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Reprogramming Adults: A How-To Guide

by writtenwithlove❤️ about a month ago in wellness

Assisting the Mass Awakening of Consciousness in the Human World

Reprogramming Adults: A How-To Guide
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After years of searching for how to help people to become the best version of themselves, finally I have the answers.

And it's both easier and harder than you may think.

I was raised by a family who both encouraged and chastised me into doing better, being better, trying harder, reaching higher. I was quite literally programmed by my parents to continually upgrade my software. I dont know if they would agree with this assessment, but this has been the most engrained lesson that I have carried with me.

For any system to improve, first we must spend time analysing it's current state of function. We must fully understand why it was built to work the way it was and then look closely at where it can be adjusted for optimum benefit to the user. The tricky thing with us humans, however, is that many of us were programmed with generational software laced with traditions and belief systems that are viciously protected by the most powerful defensive mechanisms.

Up until two years ago, I worked in some of the most demanding Mental Health wards in Scotland. I had learned through observation over the years that even those humans who's life outcomes had become so poor due to faulty or dysfunctional programming would cling so tightly to what they had been downloaded onto them. They would venhemently defend belief structures that kept them trapped in a cycle of suffering, even having found themselves committed to an Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit. It baffled me at the time as to why they were not more willing to take onboard new ideas and understandings from those who were living more 'sucessful' lives.

Even outwith the wards I witnessed this same behaviour in other humans. Nurses would gather together on their lunch breaks to criticise and vent about how others weren't as clever, as kind or as hardworking as they. Never seeing the irony in thier conversations or how their lack of communication and understanding towards the person they were angry with was contributing to the situation. It seemed to me that no one was truly solution focussed. Everyone could identify superficial problems, but would then conclude that nothing would ever change.

I eventually decided to escape this strange and toxic environment and broaden my horizons further. I left for India to study Yoga philosophy and asana practice. Having stumbled upon a few undercover PETA documentaries on Youtube one night, I realised that my diet was contributing to a disgusting industry that was inflicting great suffering on sentient animals and I could no longer be part of. I had grown up knowing meat as the main part of any meal, so this was going against my family completely. Vegetarianism began as a moral issue for me, but after a few months (and a weak moment where I consumed a beef burger) I realised how ill I felt after eating meat. This realisation about the effect of food on how I feel was a massive turning point. I had never considered this before. I was taught to eat food for taste and preference, and forcing a few vegetables and fruits into my body every so often. No one had ever suggested to me to link my energy levels, my mood or my emotional health to my diet.

In India I was forced into a new routine of 5am rising (just before sunrise), intense yoga practice (I refer to this time period as the 'Yoga Military School" and long days of study. I would fall into bed exhausted at 10pm often crying. I had no idea at all what was going on with me at this point and no one to turn to with my questions. My UK Mental Health training would tell me I was experiencing depression or a breakdown. It was only through self study that I learned that our bodies store trauma as memory. When we exercise (especially with Yoga), we are releasing these stored memories / traumas with the emotion they are stored with. It is a purgative experience. My gentle home based practice hadn't pushed me hard enough to experience this emotional rollercoaster and I had never heard anyone else speak of this. Imagine how many people who are attempting to get healthy and begin exercising go through this same experience with no understanding of what is happening. Imagine how relieving it would feel to know that this is a normal process, that there is nothing 'wrong' with you and you are not becoming 'bipolar' or 'depressed' as a doctor would label you. Imagine if you were reassured that you just had to ride the wave, stay relaxed, and it would all pass and result in you feeling lighter (energetically speaking) than you have ever felt.

After leaving the Yoga school, I travelled to Sri Lanka to attend a surf camp and subsequently stayed for another three months on the south coast. Everyday I would visit the ocean to surf the endless waves, learning how to read them, how to understand the tides and rips. I learned so much during this time with nature. I learned that on the days I entered the ocean with a calm, clear mind and a grateful heart - the ocean treated me well in return. On the days I felt tired, hungover (I still occasionally drank alcohol back then) or stressed out - I would be tumbled in the natural 'washing machine' of the waves. If my mood was negative, it was as if the ocean was shaking me awake. Punishing me for not maintaining a better vibration. It was the beginning of me opening my eyes to realising that how I felt had a direct impact on my experience of life and my reality.

Fast forward two years. I don't just see a handful of correlations or coincidences like this - I now deeply understand more rules of our existence than ever before. I can see how every decision I ever made, and every influence I ever had has shaped the life that I am living. I am fully understanding of how my breathing, my diet, exercise (or lack of) and time spent in nature and meditation affect / impact my mood. That mood directly impacts my perception and ability to problem solve. If my energy is low and lethargic, life can seem harsh and hopeless. If my energy is high and my heart is grateful - my days are magical. Every choice I make affects my mood and my mood affects my reality. It has taken me 33 years of being programmed poorly, seeking improvement and implementing them to finally understand what many Eastern and ancient philosophies have been teaching for thousands of years. I managed to unlearn my faulty programming and recode my existence. It turns out happiness is a choice. For as much as my past self would have been disgusted with and absolutely reject this next statement; I now see how my old trauma fuelled negative mindset shaped my negative, unhappy reality. My circumstances only began changing once my mindset changed. Once I learned to show and give more love. To give more love, you need energy. If you are wasting your energy on lower emotions, a poor diet and living a sloth like existence, you do not have the energy to fully live in love. Without love, there is no health nor magic in life. Only suffering. It all connects on a profoundly deep level.

