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Stop Pointing Fingers: You Have A Past Too

by: Nerissha Hunt

By Nerissha HuntPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read

As a spiritual person, I think that people have the wrong idea of religion. People make you think you have to practically be perfect. What kills me is how people try to brow beat you with the bible. They call out scripture after scripture, condemn you to hell, everything they can think of. But you know the funny thing? They forget that they were once a sinner, or out in the world as I call it.

But you cant tell these people anything. They are saved, sanctified, holy-ghost filled, fire baptized and when you challenge them spiritually, you have set a fire that Smokey the Bear cant even put out. For someone that knows the bible so well, why get upset? There’s no need to get upset because if you are so saved and sanctified, you should be able to take anything that someone throws at you.

I think the reason people get mad when you challenge their spirituality is because they find it easy to point out your mistakes but are afraid if you find out about their mistakes, you might go tell someone and they might be looked down upon. That’s my personal take. People who are ashamed of their pasts find it easy to talk about someone else’s past and their present life as well. Here is a poem I wrote called Pointing Fingers.

Its easy for you to judge me

For some of the same things I’ve done, but you are no better than me

We all have sins, there is no little sin or big sin

Some of us try to hide ours deep down within

Pretend that you’re perfect, that you’ve never made a mistake

Lies on top of lies become deep as a lake

If you are so saved as you claim to be

Then why are you pointing your fingers at me

That poem says it all. Don’t point fingers at people. The alcoholic you are pointing fingers at, was once either you at one point or someone in your family maybe. You may be a Christian now and your family member may or not be but remember, it was one of you back then or still is. The person on the street corner who may be homeless may not be you, for right now, but could easily be you at any given time. Just because you have always been blessed to have a roof over your head, doesn’t mean you can say, its their fault that they are homeless because they were a sinner because you don’t know their story.

Somebody actually said that to me once. The person’s exact words were “If they did something so bad that the family doesn’t want them living with them, they must have really done something pretty bad.” Some family members don’t accept their loved ones for whatever reason. We don’t know why and its not our business. People go out of their way and try so very hard to make it their business though, just to have something to go back and tell someone else.

All I’m saying is this. We are human. We make mistakes and we’ll continue to make mistakes. There is no perfect person. If there is, I want to meet them so they can tell me their secret. But since that person doesn’t exist, we’ll let that go.

It amazes me how people have the nerve to judge other people like they have never done anything wrong in their lives. But, that’s life. People will argue you down about spirituality until they are blue in the face. People are like books. We have an outer appearance and inner feelings. It's easy to make a person feel bad so get to know people and stop judging them. With that being said, don't judge a book by its cover (a person's outside appearance), examine the pages (get to know someone).


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