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Sex is not perfect with foreplay and no after play

by Mary Hobbs 2 months ago in sexual wellness
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The importance of interplay in sex

The joke goes like this:

In the end, the wife will snuggle up to her husband's chest and gently say, "Dear, will our son go to Oxford or Cambridge?"

French people after having sex, the wife will cry out in surprise: "Dear, how did you faint!"

After having sex, an American wife may tell her husband, "You are so much better than my previous husband."

After having sex, the Japanese wife will say something like this: "Excuse me, I wonder if you were satisfied with your service?"

There's a word in English that literally translates to "after play," which refers to the period of time after sexual intercourse when a man or woman is still in contact. In literary terms, it can be called "post-tender".

After the tender should be sexual life the last movement of the wonderful music, although it is not as high as the orgasm stage, it has a deep well, and long, as long as attentively experience will enjoy another lasting appeal, unfortunately, a lot of people don't understand this truth, the battle is not over early to put. According to a survey, after sex, 32% of men immediately lie down to adjust their breathing or light a cigarette; Seventeen percent of men fell asleep quickly; 14 percent of men go to the toilet; 9% of men shower immediately; 65 men went looking for something to eat or drink; Two percent of men are ready to start having sex again. According to a survey conducted in Japan, about 40 percent of men do not show affection to their wives after sex. Similar surveys in Europe and the United States yield much lower percentages. It can be imagined that this situation is probably related to the prevailing wind of Japanese machismo. There is no similar survey in China, but from the logical inference, it should be closer to the same Oriental ethnic Japanese.

After the gentle for men is dispensable, but it is indispensable for women. Men and women have a "time difference" in the sexual impulse, there is also a "time difference" in the process of sexual desire fade, men's sexual excitement comes quickly, fades fast; The SEXUAL EXCITEMENT OF THE WOMAN COMES SLOWLY, RETREAT SLOW ALSO, WANT TO BE IN ABOUT 20 MINUTES EVEN ON AN HOUR, THE ENGORGED PHENOMENON ABILITY OF SEXUAL ORGAN IS ELIMINATED COMPLETELY.

One wife said that every time she had sex, her husband would fall asleep as soon as he finished ejaculating, and she had to count to the ceiling until she fell asleep.

With gentleness so important to women and men generally behaving badly in this area, sex experts are naturally berating men. They take pains to tell men that fatigue, thirst, and hunger after sex are normal phenomena, unless the toilet and other feelings are not so strong, a little inhibition can be overcome. Always HAVE THE HUSBAND OF DEEP AFFECTION TO THE WIFE, CAN TAKE OUT THE TIME OF CERTAIN ENERGY AFTER SEXUAL LIFE, UNDERTAKE CARESS TO THE WIFE. These statements are not wrong, of course, but without adequate explanation, it is easy to give women the misconception that a husband who does not act kindly or does something perfunctory is lacking in love for his wife.

There is also a common misconception among women that the mental mechanism of sexual activity is too important while ignoring its physiological mechanism. They also know that men will inevitably experience fatigue and sleepiness after coitus, but at the same time they believe that this fatigue can be overcome with love. They do not want to be left out in the cold after enthusiastic service. If they can first fall asleep in their husband's arms, that is the enjoyment of happiness.

This is a wonderful idea, of course, but for men, this requirement is a little difficult to meet. He loves his wife, but his body often doesn't give him control, you know, as the sexual excitement increases. Men's sexual organs, cerebral cortex, and muscle system will be highly excited, and heart rate and breathing will become rapid. And once erupts after ejaculation, the high excitatory state can quickly remove, turn into an inhibition period, and fatigue thinks sleep feeling can arise spontaneously. In general, the more physically and mentally fit the man, the higher the level of sexual arousal, and the greater the feeling of fatigue after ejaculation. And that impotENCE, SLIPPERY SEMINAL PATIENT, CAN OBTAIN FATIGUE FEELING ONLY RELUCTANTLY WHEN SEXUAL INTERCOURSE, CAN BECOME AFTER SEXUAL INTERCOURSE INSTEAD WITHOUT DROWSINESS, INSOMNIA EVEN.

Having understood the above, the wife should change her attitude towards her husband from criticism to understanding. When your husband has put all his mind and body into sex and is giving it his best shot, you should know that he will soon become trance and lethargic when you have already gained considerable satisfaction from his high spirits. If you still feel like it, try to calm yourself down by taking unilateral actions, such as hugging, kissing, and touching, without disturbing him. If you can act with this kind of love, then there will be no other kind of warmth. If a wife thinks her husband can show her affection through sex, why can't he do the opposite?

According to this said, the male can not after the thing is finished straight gas ground sleep it. This is certainly not allowed. To stop abruptly is a manifestly irresponsible attitude. For the sake of your beloved wife, men should not rush to get up after ejaculation. At this time, men usually still maintain enough erections to take the opportunity to exercise a few more times. This run should be slow, the range is not too large, to let the wife can experience pleasure, but also can feel your good intentions. When getting up, the couple should continue to embrace for a period of time, and carry on some stroking, the movement in the caressing stage can be taken here mostly to use, just in the intensity is gentle. The two can also talk quietly to show warmth and love. It's best not to talk about sex, especially not about what just happened. This can shift the wife's attention away from physical satisfaction to psychological satisfaction.

The caress dwindled until at last, it ceased, and the eyelids became heavy with sleepiness. As a result of physical and mental experiences from tension to ease of drastic changes, and will inevitably produce sleepiness, after the sex life is generally very sweet sleep. Men are the first to feel sleepy, and often the first to fall asleep. Husbands who have deep feelings for their wives should pay attention to changing this situation. Balzac said; "A husband never gets to go to bed first." Franck had a similar saying: "He who does not let his wife sleep, does not know how good life is." The husband should control his sleepiness and let his wife put her head on his shoulder or on his arm and let her sleep first. Also pay attention to her sleep before the easy do not move, lest wake her up. Husbands not only go to bed last but wake up first. Let your wife see your smiling face as soon as she opens her eyes, evoking memories of last night's sex and planting the "seeds of love" for the next harmonious sex.

There are other factors that can undermine post-mortem warmth. For example, some parts of both partners may become damp after sex, and vaginal discharge or semen may flow onto the sheets. The situation does make one feel uncomfortable. As a result, many couples get up immediately to rinse, wipe the sheets and change the sheets. It is a small but sudden change, which in a moment completely changes the mood, and after which it is difficult for both parties to resume caress. This unpleasant phenomenon is entirely preventable. These problems can be solved by having a small pad and some sanitary pads ready before sex. This preparation is often done by the wife, and it can be done imperceptibly.

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