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The Perfect Morning Routine

Rise & Grind

We’ve all been there: stressed, depressed, tired, low on motivation. It seems like a never ending cycle, right? We all want to be happy as much as the next person, yet it seems like no matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to make it work which in turn, seems to make us more stressed and depressed — truly a never ending cycle! Or is it?

There is something the most successful and motivated people in this world have in common. What do you think that is? Talent? Luck? Maybe, but not likely. The one thing these people have in common is that they have a morning routine that they stick to every single day.

Now, what works for one person might not work for another. So it’s important to try different things and find what works best for you, but DON’T GIVE UP! I’m about to share with you my morning routine that I’ve developed and continue to do every morning.

First things first, you should begin waking up at least an hour earlier than you’re used to. I know, I know, crazy, right? You might be thinking, “I can’t! I’m already too tired as it is,” or, “I already wake up way too early!” An important caveat to this is to set a bedtime that’s nearly the same time each night. Try to get your sleep schedule on track and get the same amount of sleep each night. If that means going to bed a little earlier, then that’s a sacrifice you should be willing to make — for the sake of your happiness.

The first thing you should do when you get out of bed is to drink a whole glass of water, 8 oz. or more. Something a lot of people don’t realize is that when you wake up, you’re actually slightly dehydrated. You’ve gone 6+ hours without drinking any water, and dehydration equals fatigue. That’s why you might be so tired when you first wake up.

Next, get out of bed and turn on your light. Light awakens our senses and causes us to be a little more alert. That’s why it’s so easy to shut your alarm off and fall back asleep in your warm dark room.

Now whatever you do, DON’T GET BACK INTO BED. You’re more than likely to convince yourself to just fall back asleep. You’re already up and awake, now let’s keep this groove flowing!

Next, you should head into the bathroom. Get them pearly whites clean! Awaken your senses with some minty fresh breath.

If you normally shower in the mornings, hop in the shower. I guarantee you’ll be fully awake at this point. If you don’t shower first thing in the morning, wash your face! You’ll still become just as awake, and besides, being clean is very important.

Now that you’ve got all that out of the way, it’s time to dive into a few more important tasks.

Do some light stretching; stretch your arms, legs, back, any other body parts that may be feeling some tension. It’s very important to stretch every day. A lot of times we just forget about this and neglect our bodies, so time to turn that around!

Next is to do a little bit of meditation. Now I know that’s not something a lot of you have done, or you may be closed minded to it, but once you give it a shot, you’ll realize how important it is. Here are a just a few benefits of meditation: it reduces stress, slows aging, improves concentration, and promotes a healthy lifestyle. It also increases self-awareness, happiness, and acceptance towards yourself, others, and the world around you. I know it can be hard to try something new. So I have attached an article at the bottom of the page on meditation for beginners — just give it a shot!

Reading is very important for increasing our mental capacity. This is also another thing that a lot of us tend to neglect. It seems like since the day we graduated high school or college, we decided to never open another book in our lives. It’s very important to continue learning new things. I prefer reading a lot of self improvement books and books that will help me better myself, but you can choose anything! Aim to read at least 10 pages a day.

Next, find a notepad, or use the notepad on your phone or tablet and sit down at a desk or table. Think about the goals or tasks you want to accomplish for the day and write them down. Also, write down steps you know you need to take in order to accomplish these things. Another thing you can, and should do, is write down some short-term and long-term goals that you want to accomplish in your life and also steps you need to take in that direction. It will help you gain a little more control of your life — both daily life and life in general.

A final step would be to do 10-20 minutes (or more!) of exercise in some way, shape, or form. You can go for a walk, jog, or run. Do some yoga, try some body weight workouts — pushups, sit-ups, pull-ups, etc. Jumprope, squats, lunges, dancing! Change it up! Or even head to the gym if that’s something you like to incorporate in your daily life. Just get your body moving and your heart rate up. I don’t think I need to explain to you the benefits of exercising.

Now I know that may seem like a lot to take in, but it’s actually really simple. So let’s recap!

  1. Wake up (at least an hour earlier than normal)
  2. Drink 8oz+ of water
  3. Turn on your light (and don’t get back in bed!)
  4. Brush your teeth
  5. Wash your face or take a shower
  6. Stretch
  7. Meditate
  8. Read (at least 10 pages) of a book of your choice
  9. Write down goals and plans of action
  10. Do 10-20+ min of exercise

There you have it! A very simple, very effective morning routine that will help you begin to turn your life around! Get ahead of your day and take control of your happiness and success in all aspects of your daily life. Good luck, and enjoy!

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