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Star Fruit

by NoShameIn / Tee Mee about a year ago in diet
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Star Fruit

Carambola also known as Star Fruit.

Have you ever tasted Star fruit? If so, did you enjoy the sweet juice from its yellow flesh? It’s melon-like flesh? Well, unfortunately, it may be detrimental to your health. Why you ask?

Star fruit contains caramboxin and oxalic acid. People who have kidney issues such as kidney stones, kidney failure or are currently undergoing kidney dialysis, Star fruit may contribute to these problems by consuming it. Also due to its natural compounds and their enzymes, Star fruit can alter the effects of certain prescription medications that some may be reliant on.

The reason I know this… When I was in my mid-thirties, I discovered this new tropical fruit. Yellowish in color, waxy smooth casing, juicy with steep ridges protruding five times. This sweet exotic fruit that is native to the Tropics of Southeast Asia.

I have always loved fruit so to find a new one that I enjoyed, was exciting for me. I began adding Star fruit to my weekly consumption. Eating it as a snack or adding it to my fruit salad. Not really thinking about a health food being risky. Who thinks, “Let me do research on this fruit just in case it may disrupt my digestive tract.”? Not me. At least not then…

I suffered from kidney stones twice prior to eating my newfound favorite fruit. After about a month I began feeling pains in my lower back. Assuming they were kidney stones, I took some pain meds and waited for the stones to pass. After a few days, nothing passed. I continued on with my daily activities thinking that the stones must have been really small stones. Unaware of what was actually going on in my body, I continued to eat my fruit salad now containing Star fruit. I want to say it was almost two months into me adding Star fruit into my diet, that I went to the bathroom and noticed a discoloration in my urine.

When I went to the doctor, she asked me many questions and I had many tests done but we could not find out what the issue was. The pain in my back was beginning to become unbearable. I started to do my own research. Googling this or that containing my health symptoms. I remembered my doctor asking me if I had changed my diet. Only then I realized that yes, I had. I added Star fruit to it. That was when I started finding answers. Once I Googled Star fruit and read past all of the benefits and nutritional factors of this fruit, there was a small paragraph on the negative effects of this food. I printed out my findings and returned to the doctor. She agreed that I should stop eating the fruit to see if my body was reacting negatively to it.

My healing began within a week of me ceasing to eat Star fruit. The pain coming from my kidneys, appearing to be back pain, faded within days. I was happy to become healthy again but sad that my new favorite food was bad for me. I was very disappointed that a fruit could do damage to me. Since then, before I introduce any new food into mine or my family’s diet, I look into it first. I am very glad that I am recovered. I will admit that here and there, I will enjoy a bite or two of Star fruit.

Note that I am not a doctor or nutritionist and do not presume to think I am. Please be aware of any new foods you plan to eat. And if you are not sure of it, ask your doctor.

Stay safe, Have fun and Happy Reading!!!


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