My sometimes Yoga Routine

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My sometimes Yoga Routine

My Sometimes Yoga Routine

Yes, you read that right. This is about my sometimes yoga routine. I do enjoy yoga when I am doing it. After a while, I get bored with it and begin to make excuses to not do it. The longest I have done my routine is for 3 weeks. This is probably why I am not very advanced in yoga considering I have been reading about it and doing it on and off for over 20 years. If I practiced more and longer than my 3 weeks, I am sure I would be more advanced in it. I started my on again off again yoga routine back in 2002 when I was still living at home and I bought my first yoga book. Yoga Handbook by Noa Belling is the very first book that I had owned about yoga. Now many, many years later I have 3 more books and a kindle subscription, I also use U tube to watch the poses being done. I watch so that I have a better understanding of the pose that I would like to do.

I can do the forearm stand or headstand supported with my forearms, but that is as far as I can get with balancing on my head. I am getting better or was getting better at the Lord of the Dance, I can hold the poses longer now then I could when I first started to do yoga. I like doing the Plow, and downward dog. These have been apart of my routine for years until I changed this time and left them out. I am thinking of changing again and putting them back in. After my months-long Hiatus from yoga, I find that I am not able to hold the poses as long as I could before I stopped doing yoga. It takes about a week for me to get back to where I was. Of course, my muscles hurt again.

I have started a couple of new routines. I have my 6 in the morning wake up routine that lasts a half hour and I have my 2 in the afternoon I need an energizing work out to get out of my afternoon I need a nap moment. I have been doing these routines for 2 days and I am not sure I like my new routines. I am ok with not liking my new routines. I will just look for new poses and go from there. I have never had a yoga class. I just look at U tube and watch people do the poses and then try it. I don’t like the idea of exercising in front of people I don’t know. I don’t like excursing in front of people that I do know. I often change up my routine when I get back into yoga.

I have my favorite poses and there are poses that I would like to try. Some of the poses that I like but haven’t tried are ones that I can’t achieve yet. For example, handstands, my arms are not yet strong enough to do that pose yet. I am sure that if I practiced it enough, I would be able to achieve this pose in time. I think another of my issues with the handstand is that I am a little afraid of doing it. I am afraid of falling on my head and cracking it open. I don’t like the idea of getting hurt. All the poses that I do I can do with relative ease and I know that even if I can’t hold the pose, for instance, the Lord of the Dance. I can do this pose but I can’t hold it for long and when I stumble out of it, I don’t feel like I am at risk of hurting myself badly. I am not sure why I can’t hold this pose for long. I stand on one leg while I am cooking, and I don’t hold anything for balance when I do that.

I like to work on my balance and flexibility and in my past routines, I have focused on this. I also like to do poses that help alleviate symptoms of PMS. I have read in my sources that you shouldn’t practice during that time of the month, and I am not sure why you shouldn't. In the books that I read, they never explained why, and I haven’t googled the reason. The new routines that I do are more about waking up and being refreshed so that might be why I am not liking them as much as the routines that I have done in the past. I always read on the poses and what they are beneficial for before I do them.

I do know the longer that I practice yoga the better at holding the position I will be. Its one of those practice makes perfect kind of things. If any of you have any thoughts on what poses I should do I am open to your thoughts.

By Natosha J Selsky

Natosha J Selsky
Natosha J Selsky
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