Nature Reminds Us

by Robin Searcy 2 months ago in spirituality

Notes from the commuter rail

Nature Reminds Us
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You know when you have a thought?


A whole philosophy lesson in your mind about something?

Just randomly?

You work it all out in your head, to yourself of course. You are so entrenched in the moment and then minutes, or hours later you realize you didn’t record any of it?

In fact-egotistically, you thought you would remember all of the hard-hitting points? As though something would drum up every detail you crafted from that exact moment? You would totally recall everything. It would flow so easily to you as it did when it first was given to you.

Well friends, I didn’t remember the epic flow of my philosophical life lesson. But none of that matters now.

Here we go. Off top.

Always Returning to Spirit

I was on the commuter rail on the way to a friend’s home in autumn of last year.

-Yes people, write or record your thoughts in that moment if you are able. Lesson number 1.

The trees were turning from yellow to reds to deep plum purples. Some of which had yet to make the shift. I always loved watching nature transition from each season.

It reminds me to stay in the present moment. As soon as it is too cold, we complain and wish for the heat. When it is 98 degrees, we are over agitated. There seems to be some solace in the less extreme seasons of fall and spring. Unless you are in Massachusetts and spring is well, undecided.


I noticed how the color sequence seemed almost, purposeful.

Observing each of the colors, I was reminded of the chakras. Chakras are energy fields assigned to certain areas of the body along the spine. They typically align with health and metaphysical matters. Some speak of chakras as being blocked or open. For example, if your throat chakra is blocked, you may have trouble speaking your truth or experience a tightness in your throat.



It almost seemed like the colors mimicked the flow of the chakras.

The chakras are shown to flow from root or base to the crown and beyond (in an evolving or regressive motion). That is illustrated in a rainbow pattern:

Red-Root (base of your spine)

Orange-Sacral (pelvis area)

Yellow-Solar Plexus (stomach area)


Light Blue-Throat

Darker Blue-Third Eye (in the middle of your eyebrows)

Purple-Crown (Top of the head)

This makes sense. The root is the foundational structure. As you heal and open up and through each chakra, you ascend to the next level (queue Avatar the Last Airbender). If you have no idea as to what I am talking about, check out this video. There are others on chakra work as well. But I like this one and also, watch the show. #watertribebutIalsoliketheelementoffire #allareconnected

But as I was looking at the colors, I thought that they showed something a little bit different.

Naturally as nature transitions into each season, the ecosystems adjust to the demands of the season. Summer is vibrant, lively, full. Autumn is cool, calm, collected.

Looking at the colors, and because of science, they too showcase that story-

Life to death.

Our attention is drawn toward the spring and summers. The colorful plant life, the greens of the trees-all a very clear sign of new life, the heartbeat of the year. As we check along the chakra energies, we are directly in the middle of the flow, the heart chakra (Green). Traditionally, the energies will (or should) continue upward toward the highest point of the crown chakra-cosmic connection, and flow deeper into Source (sometimes shown as a white energy). This would look like going from July to January versus July to December.

Nature's transition reflects how the energy flows back down to the root chakra (summer changing to autumn). Trees turn from greens (heart) to yellows (solar plexus) to oranges (sacral) to reds (root). Life is winding down. We move into our quintessential fall activities of baking apple cider everything to hayrides at the pumpkin patch! Thus moving us into the hibernation of the winter.


The deep purple colors.

The reds turned into those purples, just before they die.

Again, purple is our crown chakra. Further into the depths of Spirit.

The chakra system is detailed more linear, flowing up and down depending on life happenings and healing efforts.

But nature presents a more cyclical motion. A flow to and from or with Spirit versus just starting at the root and ascending upward, hoping that nothing irritates any of the previous chakras for more healing work.

Reds, purples-stillness, death.

Nature shows us that as we move into our “winter”, out of the height of what we have deemed life to look like (spring/summer), we go back to our roots. We go back to Spirit.

Our winters may look like griping about the cold or indulging in the fairy lights and hot chocolate (I do, don’t know about you). Though there is no escape in the winter. We hunker down, we rest, we cozy up, we reflect, we tap in.

As we reconnect, realign ourselves with Source, as we dig back into our peace, our truth, we allow for a rebirth. We can shed off old skin, dead weight, and welcome in a new year with potentially new opportunities. We are revived and we reawakened. We can transition back into life, into our spring (if you are in Mass, we get a little extra time to reconnect).

Life can be reimagined. Nature is restored. Our views are painted with color and shades greens and the heat begins to wake us up.


I feel that we are never not connected to Spirit (well most of us).


Though in the slickest of ways, nature shows us, demands for us to always return back to Source. We root down to reemerge. To plunge into our inner knowing, to speak our recovered truths and rush to share with one another.

Then the time to reset begins again. As we flow back to and through our foundation to Source.

Nature reminds us that is always begins and ends with Source.

Robin Searcy
Robin Searcy
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