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Sex that "humiliates" women

by Mary Hobbs 2 months ago in sexual wellness
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Female awkwardness during sex

What is the nature of sex? We rarely think about it. Whether it's the completion of a race, a heartbeat journey, or a means of generating money, promotion, or the routine of year after year. With the development of civilization, simple sex has been given more and more missions and taboos.

Samantha's classic line from SEX AND THE CITY: "Marriage is THE legalization of having SEX for a week," is cruel AND somewhat darkly humorous for humans, who are born to love new things AND hate old things. In this episode of great sex practices, samantha immediately in two upcoming "legalization" of the new couple met a PARTY on as early as 15 years ago and she dated a man, the man making love it: when come, like each other with the hand hold fast to his hair, samantha was also recognized the "old man" with this.

Sex that women feel "humiliated" by

1. violence,

Lucy female 28-year-old office worker

"Many men think that when a woman says no, she means yes. So in bed, my refusal became an excuse for him to force sex with me. The more I turned him down, the more excited he was.

I can't believe that most men dream of having sex this way, like a beast... We are superior animals... I don't want to reduce myself to dogs and cats if you want to become animals yourself."

The main reason most women dislike violent sex is not pain or against their will, but "like an animal". Because this position makes them feel manipulated and driven.

2. Being asked to swear

Lily is a 20-year-old female student

"My boyfriend always asks ME to say dirty things during sex, like FUCK ME, and more vulgar things, which I really don't like... But he said, that will make him more excited, sometimes think of the usual gentle he and his bed, I really sad. His excitement was met with embarrassment and disappointment."

For gentle lady, life is not easy to say dirty words, not to mention when making love! The more important factor behind this is that women feel that swear words are taken personally and lack the feeling of being respected. The contrast between the man who takes such good care of himself and the sex addict who makes him swear couldn't be greater.

3. oral sex

Yaya female 30 years old administrative staff

"Never perform oral sex on your husband. I'm embarrassed to even say the word. In my mind, it's a special way for prostitutes to get repeat customers."

Yaya's opinion is a bit extreme, but I was surprised at how low the acceptance of oral sex was. In fact, I was surprised when I first heard a male friend complain that his girlfriend never served him. This time, the results of the survey confirmed this surprising fact. But more women were more upset when a man suddenly asked for oral sex in the middle of sex. Other women find it extremely distensible to be pressed on the head while performing oral sex.

4. Character fantasy

Can children 25 years old sales staff

"I don't know when my husband started getting creative in the bedroom. It's often unexpected, like buying sex supplies or having sex in the bathroom or on the patio. I can live with all that. But then she asked me to play certain roles during sex, which he said made him more excited, but other roles I found degrading, such as prostitutes." Sexual fantasies may give both partners more pleasure and more room for imagination. After all, two people together all the year round, variety, may also be endless, more often, fantasy can fill the lack of life. But some roles of fantasy, I'm afraid is to communicate well, otherwise, the other side will have instinctive resistance.

5. backward type

Mary female 31-year-old customs staff

"I hate all passive sexual love way, backward type is the most typical, women at this time, completely passive, dominated by men, that pleasure may only belong to men, and what I get is a feeling of being played. I don't know if a man sees me in bed as his lover or his tool."

There is a perception among romantic French men that the backward style of sex leads to a lack of communication and a lack of sight, so they rarely use it when they first start dating women. But there is no doubt that this position does save them a lot of effort during sex. But female-conscious women did not appreciate the gesture.

Sex should be simple

Sex, like relationships, is the two things in the world that can't be measured by boxes and rules. Sex is more tangible than the emptiness of emotion because we can at least judge it by orgasm. Perfect sex does not exist in the world, only in our feelings and in our minds. So, after technique, the most limiting factor to orgasm is our perception. All of these findings prove that many women are rejecting more and better orgasms.

It's not our nature that rejects different kinds of sex, it's our moral sense. Men can't stand the same sex. We can't stand the same sex. But the moral sense is something that affects us.

From a psychological point of view, the closer sexual contact is to nature, the happier it is. In various studies, people with lower levels of education were more likely to have quality sex. Sex is a private matter, and no one would easily make it public, which is all the more reason not to let our moral feelings affect the quality of our sex. Making love is a kind of enjoyment. In the process of making love, all moral factors, social roles, or cultural habits should be abandoned. Only when making love is simple and simple, can you enjoy complete pleasure.

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