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Review of the 90-Day Weight-Loss Challenge (Grace Hypnosis)

Weight loss 90 day

By Uttam nandiPublished about a year ago 5 min read
Review of the 90-Day Weight-Loss Challenge (Grace Hypnosis)
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Most people have always found it difficult to lose weight, especially those who find it difficult to construct a suitable workout regimen or a good eating plan. Most people have trouble sticking to restrictive diets, and many of them are unable to exercise sufficiently to lose weight. Many people turn to drastic procedures like surgery or taking drugs with harmful side effects in order to eliminate excess body fat.

What if there was an alternative? Is there a way to reduce weight without going on a crash diet or taking harmful pills? Without putting in hours at the gym just to discover you haven't shed a pound? This study examines a brand-new strategy that promises to help you lose weight and break unhealthy habits in just 12 weeks.

The 90-Day Weight-Loss Challenge is now available.

The 90-Day Weight Reduction Challenge is a weight loss program aimed to help you lose weight by following the 12 steps indicated in a digital ebook written by Grace Smith, the program's creator. This guide is designed to help you reprogram your subconscious mind, upgrade your limiting beliefs, and notice improvements in your body, mind, and emotional states. You will have the confidence and certainty you require to successfully lose weight.

The 12-week hypnosis weight reduction program is designed to help you to use the theory of hypnosis to engage your most powerful tool in the weight loss journey, your subconscious mind. Furthermore, by participating in this program, you will be able to experience and share the weight loss process with other participants, who will assist you in maintaining discipline and motivating you to not give up.

What Is Hypnosis and How Does It Work?

Hypnosis is a natural, comfortable state that, like meditation, puts you in a calm state where you may work on your most essential tasks. When we engage in creative activities that take our full attention, we enter this condition. Hypnosis allows you to access the subconscious mind without resistance by increasing your awareness of the unconscious mind, increasing your sense of suggestibility, and relaxing deeply. Brain wave alterations are possible as a result of this process, which promotes wellbeing and recovery.

Why Doesn't "Fad" Dieting Work?

Dieting does not address the core issues that prevent you from losing weight, thus the creator of this method gives a better option for weight loss foods. Dieting just affects what you eat, not how, why, or how you eat, not your habits or underlying beliefs. Dieting does not address the deeply ingrained dietary habits and beliefs that keep you from changing your behavior, thus you never lose weight.

How to Use This Application

Grace Smith and a group of trained hypnotherapists have created an easy-to-follow program for anyone who wants to harness their brains and subconscious to help them lose weight. The program is broken into 12 pieces, one every week, for a total of 12 weeks, which equals the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge program

.Week 1: Weight Loss Foundations

This week, you'll learn how to chew your food properly and stay hydrated. Examine the fundamentals of weight loss and establish the groundwork for retraining your thinking to eat less without feeling deprived.

Restrictive Beliefs (Week 2)

This week, you'll go deeper into restrictive or restricting beliefs to uncover the hidden and subtle nature of subconscious ideas, such as emotional eating, negative self-talk, carb addiction, and "friends" or family sabotage.

Week 3: Which option is best for you?

It's all about figuring out how to eat or not eat what's best for you, also known as intuitive eating. You'll learn how to eat intuitively, especially when cooking meals and shopping for groceries.

Week 4: Do you want to go to the gym?

It's all about the desire to work out. You'll figure out which exercises your body appreciates the most and then train your subconscious mind to want to perform them every day, forming a healthy habit in the process.

Week 5: The most typical stumbling obstacle

When you're upset, emotional eating traps you into grabbing food. This session will teach you how to recognize your emotional state before you start eating when you're upset.

Week 6: I'm Bored

The program will address the problem of eating when bored. This week, you'll discover how to break your "boredom eating" behaviors and stop eating when you're bored.

Week 7: Congratulations, here's a cookie – or not!

Sugar rewards are bad for your mind and body; this week, you'll discover how to replace food rewards with alternative "feel good" goodies.

Week 8 is all about the triggers.

This week, you'll learn how to deal with the people, locations, and other triggers that make your subconscious feel compelled to eat.

Week 9: Is There Any Such Thing As A Universal Law?

Speak it into existence - this week, you'll look at the law of attraction and how it can help you achieve effective weight loss in a deep, true way

Week 10: Can I stay hidden for another week?

This week, the program's creator allows you to work on managing with the extra attention you can get after losing a lot of weight. Many overweight women, unfortunately, have a history of sexual abuse, which may have contributed to their weight gain. You must overcome your fear of attracting attention in order to achieve long-term weight loss.

Week 11: Self-destructive behavior

After you've achieved your goals, you could experience self-defeating thoughts that try to drag you back into previous habits. This week, you'll learn how to stop thinking negative ideas.

Week 12: Never Stop Loving Yourself

This week, you'll discover how to appreciate yourself in your new body in the long run once you've achieved the desired results.

How to Enroll in the Program

This program is only available through the developer's website. Those interested in participating in the program must pay a one-time charge of $97. A 120-day money-back guarantee is included with this purchase.

Final Thoughts

Anyone looking to lose weight and love themselves may find the 90-day Weight Loss Challenge to be an ideal option. This program is recommended for anyone looking to lose weight without following a restrictive diet plan, as it is backed by therapeutic research and great online customer evaluations.

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