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My Path To Mindful Zen and The Happiest Person in The World

by Sigmund Carlson 2 years ago in spirituality
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Madrid, spring 2018, my life was about to change

A regular mindfulness practice into nature is essential for well being. The picture took place in Sigüenza's Nature Park.

A new life

Mario Puig, a neurologist expert in Mindfulness, gave a seminary in Madrid. Gazing in the room, I saw a place full of souls wishing to achieve peace of mind.

"It's not for me," My first thought was clear. How a type-A person, always overthinking, could meditate?.

When all started, Mario's voice changed all. The first lesson was straightforward: if you want to be your best self, you need to quiet your mind. Mario focused on the origins of Buddha and the will of Alexander the Great. At this moment, the atmosphere was pure. After months, my lips smiled.

But, we didn't need to go 4500 years in the past. Right now, a man lives in continuous joy with little things. How is that even possible? Don't we need gadgets? Matthieu Ricard doesn't need it. His mind provides all. Mario met Mattieu and described beautiful anecdotes. And this quote struck my mind:

"If your mind is filled with benevolence, you know, the passion and solidarity… this is a very healthy state of mind conducive to flourishing,"

Matthieu Ricard

These two, benevolence and solidarity were the path, not only my desires.

Learning Mindfulness

After two hours, the bet was yet to come: Matthieu shocked scientists! We could maintain the left part of the brain over-activated for years. It was unbelievable: a French Buddhist monk puzzled scientists. Science looked closer at Matthieu's mind for 12 years. He was happy full-time.

We couldn't ask for more. Knowing there is a way to enjoy life without all the material. After our initial shock, Mario put on their matt. We did a mindfulness meditation altogether! Words aren't enough to explain this sensation.

At the begging, I asked, what's the point?. After ten minutes, my emotions arouse. We practiced for two days in a row. However, our minds were asking for more. The two days passed in a blink. Joy is forever.

But my mind couldn't process how a person out of material could be so happy. I wondered in no time. The lessons continued with zen meditation. Mario remarked that zen practice is related to their roots, meaning the sacred books, and Hindu origins.

Eastern wisdom is the most ancient in the world. You can see traces of its thinking in Greek philosophy. Nietzsche also admired the System.

Mario put some tricky questions on the table. For example, are we making the world a better place? We got a fresh look at the traditions and the actual Western proximity to Dharma. It's not casual, we are asking for answers.

When the conferences finished, I had new feelings. It gave me fresh eyes to see the world. But how approach regular meditation?.

Developing a personal practice: the sacred books

All changed when I dived into Mario's books and talks. He is the essence of generosity. His YouTube channel is a continuous life lesson. After hours of videos, I took the zen path. Also, I make peace with myself.

But if I aspired to achieve peace of mind, I needed books according to my level. The first sources of Hindu philosophy were the answer. It came in the form of a miracle book: The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice. After a slow read, I started to do Yoga and Zen ten minutes daily. To transcend your mind, you need more than meditation and Yoga. If you want to take the next step, the in-depth reading of sacred texts is crucial. Ten minutes of reading The Heart of Yoga can do more for your life than Netflix.

I overthought a lot. My monkey-mind whispered, and focus was impossible. When Yoga and Hindu philosophy grew in my life, new wisdom became available.

If you read the sacred texts and meditate, your mind change, and it opens some gates closed before. It allows yourself way ahead of any limit.

Remember: you have to ask the right questions to get the correct answers. You need to put in danger beliefs and dogmas.

True happiness and mind levels

Maybe, being happy it's not what you think. It's not a continuous high. Tough times are always there. The difference is now you have the most potent tool: clarity.

Free from dogmas, answers rushed to your mind like mana. This freedom is happiness, not to sink into your grief.

An example is the Buddha. He reached the fourth state of mind: Suriya. The supreme peace. This state of awareness transcends all the world. He attained pure knowledge.

All I've learned about Buddha was clarity. He transcended his monkey-mind and made a revolutionary discovery: 99% of the time, you are suffering for things that never happened. 4500 years ago. Incredible.

Although paths are always different for anyone, it deserves a try. Believe me.

The key is trying your best and fell something new. Mario and Matthieu were an example. Eating an apple can fulfill your life more than a Ferrari. It all depends on your perceptions.

Would you like to accept the challenge?

Final thoughts

Thanks to Mindfulness, I've been able to cope with the pandemic, finish my degree, start a work-out routine, get sober (for one year and a half), and to develop a real sense of peace.

I'm lucky. I have all I need: a curious mind. Also, a lesson learned. Happiness comes step by step.

With an open mind and an honest approximation, all is possible.

More information:

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Doctor Puig'sPuig's Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFWZd7bVXbuVmTOl3nqVeTg


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Sigmund Carlson

History is the tragedy of life; poetry the epitome.

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