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Simple Spells for Busy Witches

by Esme Lee 2 months ago in spirituality
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Part 1 Putting Together Your Spell Kit and a Good Luck Charm

Hey witches, wizards, and warlocks! I’m Esme and I’d like to warmly welcome you to my new blog series!

Before I explain in more detail, let’s get the introductions out of the way.

A little about me: like so many women, I’m many things, including mum to two awe-inspiring autistic children, who are my living proof that magic is real and the universe loves me. That’s my main role in life, and the one I’m most proud of.

I’m also: an artist, writer, yarn-witch, former burlesque dancer/actor/singer, neurodivergent, disabled, mental health warrior of Romani/Spanish Jew/Celtic heritage.

By Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

The reason I mention all this, is to say that I have a very diverse background, and a variety of viewpoints, so this blog will reflect that, and will be an open, diverse and safe space, with an eclectic mix of information.

I believe that anyone from any ethnic or religious background can practise witchcraft. Witchcraft, from my point of view, is a practical, useful tool with which to effect change in our daily lives, and as such, can be used by anyone.

The kind of witchcraft I’ll mainly be focusing on here will be ‘folk’ magic, which has the benefit of being accessible to ordinary people, ‘folk’ in fact. No time consuming rituals, expensive equipment or summoning daemons here! This kind of spellcraft is ideal for busy witches with all the usual commitments and constraints.

So now we are of one accord, here’s a list of useful things to have handy to start you off, which you can find around the home, in the garden, hedgerow, or easily find online or at the grocery store:

Salt-sea salt, rock salt, table salt, any salt will do, used for cleansing and protection

Garlic cloves- amplifies spells and protects

Rosemary- dried, fresh, that stuff you get in little pots at the grocery, all are fine (same goes for all following herbs), used for healing, preventing nightmares, improving memory, and banishing negative energy (hang some by your door, or put a potted rosemary plant outside your front door)

Thyme- helps with grief, prosperity and health

Basil- for love spells, good luck in job interviews and repelling unfriendly spirits

Lavender- my favourite! For anxiety, sleep, healing, harmony

Mint- helps with communication, boosts energy, also great for upset tummies!

A broom- any type of broom, doesn’t have to be a traditional besom, arguably an ordinary broom is more useful as you’ll be using it for actual sweeping! Feel free to decorate, paint, tie ribbons to it, or not!

Candles- ordinary white household candles will serve any purpose, however if you want to you can get a variety of colours, blue, green, red and yellow are good to have in your kit

A cast iron or otherwise fire-proof pot- you can have a witchy cauldron if you like, but the purpose is literally just to have something safe to burn things in, I’ve been known to use an old saucepan

Glass jars- just wash out your empty jam jars, coffee jars etc

Pen and paper- so many spells can be done with just these two things!

Mirror- handbag mirror, bathroom mirror, anything will work

Bells- a little handbell, a bell hanging decoration from the dollar store, a Christmas decoration, seriously, as long as it makes a noise

A notebook- specifically to write down your spells, whether and when they worked and how, so you can tweak them if necessary, record your dreams, where you found some useful herbs on your morning dog walk, just think of it as your witchy diary

Incense and something to put it in- there are various options for this, you can get sticks, little cones that you can burn in your pot, charcoal incense, I just use the sticks as they’re cheap, easy to get hold of, and less fiddly. The only thing I would be careful about is checking the ingredients, the less artificial chemicals the better. Start with a couple of packs in frankincense and sage flavours and you’ll be good to go.

See? Easy-peasy! It shouldn’t take you long to get your kit together, so I’ll let you get on with it, and leave you with a super-simple spell to be going on with-

Good Luck Charm

You’ll need- a candle, white will do, green if you’ve got it, a tealight will be fine if that’s all you have; a small ‘lucky’ object: this doesn’t have to be something that already symbolises ‘luck’ for you, just something small you can carry around-a piece of jewellery, a crystal, a rock from the garden, a coin, anything really

Light your candle, hold your object in your hand and blow on it three times-this passes your own magical energy into the object (always remember the magic is within you, not somewhere ‘out there’)

Pass your charm around the candle flame anti-clockwise three times (careful not to burn your fingers!)

Repeat the following incantation-

‘Ye three spinners, hear me

Ye three spinners, I call out for your aid.

Here comes the first, with her foot to the pedal.

Lovely Lady, hear me.

Here comes the second, with her thumb guiding the thread.

Lovely Lady, hear me.

Here comes the third, with her cleft lip to draw the yarn.

Stand beside me, lovely dames of Fate

and I’ll not forget

Nor deny thee thy fair due.’

This is an old european charm, calling upon the ‘Wyrd Sisters’ or Sisters of Fate, three women who spin the threads of our lives.

Carry your charm with you, and make an offering to the Sisters to thank them, you could place a glass of wine on your altar, pick some flowers for them, or if you’re crafty like me, knit, weave, or crochet a little doll or flower.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this first instalment of ‘Simple Spells for Busy Witches’, and that you’ll join me for the next one, in which we’ll be exploring magical tea!

Please do sign up and follow so you don’t miss the witchy goodness x


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Esme Lee

I write about traditional witchcraft for modern witches

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