Mirror Dragon Tarot (Part 4)

Meditation: Snowy Evening Message

Mirror Dragon Tarot (Part 4)

Meditation: Snowy Evening

Begin by settling in to your meditation position. Get comfortable, breathe in feelings of calm and begin to release any tensions on the outgoing breath. Breathe in deeply, filling your lungs. Feel your diaphragm expand with brilliant, healing light. See your stress, frustration, exhaustion or confusion pulling together and combining into the light. Then see it flow out with your exhale bursting into tiny, flashing sparks as it dissipates into the atmosphere. Feel the air around you clearing and healing with this transformation. Stay with this clearing process until you feel ready to bring your consciousness into your sacred space.

Once you’re pleasantly settled in your sacred space, relax into the comfort and energy there.

As you settle you realize there is snow covering everything. You find yourself in the scene of a quiet, snowy evening. It snowed all day and everything is blanketed in a soft, thick layer of white the sun has set casting its luminous colors across the white canvas of the snow and now a full moon is rising. You watch as its cool silvery-blue light spreads out along the snow and catches on the odd shapes of covered tree limbs and bushes outlining them in silver against the deeper shadows. As you take in the scene you notice that the moon is casting its cool blue light on a path illuminating the way for you walk deeper into the quiet.

You find yourself drawn to follow the path. There are no footprints but yours and no sound other than your steps, your breath and the occasional creek of a tree limb as it gently bows to the weight of the day’s snow. There is a whispy sound as a slight breeze lifts limbs moving and shifting the branches and a soft fwump of snow falling on snow as a branch releases its burden.

Feel the freshness of the cold on your cheeks and the air bringing bright-cold clarity with each breath into your lungs. You’re not cold, your clothing keeps you snug and warm and comfortable. Take some time to bask in the silence and the calm. Notice the feelings that come up. If there is a question or situation that you seek guidance with, ask the silence. Then just listen, look around, feel for any changes in mood or energy.

If a guide comes to you, look at her or him or it and ask if there is a message for you. If they say nothing but seem to want to lead you, follow them. See where it takes you. Know that whatever experience you have with this entity is especially and specifically intended for your guidance and knowledge.

Allow plenty of time to immerse yourself in the scene, really feel it. Use all your senses.

How does it look, sound, feel, smell? Do you have a taste on your tongue? Does the light change? The surroundings? Do you sense movement or sound? Are there other beings there? Do you converse with anyone? If you find there is a message offered contemplate that.

Spend as long as you like basking in the wisdom and soaking up the light. Then, as you wander back to your starting point, thank the entities who came to you and assure them that you’ll do your best to listen to them when they visit in dreams or ideas, the tiny back-of-your-mind voice or the various snatches of sights and sounds we encounter daily but can’t really explain.

Slowly bring your focus back to your sacred space and settle into your mind/body.

Finally, gently bring yourself back to the physical space you‘re in and into your physical body.

When you feel fully back in your body, take a few moments to make some notes about your experience. Do you have some new ideas? Have you met a part of yourself that you didn’t know existed. Did you find the words you needed?

Writing these things down, drawing or painting them and speaking them aloud brings them fully into the physical plane, giving them a real-life existence.


Victoria LaPointe
Victoria LaPointe
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