Slim Down with Yoga

by Sylvia Hensley 12 months ago in yoga

I share my story of how 30 days of core yoga toned my stomach.

Slim Down with Yoga

Five minutes of yoga each day seemed like a tough commitment at the beginning. Especially for 30 days straight. When I started this unnamed challenge, my main goal was to tone my somewhat undefined, pudgy stomach. I knew I didn't want to workout, mostly because I'm lazy, and working out for 30 days straight seemed like too much of a stretch for me.

I then embarked on a journey to find an easy way to slim down without annoying crunches or difficult ab workouts. A lot of my Google searches led me to different supplements, expensive programs, and even the dreadful ab workout that I was trying so hard to avoid.

Finally, I came across core strengthening yoga. I watched a couple of videos, tried out a few, and I loved how relaxing it was, but I could also feel the burn. You know what they say... if you feel the burn, you're doing it right. After binge-watching video after video, I finally created a workout plan that worked best for me. The moves weren't too hard to do for a beginner yoga(er) like me. I incorporated some ab workouts and yoga(ified) them. I'm not too familiar with yoga terms, so I'll make them up as I go along. Yoga didn't just strengthen my core, but made me feel great overall.

After a long day of school and work, I was actually happy and looked forward to each of my core sessions. It didn't seem like a workout, but more of a winding down technique.

Let me make one thing clear...

I didn't change my diet, but I did introduce different types of tea. My new favorite one now being chai tea. I drank tea in the morning, and I drank it during my yoga "workout." I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the "toned" effect, but if tea isn't already in your life, try it out! Also, I don't bloat often, so my before photo was not a bloated image, just my regular stomach.

For the more in-depth yoga routine, please let me know if you are interested. I'd love to see everyone else's results. Keep in mind, this is just the 30-day results, I'm sure it'd be every more apparent if I'd do another month. I'll definitely be continuing this routine I created.

I will now show my results from January 1st to Jan 31st.

(Instead of taking a picture everyday I tried for every 10 to 11 days so that more of a difference can be seen.)

Day 1

Day 1 (Before)

Day 12

Day 20

Day 31

More toned and defined...

Sylvia Hensley
Sylvia Hensley
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