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Start Practicing These 3 New Habits For Self-Care

by Arbiter Writing 4 months ago in self care
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Unique ideas to handle one’s self-care needs.

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If you have ever desired to better take care of yourself, it’s more than likely a probability that you have tried looking up self-care habits. There exists a multitude of different manners by which you can care for personal needs, and all are valid.

This article is not centered around the discussion of the more popular self-care ideas. By now, most people already know how to sleep more, eat better, and make extra time for themselves. In case you didn’t already, make sure to do those. Instead, here are 3 new and improved tactics:

Make A ‘Completed’ Task List

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No, not a to-do list, for that would imply you have goals yet to achieve. Rather, take the time to make a list of elements that you have already succeeded in endeavors for. Because how often do most people take the time to celebrate existing victories?

For most, the answer is quite literally never. More than any other group, adults are constantly told that 5 minutes ago or yesterday is now irrelevant and what matters is in the here and now. Consequently, so much time is spent stressing about the future instead of soaking in some direly-need self-love for past investments of time.

Yes, there is a lot on our plates. The same is true for everyone else. So much time is spent stressing around the things that need to get done over what has already been accomplished. Self-love and self-care rely on feeling good about oneself and therefore making efforts to care for every single need. This is one example.

So make your list, one that is based on you and your specific needs. This should include previously completed goals — whether big or small. Furthermore, they can be set for today, this week, this month, or just a general conglomerate of completed tasks.

Writing and subsequently reading the list will engender those much-needed endorphins typically reserved exclusively for gym attendees and fitness aficionados. Be the one who stands out and celebrate yourself.

Visit An Online Museum

Photo by Kafai Liu | Source: Unsplash

In the event you do not have the money or time to travel to a reputable museum or simply want to remain at home, there are a number of good online collections.

Spend a minimum of a few hours or even an entire day observing some of the most remarkable curated items from around the world. All that’s necessary is a laptop, computer, internet connection, and time set aside for self-care.

To get some inspiration for your digital surfing, try visiting an article hosted on The Geographical Cure entitled the 50 World Class Museums To Enjoy Online For Free. Make note that these represent the heaviest hitters in the museum and art world. Enjoy browsing the Uffizi Gallery, The National Gallery of Art, The Spy Museum, the Louvre, The Smithsonian Museum of National History, The British Museum, and much, much more.

Perform A Good Deed For Someone Else

Photo by freestocks | Source: Unsplash

Don’t worry if this comes as surprise — it is in fact self-care. By definition, this does not always represent doing something for yourself. Rather, it includes making oneself feel food by actions you chose not to do and actions you chose to do.

Have you ever provided an individual with a present or performed a good deed for someone without feeling good about it? Making others happy through help is good for everyone involved. A random act of kindness works perfectly in this situation.

You can text or call someone to say hi, pay for someone’s item standing behind you in line, check in with neighbors on the phone, anything really. If you desire something more extreme, by all means, go for it. Give a loved one a gift, buy office co-workers muffins or donuts, or better yet, make plans with that one person you kept putting off seeing just because you detest leaving the house.

Whenever you express generosity or kindness to someone else, you will inevitably feel good. This results in a burst of joy and happiness — and is critical for anyone searching for self-care or self-love.

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