Spoonie Tips for Surviving Winter

by Megan Long 8 months ago in self care

Don't let the cold get you down!

Spoonie Tips for Surviving Winter

Due to my fibromyalgia, the cold is no longer my friend. In fact, I hate being cold! Ned Stark can take his winter back and stick it up his butt! But I can continue my angry ranting about the extreme cold later on Twitter. Today, I'm going to give you some tips and tricks I use to stay warmer (or, at least, TRY and stay warm) in the winter months.

Wear what makes you comfortable

This seems like a given for any month really. But honestly, if a big heavy coat is just too heavy and uncomfortable for your body to handle, maybe it isn't for you. Those cute winter boots with the heel may not be the best thing for those of us (me) with not-so-good balance and icy steps. You know your body better than anyone else, you know what you can handle wearing and what you might need to skip out on wear this year. Listen to your body.


Like I said earlier, sometimes that big winter coat is too heavy for me. That's where layers come in. I own a plethora of lighter-weight, long-sleeved shirts and jackets. Sometimes, wearing multiple layers that are lighter gives me that warmth I need without all the weight and bulk of winter gear. Buy yourself some reliable long-sleeved shirts and bundle up!


My hands hurt in the cold to the point that it is a problem. So, I have to have a good pair of gloves. If you're like me and have tiny hands, I recommend kid's gloves. I hate when gloves don't fit my hands right, so kids gloves usually work well for me. But it doesn't matter what size glove you have, just get some, keep them in a coat/jacket pocket so you don't lose them!


A good hat is essential in winter wear! My beanie has kept my head and ears warm for two years now and has definitely been worth the money spent on it. Next time you are out, stop by and have a look for your perfect beanie match! Keep it in the other coat pocket and don't lose it either!


Never underestimate the power of your favorite blanket. After a long day, my blanket is my best friends, especially if I've been out-and-about, facing the elements. Get that blanket, fix yourself a hot drink, and watch some Netflix. You deserve it.

My heater

I have one in my room. A small one I can just plug in and sit in the corner, but it makes such a difference to the temperature. I'd be lost without that little thing. Consider getting one next time you are at your local supermarket.

My heating pad

When the pain from the cold is just too much to bare, my heating pad has made my life a little bit easier! They aren't just for sore backs, I put this heating pad on whatever frozen body part needs it most (feet, hands, knees, etc.).

A hot bath

And I mean, it's hot! Like the fires of hell hot. With bubbles! It's relaxing and guaranteed to warm you in no time.

Shoes with slip resistance

Remember those cute boots I mentioned earlier? I would slip and fall so quickly here. We get ice everywhere and I need a shoe that is as good at supporting me as my bra is! I have good sneakers and some boots, with no heel at all, that are great just for this occasion.

Please remember to stay warm this winter and listen to your body about what is good and bad for you to wear, whether it is good or bad for you to be outside, and watch out for ice! I hope these tips were helpful to my fellow frozen spoonie out there! Enjoy the winter and the holidays that come with it, and make them your own!

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