My Perks of being quarantine.

by Cerra White 2 months ago in humanity

14 Day Quarantine,At Home. Help Stop Virus From Spreading.

My Perks of being quarantine.

Being quarantined has it perks. Well for me it does. You see, I am what they call an ambivert. That means I fall in the middle of extrovert and introvert. I pull energy from both personality types. For example, I really enjoy working with people (Associate Teacher here) and being around people; like my students, friends, and best of all, my family. However, dealing with people can be mentally, and sometimes physically draining, depending on the kind of work you do. As people, we need and require so much, and working Monday through Friday, for seven to eight hours per day; with people is more than enough time to learn and determine that dealing people is exhausting.

Think about it, you work with a variety of people who have different personalities. They all require different things, and at times it can get messy. Conflicts, and clashes of personalities, ugh. It all can just become way too much to deal with sometimes, on the regular. Needless to say, I for one pick and choose who I engage with at work and who to avoid. No one wants to engage and chop it up with someone who constantly complains about the things going wrong in their lives (avoid those people). We all have some kind of crap that we dealing with on home front, don’t really want to hear someone’s problems. They will drain the energy of joy right out of you.

So being in Northern California San Francisco Bay Area, during this lockdown in place is not so bad. I currently can’t go work due to high risk of exposure to and spreading of the Coronavirus. Thus, I’m being paid to be at home and to comply with the regulation of the stay at home quarantined. Unlike, most businesses, I can’t work from home. I work with children on the autism spectrum, moderate to severe and most of our kids aren’t able to use or maneuver class instruction through a computer or laptop. So we sent home packages of work for our students, two weeks’ worth of work for them to do. Hopefully, parents and guardians are able to motivate and encourage our students to do the work that they do have, while they are tucked away at home.

However, they will need more work soon. So the semi-private organization I work for is currently brainstorming creative ways for us to teach our students remotely. There has even been a few suggestions and a conversation going around that our administrative team are looking to have staff go up to the school’s campus to create more work packages for our students to do at home. I’m not sure how that will unfold. Hopefully, someone will sanitize the campus, prior to staff arriving.

Nevertheless, this lockdown has been okay. I’m able to sleep in past 7 o'clock, all the way until the mid or late afternoon if I choose to (I’m a big fan of sleep). I don’t have to worry about my bills, I have income coming in to cover that. Thankfully, grocery stores are open and are stocking the shelves with food and essentials. So I’ve been able to go out shopping to gather what I need. My family lives out of State, so I don’t have to be bombarded with the needs of others. No official work duties at the moment. So that means more time for me to rest, and to connect spiritually to “the divine”. I want to use this time to learn how to be present in the moment, and not so much wrapped up in my head.

Cerra White
Cerra White
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