a natural regulating agent of sleeping and being awake. It works great only when a person follows a stable and regular sleep-awake routine and gets affected when they have to stay awake or have chronic sleep disorders. The Canadian experts underline that changing the daily way, similar to working day and night shifts for over 10 years, can cause serious changes in the body and be linked with the risks mentioned above of serious diseases. Those wondering about the details and want to learn more about the findings of this interesting study can check out the original report on this webpage.

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