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Raw Mondays for a Month

by Mia J. Mitchell 2 years ago in diet
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Raw Mondays for a Month
Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

Excerpt from the book and community college course: Raw Mondays for a Month, by: Mia J. Young, RN (This will be a 5 part series...)

Introducing... Raw Food Monday's!

Welcome to Raw Monday's 4 a Month. This program was prepared for those who are wanting to consciously eat more raw vegan, healing food and for those who want a slow introduction into Raw Veganism. This program is four weeks long and is set to move the student, slowly, into eventually eating 100% Raw vegan for an entire day.

This workbook will be set up in four sections:

Monday #1: 25% Raw Vegan

Monday #2: 50% Raw Vegan

Monday #3: 75% Raw Vegan

Monday #4:100% Raw Vegan

You will be instructed on what to eat, how to plan your day and will be given sample food and grocery lists, needed to fulfill your RAW requirement, for each Monday. The goal of this program is to teach you that you CAN go a whole day without eating cooked food or meat products, and enjoy it!

Why Are We Trying to Eat More Raw Food?

Before we get started, maybe we should get a quick overview of WHY we are trying to add more raw vegan food to our diets. Check out this list of what raw, plant based foods can do for you and then we will head into the program next week!

A raw diet is the ideal weight loss diet

Disease Prevention and Super Health: Many diseases and illnesses have been healed within a relatively short period of time.

Anti-Aging: You can look, feel, act and move as if you were years younger. You may never need to go to a doctor again.

Some of the diseases that have been documented to be cured by raw foods include:


Heart Disease







You can clear up all sinus problems and start breathing incredibly deep and satisfying breaths

A lot of people have improved their eyesight and got rid of their glasses

You can lower your cholesterol

You can become really resistant to colds, flues and bio-terrorism

You can eliminate infections naturally without antibiotics

You can dramatically strengthen your Immune System

You can have lower blood pressure

You can get rid of your allergies

You can experience increased energy levels

You can get in good athletic shape without exercising

You can increase your aerobic fitness

You can dramatically lower your body fat

You can recover from exercise sessions quicker

You can decrease physical injuries due to exercise

You can be more competitive at a much older age

You can increase your Reaction Speed

You can acquire incredible physical endurance

You can increase your Agility

You can develop Greater Strength

You can increase your Tolerance to Heat

Spiritual, Mental and Emotional Health

You can feel vibrantly happy from the cellular level

You can overcome laziness and get much more work done

A raw food, live food diet has made many people more efficient simply because they feel like working. They are enjoying their lives more than ever and their thinking is crystal-clear. It opens up new levels of energy for achievement of your most important goals.

You can dramatically increase your level of spiritual awareness.

You can increase your creativity and intelligence.

You can defeat Depression and Moodiness.

You can eliminate Mental Fog.

Just to name a few........... Let's do this, shall we?

Next week we will start with Monday #1: 25% Raw Vegan!


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Mia J. Mitchell

Writing is my breath~ I write in every spare moment I have... blogs, books, short stories... I can't NOT write!



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