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Spirulina: Major Beneficial Ancient Superfood for Longevity

Spirulina is mother nature's beautiful miracle algae that promotes longevity!

By Silena Le BeauPublished 5 years ago 4 min read

Move over açai and goji berries. Mother nature's superfoods are skyrocketing health because they contain tons of impressive healing properties.

Although both spirulina and chlorella are both considered superfoods, they differ slightly in their nutritional value.

The healthier of the two is arguably spirulina, which contains more essential amino acids, B vitamins, protein, iron, and vitamins C, D, and E. While chlorella still holds an abundance of health benefits.

Chlorella is freshwater green algae that offers a host of health benefits that truly make it an awesome superfood and a natural food supplement.

What is a superfood?

Superfood: any nutrient-rich food that is especially beneficial for health and well-being. It provides a host of amazing healing benefits that you'll definitely want and need.

Wheatgrass, avocados, blueberries, salmon, açai, and kale are just a few types of foods that have acquired and taken on the "superfood" label.

Whether you’re seeking to fight free radicals or maximize the nutrients in your diet, you can add spirulina to juices or smoothies for a burst of energy, and even try it in tablet form.


Typically, spirulina is known to be found in Africa and South America, but it can easily be harvested all around the world in a range of different climates.

Spirulina is rich in protein and has superb nutritional value, which is similar to that of chlorella or sea kelp.

For most people, knowledge of spirulina stops at knowing that it is a healthy ingredient listed on certain supplements and beverages.

Spirulina is a unique blue-green algae. It is a multi-cellular organism called a cyanobacteria.

Its beautiful dark greenish blue color is very eye catching and immediately recognizable.

Spirulina is a close cousin of chlorella and related to other rich, robust sea vegetables including sea kelp, dulse, and nori.

It contains all the essential amino acids that we need.

The quality of the protein found in spirulina is considered excellent, and comparable to that of eggs.

Spirulina is also great because it is an anti-inflammatory agent.

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Spirulina Health Benefits

Combats poisoning from heavy metals and other toxins.

​Spirulina contains a ton of protein.

​Spirulina also contains numerous other vitamins and minerals in high amounts.

​Fights your allergies.

Protects bone health.

Fights radiation sickness.

Spirulina is also great because it is an anti-inflammatory agent.

Spirulina can fight oxidative stress in your body.

Regulates your blood pressure.

Balances cholesterol levels and reduces triglycerides.

It enhances your workouts.

Stops LDL cholesterol from getting oxidized.

Potentially fight cancer, particularly the oral variety.

You may be able to counteract anemia using spirulina.

Regulates your blood sugar levels and prevent or treat diabetes.

Possibly combat liver damage.

Increases satiety and aid weight loss.

Spirulina can produce GLA (a healthy type of fat).

Treats candida infections.

Spirulina may help patients with HIV/AIDS to manage the condition.

Protects your skin from free radical damage.

Possibly treat hepatitis C.

Reduces your chances of getting a stroke.

Increased growth of healthy intestinal bacteria.

Increased immune system response, protecting against a range of infectious diseases.

Possibly treat ADHD symptoms and anemia

Treats arthritis pain and inflammation.

Millions of healthy people are reaping the benefits of both major superfoods in this package and the best part is that it's organic and comes at a fraction of the price of competitors!

Key Points

In 1967, the International Association of Applied Microbiology declared that it is a wonderful food source.

However, hundreds of years before that the Aztecs and others in Mesoamerica made spirulina into cakes called “tecuitlatl,” as observed by a soldier of Cortes.

Samples of a cake referred to as “dihe” was made by members of the Kanembu tribe in Chad, Africa was analyzed by French physcologist Pierre Dangeard.

• It has more protein than chlorella.

• A much better source of GLA

• 12 times more protein than beef.

• Higher concentration of Phycocyanin

One of the world's leading sources of Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). The most powerful anti-inflammatory agent that exists in nature. GLA is also extremely beneficial for women, as it can ease the symptoms of PMS.

It also contains 26-times the calcium of milk, which makes it an excellent nutritional supplement for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

It has four times the antioxidant ability of blueberries.

This particular algae is very high in vitamin A, and this vitamin is exceptionally beneficial for healthy eyes.

Making it an excellent supplement for anyone wanting to improve their eye health.

Eating more carrots has long been recommended to those looking to improve their eye health, but spirulina actually has ten times the vitamin A concentration in comparison to carrots.

Effective at helping remove toxins from the blood stream, as it easily binds to heavy metals and radioactive isotopes, that makes it very beneficial for people undergoing radioactive therapy.

It is also a great source of vitamin E, vitamin B-1 (thiamine), B-2 (riboflavin), B-3 (nicotinamide), B-6 (pyridoxine), B-9 (folic acid), B-12 (cobalamin), and vitamin K1 and K2.

As well as potassium, zinc, chromium, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and selenium.


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