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remedies for physical weakness, ayurvedic and home

No matter how much money a person has, but if his body is not healthy then everything is useless. Unfortunately, there are many states in our country where people are found to be malnourished. Due to this problem, sometimes underdeveloped or deformed babies are also born. Physical weakness breaks a person's self-confidence and hinders him to lead a normal life.

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due to physical weakness

Due to lack of essential nutrients in the body, the body can become weak. Weakness can occur in the body even after being harassed by worry and fear. This problem can happen even if you do not eat well. Weakness occurs even after diarrhoea, vomiting. Holding the natural velocity i.e. stool and urine can also be the reason for weakness.

A strong and strong body is the biggest asset of a human being. A balanced diet, regular exercise and a worry-free life keep the body healthy. If a person has a complaint of physical weakness, then such a person can lead a healthy life by making the body healthy by taking the help of Ayurvedic treatment.

Ayurvedic and home remedies to remove physical weakness

1. Drinking fresh tomato soup increases appetite, and the lack of blood in the body is removed. This remedy also removes physical weakness. Redness comes on the face by drinking tomato soup.

2. Consuming coffee removes mental stress, and the body also feels fresh. Drinking coffee after a meal makes the stomach feel lighter. Small stomach upsets also get removed by drinking coffee.

3. Drinking milk brings strength to the body, to remove impotence, drinking saffron milk during the winter season increases male power. And after having sex, drinking almond milk removes fatigue and weakness. (Grind three to four almonds in the milk and add it).

4.To remove muscle weakness, take some salt and mix it in cold water and then massage the whole body with that solution. By doing this remedy, the muscles of the body will get relief.

5. Eating ripe phalsa is beneficial to overcome the weakness of the dhatu. Grinding poppy seeds in honey and consuming it every day ends the problem of weakness of the body.

6. To remove the weakness arising in the body after illness, making a decoction of neem bark and drinking it is beneficial. Consuming Gulkand of Padal flowers is a great remedy to remove weakness.

7. Native dates are power boosters. By removing the seeds of date palm and filling butter in dates, eating it makes the body strong.

8. To increase semen, to increase new blood in the body, to make the body energizing and to remove weakness, eight to ten dates should be eaten regularly every day. And half a glass or a cup of milk should be drunk over dates.

9. Marmalade of peepal leaves is beneficial to remove physical weakness. The body gets strength even after eating good quality walnut kernels.

10. To overcome the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body, salad of rebel lettuce leaves should be eaten with food. Swallowing whole flaxseeds with a glass of milk every day also removes the weakness of the body. This experiment can also be done twice a day, but start with once.

11. Carrot pudding is a power booster. By drinking carrot juice, the fat in the body increases. A lean and weak person should consume carrots every day.

12. Consuming green fenugreek daily removes the weakness of the body. Especially a woman who has had an abortion, the problem of lack of blood and weakness in the body is common, at such a time, the daily consumption of green fenugreek gives strength to the body and also increases the blood in the body.

13. Every day in the morning after eating sweet mango (sucking the juice) and drinking dry milk on it, the body becomes strong. It would be better to drink milk after heating it with dry ginger and dry dates. Drinking mango juice mixed with milk increases semen, removes physical weakness.

14. Eating a banana with milk every morning gives strength to the body. Taking milk and banana together increases both fat and strength in the body. A lean person must do this easy way to gain weight and gain strength.

15. Pomegranate purifies the blood. Pomegranate should also be consumed to keep the blood circulation going smoothly in the body. By eating peas, there is an increase of flesh and blood in the body. Eating peanuts also increases fat in the body and also brings strength.

16. Eating coconut also makes the body fat. Coconut is also a power booster. By consuming coconut, the hair also becomes strong and thick black. Thirty to fifty grams of coconut should be eaten once or twice a day.

17. Eating ghee daily also increases weight. Sugar and ghee should be mixed and consumed.

18. Digestive power increases by eating sugarcane. The heat of the stomach goes away. The body gets strength. And the body becomes strong.

19. Take ten grams each of nutmeg and mace and mix fifty grams of ashwagandha in it. Taking this mixture twice a day with a spoonful of milk gives strength to the body and increases blood flow.

20. Taking two grams powder of Vidhara with fresh milk mixed with sugar (mishri) twice a day ends weakness of the body.

21. Soak fifty-fifty grams of camphor, bass, almonds and cardamom seeds and filter all these things. And then grind all these finely with fifty grams of pistachios and cook them in two liter of milk on low flame. When a thick halwa-like mixture is ready, add twenty grams of silver work to it. Take ten to fifteen grams of this prepared substance per day. With this treatment, the body will become fit and the eyesight will also increase.

22. The paste of cashew milk is the best remedy to remove the weakness of the feet. A paste of cashew milk should be applied on the feet two to three times a day.

23. Consuming a perennial herb with circa and cumin seeds removes the weakness of the body.

24. Weakness is removed by taking the solution of The Eternal Root with Vaidang. This experiment should be done twice a day. Twenty to twenty five grams of the prepared mixture should be taken at a time.

25. To increase sexual power and remove weakness of the body, consuming makhana kheer every day is beneficial.

26. Taking Gugul with ghee or honey makes the body strong. Taking five to ten grams juice of root of Oont katara with honey twice a day ends weakness of the body. And the body becomes energetic.

27. Dried grapes are powerful. Weakness is removed by consuming dry grapes twice a day. Peppermint, rich in vitamin E, prevents the body from becoming lethargic and weak. And mint gives strength to the nerves of the body.

28. Taking red cheetah with honey twice a day ends weakness of the body. By doing this, the body becomes energetic and agile. (Keep the quantity of red cheetah two grams).

29. After boiling milk, sarkara and mui hive, take it after it cools down a bit, it ends weakness of the body.

30. Grind the inner part of the white petha seeds and roast that flour in ghee, mix some sugar in it and make laddoo of this prepared substance. and consume daily. By doing this, the body will become strong and weakness will be removed.

31. Mixing black pepper powder in honey and consuming it every day will strengthen the nerves of the body. Massaging the oil of Nirgundi removes the weakness of the feet.

32. Grind 100 to 150 grams coriander and boil it in water. When this solution remains as much as 25%, then take it off the fire. Consuming this thick mixture regularly removes mental weakness. Colds are removed, and the decrease in eyesight is removed.

33. Drinking buttermilk does not cause intestinal disease. Digestive power increases. Mixing black pepper and salt in buttermilk and drinking it gives great benefits to the body. Drinking buttermilk keeps the stomach clean and keeping the stomach clean does not cause diseases. And there is no weakness.

34. Urad is heavy to digest, but is a power booster. Soak urad dal at night and then grind it in the morning and mix it with 1 teaspoon of desi ghee and half a teaspoon of honey and eat it, the body becomes strong. Milk mixed with sugar (mishri) should be drunk after eating this substance. Eating urad dal along with the skin increases fat in the body. And the weakness goes away.

Note: We believe that you can solve this problem by adopting measures to remove physical weakness. Ayurvedic treatment is a great and simple solution, but still consult your doctor before trying “any” type of treatment. Be sure to take advice.

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