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Spirituality | Why You Should Approach it With Caution

by Em Khei 2 months ago in spirituality
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Truth About Spirituality that Will Blow Your Mind

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With new age concepts increasing globally (as intended), one of the majorly recognized and often ignorantly approached is spirituality.

Since the first conceptual adaptation of new age, there has been numerous religious beliefs from different parts of the world which have since emerged. It’s with the growing effect of the “Coming One” that this ideology has expanded and become the new alternative among the esoteric adepts, as well as new age fanatics.

Why You Should Care

While a New Age is imminent, let it be known that this concept can be used and is being used with different motives on different occasions when spirituality is concerned:

  • As an ideal
  • As an objective

As human beings, our choices, beliefs, lifestyles and the like are always based on emotions. Be it an emotional connection or emotional detachment.

It’s through this that we believe what we want to, whether religious/spiritual or cultural.

Spirituality as an Astral Trap

The masses get the idea of what spirituality is if you mention meditation. This’ what is considered the path to attainment of enlightenment or reaching the “higher realms.”

Back to the WHY you should care: Meditation as understood is a technique used by a person to achieve mindfulness or a “higher awareness” through the stimulation of the mind.

This stimulation takes place on the astral plane. If I may describe a little, the astral plane is home to a diversity of spiritual beings; those who have no interest on the physical plane and those who have.

With those who have, some of them have own interests, while others have interests of a greater good. However, for their interests to be actuated on the physical plane, they need “vessels” for use on their works since they can’t directly execute them on earth without a physical medium.

As an individual seeks to attain a trance during meditation, or seeks to connect with the spirit world, either of the entities on the astral plane responds, with an intent to attain its goal.

Since those entities working on the Great Plan in conjunction with the Lords of Light operate on an even higher “vibration” than those seeking own interests, they rarely work with individuals. This gives opportunity to the low vibration entities who are seeking ANY vessel of use to achieve their goals.

To achieve that high vibration to be among the “inner circle” of the chosen few by the Hierarchy to aid the PLAN isn’t that easy. While they majorly focus on GROUPS (another emerging concept worth observation in various “departments” in the world), they choose individuals who have a certain degree of “mental matter” corresponding to or close to their own.

This attainment leaves the masses “out of reach” from direct contact with the Hierarchy during meditation and spirituality practices, making majority of those who follow this belief system to only respond to the lower vibrations of “self-serving entities.” This is however without any knowledge of energies working on them since no individual can easily differentiate the two.

Since it’s the astral plane where human desires are conceptualized, and with the subjective focus of spirituality, these entities create illusions in the mind of the spiritual practitioner, masking themselves (these entities) as members of the Hierarchy and workers of Light, blocking any expansion of the subject’s consciousness to higher realms and reach to the Hierarchy’s vibrational influence.

Spirituality and Satanism – Similar

Please note I’ve said Satanism, NOT Luciferianism. More on that later on in a different article.

With Satanism majorly focusing on desire aspects of man, spirituality approaches the same ideology with its subjective focus. While the two might seem very different, some of the entities involved are similar, taking us back to the entrapment onto form aspect of life disguised as a spiritual virtue.

How Does the Astral Trap Work?

When someone has the capacity to read and know what’s in your mind and desires, they can create a simulation of that reality for you.

The entities with lower vibrations on the astral plane imitate the workings of the Hierarchy, and since they’re intelligent beings too, they’re able to execute it perfectly.

When you hear that much of what we consider reality is a lie, that’s true because much of it is just a simulation by certain entities who’re working out their own plans which we’ll never know for sure.

However, it should be noted that with certain centers established by the Hierarchy on earth (through certain groups – not organizations – and chosen individuals), some of these simulated realities will start to fade away and most of the “caged” will be set free. Some have already begun, but very few will be aware of this.

Love and beauty is what The New Day carries, and the walls which have been erected, blocking man from attaining the higher vibrations and reaching to the Hierarchy’s stimulation/influence will soon be brought down.

When I say Love, I don’t mean the perceived love which is based on personal relationships, emotions and desires since that’s not love, but an illusion disguised.

Em Khei

It’s through some of these disguises created that we today have interesting beliefs about love and also some mental health issues as the walls are being brought down to reveal that which is real.

Remember, these entities won’t freely let go the masses “held captive” without a fight and so the world will witness great turmoil as power changes. The Big Show is just around the corner.

However, fear nothing.


About the author

Em Khei

A non-fiction author and blogger at EMKHEI.COM sharing personal experiences, encounters and revelations relating to the many global happenstances. On a mission to help the masses understand the whys of present occurrences.

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