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The Role of Mantras

By Biswajit DeyPublished 2 years ago 6 min read
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There are a number of benefits that people can get from using different

mantras. In this Articles, you will learn how mantras can help you in

various aspects of life.

 How can mantras benefit the mind?

 How doe mantras benefit the body?

 How else can mantras help a person achieve goals and peace in their


Mantras can change your life completely if you learn how to use them well.

They can help you live a happier fulfilling life. You can also learn how to

manage illnesses and pain using mantras instead of relying on medication.

The Role

Different types of mantras have different results. They benefit the people

using them in different ways. There are also specific mantras that are used

for specific predetermined purposes. These mantras have to be recited at

certain frequencies so as to work.

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Stress Relief

Mantras can be used to relieve stress. If you have any worries or anything

that is robbing you off the peace of mind, consider using some mantras

meant for this purpose. These mantras can either be made up of single

syllable or even a verse. They help in clearing the mind as one is forced to

concentrate only on the mantra that they are reciting.

Mantra can also help one in getting their minds off their problems or even

pains. If you have chronic pains that are bringing you some stress. You can

try and learn how to use mantras. This will help shift your mind off the

issue that’s stressing you with ease. You will manage to get some escape and

clear your mind and even ignore the pain. This can be done with also acute


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Positive Thinking

People who tend to be pessimistic and generally negative thinkers can

greatly benefit from the use of mantras. Mantras can be used as self

affirmations. They can help in changing a person’s outlook of life. This will

help someone in believing in themselves and the power of the universe in

helping them achieve their goals and dreams in life.

This can help someone live a good successful life and manage to pursue

their dreams. It has been proven that success starts in the mind. If you can

visualize your dreams turn into a reality then this can happen for. However,

if you can only envision a life fool of unrealized dreams and misery then

this exactly what you will get. If you want to learn how to be more

successful and life start by changing your mindset and get rid of your

negativity and self-doubt. You can manage to do this by use of mantras.

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Purity is a very important aspect of any spirituality. It doesn’t matter if you

are a Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist. Purity is vital. This attribute

normally starts in the mind. There are special mantras that are designed

for this particular role. They help purify the mind and get rid of any evil or

negative thoughts that normally affect a person’s life. For instance, any

kind of sexual addictions or perversions originate from the mind. If you

want to get rid of these habits, you have to purify your minds. Get rid of

nay thoughts that may get you involved in these activities. You can do this

by using mantras.

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Peace of Mind

You can easily manage to get peace of mind by using mantras. There are

powerful mantras both in verses or monosyllables that can bring you peace.

This mantras revolve around the aspect of envision a quality or attribute

that you want in life. Once you visualize this repeatedly, this quality can be

adapted in your own life. One mantra that is commonly used for this

purpose is the Shanti Mantra.

The Aum mantra is also believed to bring peace into a person’s life and

body too. Chanting this mantra softly will calm your mind very effectively.

You have to concentrate and do this repeatedly. You will experience peace

in the whole of your body. If you were initially stressed out, this will

completely go away. Even If you are sick or in pain, this mantra will make

you forget all the discomforts in your body. All your body will experience

will be peace.

If you are seeking spiritual power, chant this mantra powerfully with a clear

strong voice. Ensure that you have faith so as to see this working.


It is said that women generally have good intuitions. However, with

mantras these intuitions can be heightened. Men can also become more

intuitive using the mantras. Mantras make your mind more focused and

able to receive the signals being sent from the other parts of the body. It

also makes them more aware of everything going on around them.

In addition, it is said that mantras help in tapping into the ability to be

intuitive practically. When you chant the mantras, the tongue normally taps

on the roof of the mouth. This awakens some signals that are sent to the

part of the body referred to as the hypothalamus; this in turn sends these

positive signals to the rest of the body and mind.

The more you recite your mantras, the more the brain is awakened through

this tapping. The subconscious and unconscious parts of your brain become

conscious. This gives a sense of awareness about your environment and also

your feelings. This also makes a person more aware of the people around

them. It shifts focus from a person’s needs and desires and concentrates on

what others feel and want. This in turn can help a person become more

sensitive to others people feelings.

Mantra helps you to calm your mind and be able to focus on what other

things are happening around you. This is one of the reasons why the

intuitive abilities of a person become more heightened.

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Sometimes it is very hard to be able to meditate especially if you have a lot

going on in your life. Attempts to meditate will be thwarted by constant

thoughts and worries. However, if you want to meditate effectively,

consider the use of mantras to help you with this. Using a mantra can give

you something to focus on. This will draw your attention to your focus point

and away from all your worries. Monosyllable mantras are very effective in

this aspect.

Studies show that using mantras in meditation is very important especially

for people who normally have problems with concentrations. Use mantras

and you will enjoy all the benefits of meditation such as relaxation of the

body and mind. This can help you in managing pain also. The mantras will

help you focus on something else apart from your pain.

Mantras can also help in preparations for meditations. This means that the

mantra will not be the main focus of the meditation. It will just help a

person in preparing to take their mind into a good peaceful state.

Once they have managed to block their thoughts and everything else

around them, then they can be able to meditate on something else deeper.

This type of meditation may be done under a professional guide. However,

tapes can also help with this. The tape will contain the two meditation focus

point in aw that helps one from the first easily into the second one.

Mantras can be used to help someone concentrate when meditating.

There are also mantras that can be used in yoga. These mantras help the

mind to relax and focus on something else apart from the surrounding of a

person. This is a great method of mind relaxation. These mantras are very

effective especially for people who may be having problems with

concentration. This often happens when someone is stressed out. The

mantras can help get the mind in a good quiet relaxed zone to facilitate the



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