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Soak "it" with vinegar, chew 2 tablets every morning

No dampness in the body, big belly quietly lose

By liam williPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
Soak "it" with vinegar, chew 2 tablets every morning
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Garlic in vinegar is often eaten as a small dish, which not only tastes good, but also has the effect of removing fishy and aiding digestion, and also has the effect of avoiding poison, and eliminating the redness and swelling on a person's body.

  Lachrymatory garlic in vinegar

  Eating 2-3 cloves of vinegar-infused garlic every day and drinking vinegar-infused juice diluted 3 times regularly can relieve heat and dispel cold, prevent cold, and have the effect of strengthening the body

  Vinegar-infused ginger slices farmhouse homemade

  As the saying goes, eating three slices of ginger in the morning is better than three bowls of ginseng soup in the afternoon! I have to say, vinegar-soaked ginger, the nutritional value is still very high, high-quality fresh ginger, coupled with pure natural brewed aged vinegar, rich flavor, after a long time of concoction, the taste is more refreshing, the nutritional value will not be lost.

  Farmhouse homemade ginger slices in vinegar

  The combination of ginger and vinegar, natural blend together, very natural, eat up the taste is a little rich, but has a very magical effect, can be effective in slimming, eat a few pieces every day, let your body more and more slender is not a problem.

  Green juice powder barley wakame green juice

  Green juice powder is natural ingredients grinding, with ultra-low calorie, daily adhere to drink can take away the body's grease, grease away body fat will also begin to eliminate, so that the body will become more perfect, this is a very natural slimming drink.

  Green juice powder barley wakame green juice

  More than 45% of dietary fiber can effectively stimulate the intestine to achieve the purpose of cleaning the intestines, rich chlorophyll acts more like the body's red blood cells, but also can effectively neutralize the body's internal fats, and rich alkaline substances also make the body's internal environment to get a certain balance, to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

  Vinegar-soaked black Instant food

  Work is very busy, and there is no time to take care of your own body, but if you want to thin, every day adhere to eat two spoons of vinegar-soaked black beans, it is a healthy and natural way to maintain health, adhere to can be free of fat stagnation in the small tummy trouble.


Chinese garlic

Vinegar-soaked black Instant food

  The vinegar-soaked black beans, although it seems to be a very strange collocation, have a variety of beneficial effects on the human body, can easily improve constipation, let your body more smooth, and give you a more comprehensive effect, eat a few every day will be able to take you all the way thin thin thin.

  Red barley gravy tea dampness tea

  Chinese medicine believes that too much dampness in the body will cause obesity. Red bean and barley tea has a good effect on dispelling dampness but also strengthens the spleen, very suitable for dampness-heavy edema people. Especially in the heaviest season of dampness, drink to dispel dampness and toxicity, eliminate edema, and help you drive away the fat belly.

  Red barley gravy tea dampness tea

  Too much dampness in the body can also lead to obesity, so red bean and barley tea can effectively remove dampness, so that you are free of dampness, is a very natural and healthy drink, the taste is very fresh, and is very suitable for daily drinking drinks so that the body is changing day by day every day.

  Red bean and barley powder barley powder

  There are many reasons for the formation of obesity, some people are fat, mainly because of a damp-heat body, spleen deficiency edema, draining away the dampness is the key to slimming. May drink more red beans and barley tea, strengthen the spleen to dispel dampness, eliminate excess water in the body, and adhere to the effect that will be achieved.

  Red bean and barley powder barley powder

  Select high-quality barley and red beans ground into powder, retain the nutrition and aroma of which, if you feel afraid to eat fat, then red beans and barley powder must be your best choice, can increase your sense of satiety, low calorie eat more will not get fat, is a good helper of slimming.

  Farmers' home-grown Zhangjiajie wild kudzu powder

  Slimming do not diet, to be thin and healthy to be thin and beautiful, at home or in the office with a jar of kudzu powder, is not the main meal but feel hungry, soak a cup, can increase the peristalsis of the intestines, and promote the excretion of intestinal waste and harmful substances. And high fiber and low fat have a good slimming effect.

  Farmers' home-grown Zhangjiajie wild kudzu powder

  Kudzu powder is natural and delicious, but you must not know that it has a slimming effect, because low calorie and high nutrition, can play a good help to slimming, hungry time brewed on a cup, not only can increase satiety and can also be discharged from the body of toxins.

  Bitter melon slices herbal tea

  Bitter gourd slices contain a slimming special ingredients, that is, high energy clear fat, this substance can quickly decompose the excess fat in the body, every day adhere to drink you can see the effect of slimming, so you can easily drink a good body, no longer worry about obesity problems.

  Bitter melon slice herbal tea

  Hot summer, so that the accumulated fire of the year began to erupt, this time, the food to clear heat and detoxification to eat up! Summer is the season of bitter melon, a light bitterness so that the bitter melon has a different taste. Bitter gourd slices also have a clear heat to reduce fire, and detoxification of various effects is a good summer breakfast ah!



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