Nutritional Supplements for Optimal Health

Your body needs vitamins and minerals to function, and if you're not getting them you won't be able to perform your best.

Nutritional Supplements for Optimal Health

Everyone has heard the term "you are what you eat", but it's never been more important than it is today. Your body needs vitamins and minerals to function, and if you're not getting them you won't be able to perform your best. Ideally you would get all of your daily recommended vitamins from food. However, that's not always possible. In today's frenetic environment it can be hard to get high quality, unprocessed foods. Many people take nutritional supplements to ensure they get their essential daily vitamins, but it can be hard to choose the right one with so many options. Fortunately, there are guidelines to help you choose a supplement that would work best for you.

Supplement Ingredients

Some of the most common ingredients you want to look for include calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E. Depending on your personal health needs, there may be others that you need. Some supplements include additional natural herbs that have specific health benefits that may help support your individual health goals. If you continually feel tired, you may want to find something that provides extra energy, such as green tea. Green tea has also been known to help boost metabolism, so if you're trying to lose a few pounds this might be a good option for you. If you have a weakened immune system, Echinacea has proven helpful. If you have any concerns about what kinds of ingredients would work best for you, you should consult with your doctor.


You've probably heard about superfoods, but do you know what they are? Superfoods are usually plants, but also some types of fish and dairy, that are nutritionally dense. They contain a high level of nutrients like antioxidants that can help prevent disease. Some are also high in fiber which helps with digestion and possibly even help prevent diabetes. Other foods are high in fats which has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease. Some of the most popular superfoods include blueberries, kale, salmon, nuts, seeds, beans, and squash. Again, it can be hard to get these kinds of foods into your diet on a regular basis. This is why some people have chosen to take things such as a green superfood powder that can be added to a morning smoothie.


Everyone needs to be getting their essential daily vitamins, but in addition to that you may want to consider taking a probiotic. Probiotics are a bacteria that is naturally found in your digestive tract. These bacteria help support healthy digestion and they help your body absorb the nutrients you need to function at your best. They can also aid in fighting infection. Probiotics can also help boost metabolism and increase energy levels. Some of them can also help balance hormones and also assist with weight regulation.

B-Vitamin Complex and B-12

The B-vitamin complex is several different types of Vitamin B, but they are usually taken together. These have been known to help break down micronutrients and increase overall energy levels. These vitamins have shown to increase your energy, especially vitamin B-12. B-12 is often taken on its own because it helps support your body's nerves and blood cells. It can also help create DNA and some weight loss experts prescribe B-12 injections because they say it can boost not only energy, but also metabolism. If you've been feeling week or fatigued, you might want to talk to your doctor about a B-vitamin complex supplement.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is another popular supplement, that will most likely need to be taken on its own. It contains omega 3 fatty acids, and those are only found naturally in fish. Scientists have been able to demonstrate that omega 3 fatty acids help maintain a healthy heart and can also support a high functioning brain. Fish oil also helps reduce inflammation.

There are literally hundreds of different vitamins to choose from, but you want to choose the ones that will support your individual needs.

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