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Solfeggio Frequencies: An Undiscovered Meditation

by Shamar 16 days ago in meditation

How seven simple frequencies may revolutionize how you meditate.

Solfeggio Frequencies: An Undiscovered Meditation
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Before 2020, I was very stressed out, on the go all the time, snapping at everyone with a sharp tongue and a hot-head. Actually, I was like that for a good few years and I had a habit of bringing myself down internally and causing stress to others surrounding me.

What I didn't realize until I discovered multiple self-help books such as 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne and 'Self-Love and Spiritual Alchemy' by Dani Watson - is that I was at a very low vibrational energy.

"Low vibrational living means looking at life through a pair of dark and dirty glasses rather than rosy ones. Or with the proverbial glass half empty as opposed to half full. Low vibrational living is when the sunshine rarely shines and when it does it's too hot. It is when the rain brings flood instead of life-giving water and when a breeze turns into a hurricane destroying rather than gently changing the air." - sarahnegus.com

I decided to change my life for the better as I did not want to keep on with this negativity - I am deserving of more but I needed to take action to allow it to come to me. I was on the road to a higher vibrational frequency!

Meditation and yoga are direct actions to aim to resolve low vibrational energy, to clear your mind, to help free your soul, to help the day calm down, and for numerous other self-help things. Whilst hearing someone talk to you in a soothing and calm voice does work for most and people playing different songs to bring about different feelings works for most also, I had discovered something a bit more exciting - Solfeggio frequencies.

"Solfeggio frequencies refer to specific tones of sound that help with and promote various aspects of body and mind health. These frequencies are reputed to date back to ancient history..." - relaxmelodies.com

Why do I call it 'undiscovered meditation?' Because I believe that many know how to meditate and actively participate in some form of meditation, but I feel as though hardly anyone knows about balancing the chakras and how to do it via Solfeggio frequencies. Many may plateau when meditating and not understand why - hence why I am encouraging you to listen to Solfeggio.

There are 7 different types of Solfeggio frequencies to match our 7 different chakras within the human body. As the music is a frequency, it is measured in hertz (Hz). I find that this is the blissful thing about Solfeggio frequencies, you can pick and choose which part of your mind, soul, and life you want to bring up to a higher vibration.

1. 396 Hz - Root Chakra

This Solfeggio helps eradicate feelings of guilt, negative beliefs, and thoughts. It also has the power to turn feelings of grief into joy, promote awakening, and is the lowest Solfeggio frequency.

2. 417 Hz - Sacral Chakra Chakra

This Solfeggio is mainly based on negativity and has the power to remove negative energy from the environment, body, and thoughts. The idea is that this frequency is so powerful it has the power to undo negative happenings (just for the record, this Solfeggio cannot rewind time).

3. 528 Hz - Solar Plexus Chakra

Also known as the love frequency, miracle tone, and frequency of transformation, the 528 Hz Solfeggio can reduce the stress cortisol in the human body. In addition, it is said to promote self-confidence and self-esteem thus causing an increased amount of positive energy.

I am currently listening to this Solfeggio now to reduce the stress of creating this piece and to enhance my writing abilities.

4. 639 Hz - Heart Chakra

This Solfeggio focuses on love and communication and can enable positive interpersonal relationships with family and friends.

5. 741 Hz - Throat Chakra

741 Hz is said to be able to awake intuition by removing toxic cells from the human body. This tone can lead to an improved and more stable spiritual life by purifying the mind and body.

6. 852 Hz - Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye is also known as the “pineal gland” located in your brain. It is the organ considered to be tied to spiritual realization and connection. Personally, I feel this is the most important chakra of them all.

You may often hear the phrase; “Open your Third Eye.” Basically, it means to open your eyes and recognize the world, or situation, for what it really is and to accept your current feelings or fate.

852 Hz Solfeggio is played to help you return to your spiritual order, awaken your intuition, awaken your inner strength, raise your cell energy, and of course, awaken your Third Eye.

7. 963 Hz -Crown chakra

This is the highest Solfeggio Hz there is. When the Crown chakra is being opened we reach the highest energy state vibration we can and we also open access to infinite cosmic energy. Furthermore, it enables cell enlightenment and helps us to return to oneness and connect, or reconnect, with the spiritual world.

Pick the Hz you think you need right now. I recommend you put it on in the background or play it through your headphones, just give it a try for about 15 minutes. What I have done with my playlist above is create a mixture of frequencies and have them playing one after the other so my entire body is cleansed. However, you can go on YouTube and focus on one chakra at a time.

If it doesn’t work for you or you need lyrics to meditate to then fair enough, but if you do try it - you need to go in with a positive mindset. Just because you’re a regularly stressed-out person, do not think “I have tried everything, how could this possibly work.” You will only be blocking the abundance that Solfeggio frequencies can bring you!

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