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Self Healing with Candle Magick

by Diosa Asabi 2 years ago in spirituality

Self Help to Divine Healing

Self Healing with Candle Magick
Healing Candle  

The process of self healing takes on many forms and and turns down many avenues. Ultimately, self healing or self care is listening and having the courage to trust your intuition to help guide you towards the tools necessary for your recovery. Self healing can lead to divine healing. Here in this article I will be guiding you along building your own basic Self Healing Candle. Using candle magick is a beautiful way to light hope and encouragement in one's life, while allowing space to find your own personal power.


  • Yellow/Orange or White Candle
  • Yellow/Orange Roses
  • St. Michael Oil
  • Safety Pin/Thumb Tack/Sharp Tipped Object
  • Healing Stones
  • Dried Herbs (A pinch of Rosemary & Lavender)


  1. Clean your candle with Florida water or Holy water. If all else fails, you can use cold water. This helps remove any energies it's picked up while sitting on the shelf or from being packed.
  2. Use the sharp object to write your name, birthday, and intentions in the candle. You can write as little or as much as there is space on the candle.
  3. Here is where you add the St. Michael's oil. You don't need a lot, you just need enough to help the herbs stick. Adding a bunch of oil makes handling and burning of the candle difficult. *If you do not have the oil asked in this formula, you can use olive oil as a stand in.*
  4. Grab your dried herbs and start crumbling them over the candle. This also includes some of the rose petals. *Save some petals for later.*
  5. Now place your candle inside the candle-holder and surround with remaining petals and healing stones.
  6. Say prayers/wishes/intentions to your candle and light!

With this particular work, you should allow yourself to be guided by intuition to help choose stones and herbs to best assist you. Here are some suggestions you can use on/with your self healing candle:

  • The best time for this candle is on Thursdays between the New Moon and Full Moon.
  • This candle has an affinity with the 3rd Chakra / Solar plexus. (Between bottom of rib cage and belly button.)
  • Relaxing music or meditative tunes.
  • Psalm #6 is a great prayer if your in need of one.
  • Tiger's Eye, Amethyst, and Citrine are all great stones with a healing energy vibe.
  • Additional healing herbs: Calendula, Lemon balm, Thyme and Peppermint.
  • A great healing affirmation: I love me and I choose healing for my heart, body and spirit every day!

Burn Responsibly!! Love and Light!!

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Diosa Asabi
Diosa Asabi
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