I was raised in a society that taught me health is a game of luck. Some are winners and some are losers so it doesn't matter what you do. I recall the adults around me telling me (usually as they puffed on a cigarette) that people live their lives being healthy and still fall ill, so what's the point. "Even the healthiest people get cancer, Kayleigh". For me, they posed a question to seek an answer to. Which is exactly what I spent my lifetime doing. Working in the hospitals showed me pattens in regards to health and disease. Many patterns. Working in a cardiology unit (student nurse placement) gave me the opportunity to speak with the patients there and to learn their stories. Every single patient without exception had recently been through massive trauma and heartache. One woman's adult twin children and husband had died within 2 years of each other. One man's wife had just died. Another was about to lose his house from financial debt and was under incredible stress. Everyone I spoke to had a similar story of suppressed stress, intense pain and an existence of suffering.

Working in mental health wards showed as many patterns. Nursing notes would read about how a patient had a 'supportive family', but upon meeting them I could instantly understand why their child / young adult family member required psychiatric care. It is very common for sensitive people with highly narcissistic families to be made to believe that they have mental health problems. They are in reality, they are living in toxic environments which they would benefit from being removed from and taught to unwind the damage that has been inflicted upon them. What appears 'abnormal' is often in fact a very normal reaction to a highly toxic environment. But here we are in the West labelling these dysfunctional, abusive and toxic families as 'supportive' and medicating the patient, further reinforcing to them that they are they are the problem.

Dementia wards would be filled with patients with extremely poor diets and high stress levels. Cancer wards are typically filled with kind people who have suppressed a lifetime of painful trauma and toxic emotions like shame and anger. There were patterns everywhere that no one else seemed to be piecing together. Even nurses (who were often barely healthier than the patients) would voice their belief that it was all a health lottery. It wasn't so long ago that doctors told my best friend she had an incurable brain tumour and left her terrified and to die (whilst Dundee City Council in Scotland told her she was not "sick enough" to stop working). I diverted my entire world to research at this point. I refused to accept that this was true. I dived into the world of energy work and spiritual healing, fully immersing myself in order to save her. This was three years ago, her cancer is in remission and she is now about to give birth to her first child. Having had the veil of illusion lifted from my eyes I lost all faith in the medical system I had been taught to give respect to. I could talk for hours in depth about the reasons for this and it too would open your eyes.

I sincerely believe that the world is filled with well intentioned but highly misguided people (and this includes doctors, nurses and psychiatrists). Trauma is the real pandemic that has swept across our world. Living in a state of survival mode has become the accepted norm and this is the root of almost all (if not, all) disease and ill health. We have children being born with inherited trauma from parents. We are living on food that no longer contains prana (Life force) energy but instead is packaged in plastic in factories by machines. Even our vegetables and fruits are so mass produced (with a 'perfectionism' demand) that even they have become toxic with pesticides. Shampoos and shower gels are laced with skin irritants to make them look 'foamier', stripping our skin of vital oils, minerals and protection. There seems to be so much blind trust in institutions that people genuinely believe that if it is sold in a supermarket - it cant be that bad.

I began writing all of this in great detail. I began evidence basing what I have written. But there is just so much wrong with this world. We need education. We need to be reprogrammed and we need it fast. But the trouble is, I feel the process is too slow. There is so much information I want to bring together and package neatly for people to hear (and then fact check for themselves). I feel the fastest way to get the much needed messages of help out there is through a podcast.

I am so passionate about health and healing and I am compelled to share all that I have learned with everyone willing to listen.

My name, Kayleigh, means "Keeper of the Keys". I feel that my parents made no mistake made in naming me this - even if superficially it was because my mum liked a song by the band Marillion! I have spent a lifetime gathering keys to unlock doors for myself and those around me and now I wish to give them all away to as many people as I can. If I am able to make a small income to sustain my existence whilst doing so, this means I could dedicate my time fully to saving people from suffering. Every single day I see the suffering in the eyes of all around me. What is more painful is that I am filled with answers that would save people from their suffering. But to talk to people one on one is costly and time consuming. The movement must be bigger and I must reach people on a wider scale.

I see a world of people in so much pain who have no understanding of how to unlock it. I want to empower them to understand that their health is 90% within their control (I'm leaving a generous 10% to environment, but it could be argued that this is also within our control!). We all like to believe we are unique individuals, and in all honesty - we are to some degree. But beneath our uniqueness we are all very much the same. We all have the same basic needs and if those needs go unmet then imbalance is created within us. Prolonged imbalance causes ill health & disease.

The time we are moving into calls for a new program. A program that will elevate humanity from a place of suffering to a place of wellness. I have the coding. I know I can break through even the toughest defence mechanisms in people if I am given a platform. This is what I intend to create. It may be through this. Or it may be another way. What I do know is that I will not give up trying.

For how can any one person be truly happy when so many are suffering? It is impossible. This is what drives me, this is my passion. I want to be happy. To live a life of joy, love and creation with the strength to endure loss. There is nothing else more important in life than life itself. We are supposed to spend it living, not slowly dying. And there is a formula. There is a formula to it all.

So what is my passion? It is for human beings to be alive and living in wellness and experiencing love. True love. Not this attachment or "tough love" that is currently being mislabelled as love on an worldwide scale.

Why should you care?

How could you not?

This is about your life. My life. This is about everybody's lives.

So I ask, willl you help me to reprogram your brain into health, wealth and happiness?

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