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Scrotum Damp And Sweaty? What Are The Causes?

Scrotum Damp And Sweaty

By Amanda ChouPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Scrotum Damp And Sweaty? What Are The Causes?
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Now men's work pressure is relatively large. Many times, after a day's work, the body is tired, and the clothes and trousers may be wet, which can easily lead to some male diseases. The damp and sweaty scrotum is a common condition.

What diseases are related to male scrotal dampness and sweat?

1. Prostatitis: the condition of scrotal dampness is likely to be caused by prostatitis. When men have prostatitis, they will cause autonomic nerve dysfunction and scrotal moisture. Patients only need to treat prostatitis. After the condition improves, the state of scrotal dampness will gradually improve.

2. Varicocele: if the scrotum is wet and has a peculiar smell, it is likely caused by varicocele. This disease can affect sperm production. Many patients with varicocele have infertility. Therefore, after the condition, men should take timely treatment to avoid affecting fertility.

3. Orchitis: orchitis is a common male disease. It also causes damp scrotum and is often accompanied by testicular pain and swelling symptoms. It is generally unilateral pain, manifested as dull pain and traction pain.

In addition, testicular torsion can also lead to scrotal dampness, which is usually caused by strenuous exercise. Some patients will also have symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

When some men are in poor health and often get sick, their spleen function may be insufficient. At this time, their body can not transport the water, and spleen deficiency can easily occur. Of course, people with spleen deficiency will also have a wet scrotum.

The water metabolism in the human body is mainly the lung, spleen, and kidney. Of course, if the spleen is too wet, it will also lead to scrotal dampness. Mainly because the spleen is too wet, the spleen can not transport food and water to all parts of the body, which is also a cause of scrotal dampness.

What should men do if they have a damp scrotum?

1. Keep the scrotum dry and tidy: take a bath with warm water every day. If the skin is prone to sweating, you can sprinkle talcum powder or prickly heat powder on the scrotum, penis, groin, and other parts after bathing. It also inhibits sweating and effectively alleviates sweating and dampness in the scrotum.

Men should avoid long-time sitting for some physiological factors, such as long-term work in a high temperature and high humidity environment, resulting in the long-term wet scrotum. And they should often change underwear, which can effectively solve the problem of the damp scrotum.

2. Improve lousy eating habits: not eating sweaty food, especially spicy food, will lead to a large amount of sweat secretion from the skin, which is also one of the main factors causing scrotal eczema. Therefore, men must pay attention to a light diet and avoid spicy and stimulating food.

3. Don't wear tight inner and outer pants: be careful not to wear tight underwear or jeans. This kind of clothes has poor air permeability and poor heat dissipation. So it will lead to the temperature rise of the scrotum and the secretion of sweat moisture, and cause other skin diseases.

4. Active treatment of prostate diseases: Scrotal dampness is also closely related to prostate diseases, such as prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and so on. Therefore, men must actively treat such conditions.

If it is bacterial prostatitis, antibiotics can be used to resist bacteria, diminish inflammation and alleviate the disease, such as ofloxacin and levofloxacin. Drug sensitivity tests can also be carried out to select suitable antibiotics for treatment, which is helpful for the remission of the disease.

If patients have apparent pain symptoms, they can also use analgesic drugs to alleviate their condition, such as indomethacin, allopurinol, etc.

If it is nonbacterial, men can also choose some natural remedies that can clear away heat, detoxify, soften hardness, and disperse knots, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, to alleviate the condition. The medicine can eliminate damp scrotum and other symptoms. And it can well treat orchitis and other male reproductive system diseases.

As long as the prostate disease is cured, the phenomenon of scrotal dampness and sweat can be improved.

The above are some standard methods to improve male scrotal dampness. In addition, patients with scrotal moisture should also be treated with reasonable drugs. They should not abuse hormone drugs or topical antiperspirant dew to aggravate their condition.


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