Skateboarding Precautions To Avoid Injuries

Learn Everything Related To Skateboarding Injuries

Skateboarding Precautions To Avoid Injuries

The craze for skateboarding is rising and the skaters are prone to get injuries when they get passionate about the game but forget to follow some of the safety precautions to avoid injury. Athletes can prevent injuries after following the steps that we are mentioning in this article. These safety measures can help every skater to stay on board and rather than the emergency room. Prevention is better than cure and it is valid for everyone. A sportsperson should never forget to carry along his knowledge of that sport while going into the ground.

Let us now learn everything related to skateboarding injuries:

According to a data analysis report, the children that fall under the age of 15 are among the majority of those athletes who get injured each year. Other than this, a large number of injured skateboarders are found under the category of those who were new to the sport.

The main injuries that are common among skateboarders include:

● Fractures and other injuries on the ankle

● Shoulder or hand wrist injuries are the injuries that are caused when the skater loses balance and falls on his/her arm which was outstretched

● Concussions, Head injuries are likely to render great harm to the health of skateboarders who are young. It can lead to their death if the injury is quite severe, or permanent impairment or long recovery time at the hospital.

Now as we are through with the types of injuries that a skateboarder can get, so it is time to learn about the causes of these injuries:

If we talk about the young athletes then the reason behind them getting injured severely in comparison to adults are :

● The center of gravity is higher

● Balancing is poor

● Reaction time is slow

● Coordination is inappropriate

● Overestimation of skills

● Misjudgment of ramps, traffic, and barriers

The skater is likely to get severely injured during the following conditions:

● A fall or loss of control

● a person walking or biking, or another skater. Collisions with other skaters or people who are on a vehicle

● Running into a road hazard

● When one tries to go beyond one’s ability or skills by applying tricks

● Skating on irregular or improper surface

Tips for the athletes that do skateboarding

Protective Gear

The risk of injury reduces when the athlete wears his protective gear in proper shape. The skateboarders should always wear skateboard shoes that are slip-resistant in nature, their helmet should be fitted well on their head and they should never play without hands, knees, and elbows pads.

The important Beginner tips are now explained here:

Fitting Helmet

The skateboarding helmet is another important accessory of a skateboarder that should be of the style and fit that is best for the player. Another thing that a skateboarder should keep into mind is the way he/she wears the helmet. He should make sure that the bottom edge of the helmet is parallel to the ground.


In order to increase your knowledge of safety, you can practice falling which will help in reducing the impact of injuries. You should keep less distance from the ground when practicing to fall and crouch on the skateboard.

How to Stop

The first thing that the skateboarders have to learn is foot braking. They need to learn the right trick to stop when they are skating. This trick is very important for the skateboarders and they should learn it before they go skating in traffic, skate park or sidewalk. You should learn foot braking by starting with low speed and then at a higher speed. Do not put a lot of weight on your back foot because that will lead to skipping. Slow down by dragging the back foot lightly and put the majority of the weight on your front leg.

Last Few Words

You can get post-injury treatment from the best city hospitals in order to avoid any permanent injuries. We have provided various precautions that the players can follow to avoid any injuries. Following the tips and wear all the essential safety accessories that are important while skateboarding to earn from the skating health benefits rather than succumbing to the injuries. Your game will then have no bounds.

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