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by andre medy 10 months ago in organic

Cottonwood bud oil is very effective for relieving pain and inflammation in swollen joints, carpal tunnel and muscles. Massage the oil or salve into the affected area 3x/day.

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The body is a magnificent machine and is meant to be exploited tremendously until it fails.

Unfortunately, when it's too late, it doesn't always send obvious signs of violence. Too many people think it's all part of the normal aging process to have heart disease, asthma, diabetes, and obesity. It's our lack of exercise and awful diet, however, which speeds up our aging and causes us to get sick before our period.

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We still have those among us, despite the change, who believe the "old fashioned" ways or goods are better. It has to be said that they are right in certain cases. Unfortunately, some of this old fashioned wisdom vanishes with each passing generation.

Progress is so modern and so profoundly a part of our everyday lives that we often fail to realize that we, ourselves, do not keep up with what is happening. Stuff that we would have considered very new because just a few years ago we experienced their formation could be "old fashioned" for high school students now.

A medication that may have been common for disease in 1986 could be totally outmoded in 2006 in the medical world. Today, even medical advances from the 1990s may be old-fashioned.

However, a great number of home remedies for many diseases have managed to remain alive over the years, and for generation after generation. In each nation around the globe, they have been passed down from elders to young people. Many of them are remarkably comparable, although they may have arisen among entirely alien cultures on separate continents.

This field of medicine is sometimes referred to as "folk medicine." At one point or another, few individuals would have failed to come into contact with this word. The "old fashioned remedies, the cure that "Grandma used" are usually folk medicines; the wisdom of the oldster who remembers when "My old friend Betty would have died if they had not used that old remedy! Yeah, sir, the doctor also had to admit that it succeeded.

A revival in folk medicine seems to be happening occasionally. As more people are becoming interested, we seem to be experiencing such a time now, not just about the high cost of medication but also about the growing discoveries of side effects. Nature has given us, with little to no side effects, many natural remedies.

Basically, herbs, food, oils, minerals, and components found in every household are closely connected with most folk medicine. Folk medicine techniques and methodology are particularly adaptable to home use.

How many of these medicines and therapies emerged and why they became popular is not difficult to understand. The results of experience and need were among settlers and communities where doctors were few and far between or nonexistent medical aids. Individuals used what they had at hand. Sometimes, our most modern medical professionals still use what they "had at hand."

Many individuals believe herbal medicines to be healthy because they are 'normal,' but this is not actually so. Many plants, when taken by susceptible individuals, are toxic or may have severe side effects or offer allergic reactions. Bee pollen is one such event. Just as you can be allergic to bee stings without knowing it (if you’ve never been stung) so an allergy to bee pollen may also be present. While many herbal concoctions can be useful,

We suggest finding a Homeopathic Doctor that balances the need for medication with a change in lifestyle and diet as a part of your overall game plan to get back on the road to better health.

>> The Forgotten Power of Plants Most Powerful Home Remedies

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