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by Lisa Maclean 2 years ago in spirituality

loads of fab little goodies here visit: LMMaclean81

For years, I have tried to keep up with some kind of spiritual practice since I was a teenager, whilst sometimes, this has not been at all possible, it is always in my mind, in my thoughts and in my actions. I am a Wiccan, but...contrary to popular belief, I don't worship Satan, I don't dance around a fire naked, what I do believe, is that whatever you send out into the universe, will in turn come back to you threefold. If you do good, if you are good, then as much as sometimes, things aren't good, only good can come back to you at the end of the day.

At times, I've managed to do everything on the spiritual side, yoga, mediation, green tea, clean living, but as a very basic I try and at least do a little of something, even if I can't and haven't focused on a long time the spiritual wiccan side of me, I do try and eat well, I do try and meditate, do at least the sun salute, and pass on positive thoughts to myself and to those I know and love.

I believe that no matter what path you take, Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Wiccan or even Atheiest, we all believe in something, even if what we believe in, is to not believe in anything, that in itself s a belief. I make no judgement on anyones belief, on anyones path, we all make our own journey, however, we all are connected in one way or another and that, that, is what keeps me beleiving, keeping me hoping that we can all find people that we can connect with, no matter how small.

And so, with that in mind, please let me share with you this post, whether you just like a bit of me time, or you practice card or crystal healing, we have some fab items for you here even a couple of choices of altars to do your work at. Even if all you like is a relaxing bath, a little bit of me time, which we all have to remind each other that we all need at some point, we all need a break and remember that if we don't look after ourselves if we don't take our own advice, then how can we possible help other people.

So, with this in mind, here we have a fab selection of basics and who practice a little more than that, with smudge sticks, great for clearing out a new home or dispelling negative engery, (lets face it, I'm sure everyone has experienced some of that over the last month lol) we have oracle cards for doing readings, personally I've tried working with these but have spent and connected almost the last 20 years of my life with one set of tarot cards and I've tried but I just don't get the same connection, we have altars, which I really want lol, a crystall ball, again, if you believe in this kind of stuff, you'll know some stuff you can connect with and others, no matter how much you want to, that connection just insn't there, for me that's the crystal ball, I've had one for years, practised for years and I just couldn't connect with it. We have a healing crystal grid, now this is one thing I do believe in, I've used crystals for many years, for both helping myself with my mental illnesses and it's effects on me and to help others. Lastly we have some 'cute' little items mugs and mobiles etc. please feel free to look and ask away.

We have quite a few bits here~

White sage smudge stick

Green tree thin stick

Dragon's blood smudge stick

Smudge bowl

Dragon oracle cards

Angel oracle cards

Goddess power oracle cards

Triple moon altar table

Small pentagram altar table

Crystal ball

Bat Mobile

White witch mug

Witches brew mug

Healing crystal grid

Dragon incense cone burners

Pop on the site https://vibzin.co.uk/?ref=Sweets'n'Treats or click shop now from fb to order, don't forget to use code first10 to get 10% discount off your order and any of these items ordered will receive an extra 20points in our monthly draw just comment done below


Lisa Maclean

Pool loving, beer drinking, footie fan and a complete tomboy. Love my tattoss, love hanging out playing pool with the lads and love my 2 kids. I work from home, letting me get the best of both worlds

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Lisa Maclean
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