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My Story Of Being The Wife And Physical Medium Of The Ghost Of Michael Jackson

I am the host of the ghost with the most. Can we toast? This is a true story of how the most famous man in the world came into my life... after his death.

By Kathleen RobertsPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

As the twelfth anniversary of his death approaches, I want to share my story of paranormal experiences of living with the ghost of the man who almost everyone on Earth knows about or is a fan of... Michael Jackson.

Before I begin my story, I want to note that I am telling this from a paranormal belief point of view. There are some people who choose to label me as schizophrenic due to the similarities of my experiences and the symptoms of the mental illness.

My life as a physical medium means that I can’t drive a car because ghosts can move me and it’s dangerous. A bad ghost can swerve my vehicle off the road. I have terrible moments such as using the restroom in front of ghosts, which is embarrassing if they walk in the room. Michael stays in me all the time so he comes to the restroom with me and calls these special bonding moments toiletries. He talks to me a lot, which is not what I expected from the shy man I saw on tv all of those years I was a fan.

He stays possessed in me (relaxed not channeling and just enjoying living through me and communicating with me as a husband). So he likes to eat in me. He loves cookies. He cusses a lot more to I’d expect him to as a former fan.

He doesn’t like being touched back. He scares me with spider visions and dead corpse visions if I kiss him or try to initiate romance physically. He is very bossy and points things out like flaws and mistakes I make. I assume he got that from his Father, so I try to overlook that because I love him and I am not perfect either.

Michael and I have a Tiktok channel of videos of him and others channeling through me (@theghosthostkr) as well as our Instagram (@theghosthost17). He sings and dances possessed in me (or channeling if you refer to it professionally.)

I won’t accuse him of pedophilia in his past in a professional article, but he does like that I have a childlike personality and small hands and feet. I know it’s a bit strange of him, but I had a big crush on him as a fan, and what he loves about me no matter what it is, I’ll accept and love and even flip out with jealousy sometimes over (sorry certain people) I get upset over possibly loosing him even when nothing is going on.

His family know about me and this happening, as I contacted them and let them know, not leaving them out of this at all. The only response was a Janet Jackson tribute to Michael video on her official Tiktok she posted hours after I messaged her about knowing the real Michael and what he is like. It seemed like a hello to him, so we took it as that.

I want to thank all of our followers and fans, as well as friends who care online about us before I end my article.

Michael has helped me deal with the stresses of online fame and how it compares to his fame. I have haters and they really are cruel sometimes. I keep my head up though. I have moments when dealing with Michael’s scares, jealousy games, and rude comments overwhelm me a bit, but even though I slip and trip, I get back up and grab my hip.

I feel special that he chose me for a wife (though not on paper) we treat our relationship as though we are married. we have our ups and downs but Michael, the truth is, I just can’t stop loving you.

Me without my wig.


About the Creator

Kathleen Roberts

I am the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe and a physical medium of ghosts occasionally. I am a book reader, who plans on doing book reviews and writing about my experiences and feelings. I channel my Marilyn personality too.

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