Sleep with No Worries: 8 Ways to Stay Cool at Night

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Nowadays, sleep is hard to come by for some people. Adding heat into it is going to make it harder.

Sleep with No Worries: 8 Ways to Stay Cool at Night

The summer season is here, and it’s going to start warming up both your mornings and your nights.

It’s going to be a lot harder to move around in the day. In the night, it’s going to be tougher to fall asleep if you’re not sufficiently cool enough.

There are other reasons why you might want to stay cool when you sleep. Colder temperatures make it easier for you to fall asleep fast. Aside from that, it improves overall sleep quality. It can even help you improve your mood.

If you feel like your room isn’t cold enough at night, then here are eight ways you can solve that issue and sleep without worry:

Install a heat pump

According to Aircon Specialists Heat Pump Installation Auckland, one of the best ways you can always keep cool at night is by installing a heat pump in your home.

The way heat pumps work is that they don’t generate heat. It’s more accurate to say that they absorb heat from the environment to control the indoor climate.

Therefore, if you want to cool your room, heat pumps can take the warmth from inside your room and take it someplace else. Once you get the colder season, you can then use heat pumps to help heat your home too.

However, for now, you can use it to cool your room down for a good night’s sleep.

Freshen up before going to bed

Sinking into clean sheets is a great experience. You, sinking into clean sheets when you just got out of the bath? Even better. Plus, it has the added benefit of cooling yourself off before you go to bed.

Therefore, if you feel like the nights are too warm, then consider taking a colder bath before you go to sleep. Not only will it make you feel fresh and ready to sink into your sheets, but it’s going to help your body cool itself off.

Even if cold baths aren’t something you often do, even taking a bath with lukewarm water is going to do the trick.

Try using a cold compress.

A simpler alternative to taking a cold shower before bed is to take a cool compress with you before you go to bed.

You can use a wet washcloth that you stored in the freezer as your compress. You can also use bottled water with ice. Just make sure that you put up a protective layer that will help prevent water from spilling all over your bed.

Although you want to sleep in colder temperatures, it doesn’t mean you want to sleep in a wet bed. Thus, you need a way to ensure that the melting ice doesn't create a puddle. For bottled water, make sure the condensation isn’t dripping all over your sheets.

Wear cotton pajamas

Not all pajamas are equal. Some pajamas are suitable for keeping you warm, and, in the summer season, it might even make you too warm.

When you feel like it’s too warm for you to fall asleep, you might want to wear cotton pajamas to bed. While you’re at it, you might as well replace your bed sheets and pillow covers with cotton.

Cotton won’t make your body heat increase, which is perfect for when you’re warm and want to go to sleep. Conversely, this makes it not the best material for when you’re cold.

Cotton can also help absorb your sweat should you end up sweating away in the night.

Go dark closer to bedtime.

If you can, consider turning off the lights in your bedroom once you’re getting close to bedtime.

The lights in your room can contribute to the heat building up in your bedroom, so giving it a chance to cool before you sleep is going to make you beat the heat for the time being.

Keep blinds closed in your bedroom during the day

You might want sunshine in your bedroom any other day, but during the warmer months, consider keeping your bedroom blinds closed during the day.

Air it out once in a while. But as much as possible, keep your curtains closed. That way, the sun’s heat doesn’t stay in the room.

Open blinds in the evening

Instead of opening your curtains in the morning, open them in the evening instead. That way, more refreshing night air can flow into your bedroom.

Make sure you’ve got a screen protecting your window in some way so that insects don’t fly into your bedroom.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is vital, especially when you’re sweating from the heat. Have ice-cold water by your bedside in a water container that maintains the temperature so that you can drink cold water to cool you down all through the night.

Nowadays, sleep is hard to come by for some people. Adding heat into it is going to make it harder. However, the tips listed above on how to cool yourself off at night are going to help you adapt to the warmer nights and still be able to sleep well.

When the warmer nights start bothering you, make sure that you apply these tips for yourself, and have a refreshing night’s sleep.

Mira Adora
Mira Adora
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