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by Victoria LaPointe 2 years ago in spirituality

Reading for 9-30 thru 10-6-19

Photo by Victoria LaPointe

Reading for 9-30 thru 10-6-19

Ah yes, we’re still working with the difficult 10 of Swords. Having taken the center spot this week it seems to still want to demand attention so I’m going to “cut and paste” the interpretation from last week along with my intuited info from today.

*From 9-23 thru 9-29-19*

This is one of the most challenging cards in the deck, in my opinion. With this 10 we find our ideas and beliefs being pulled apart, busted up and trampled, because they differ from an “accepted” standard. These attitudes of conflict are often driven by anger as unfamiliar beliefs go against someone else’s comfort and/or things that have been commonly held as the Truth. When we suggest a different option for that “truth,” in effect we’re seen as calling that truth wrong. This can bring out a person’s fear and defensiveness in a flash. These conflicts can be as expansive as whatever God you believe in and your life’s path, or as mundane as which way to load the dishwasher, but they can trigger those who don’t agree to a very deep level. This week it can seem like we challenge the entire belief system of someone we’re dealing with by disagreeing with whether the toilet paper should hang over or under the roll.

The Center card this week is the 10 of Swords.

I see the tens of the Tarot as the completion of the learning curve we experience on the path of that suit’s particular element. With the ace representing the traits of the suit in their purest form, the tens show its most varied and intricate aspects. In this case that element is air and relates to our intellect and reason. As we see in nature, the four elements grow, thrive, and transform in cycles. When they reach the pinnacle of growth, the ultimate transformation is the breaking down of that element back into its purest form to begin the cycle again. The classic circle of life, death, and rebirth. That said, as we look at the 10 of Swords, we see our lines of reason and logic coming to a point where they must inevitably transform. What this often seems like is that the lessons and experiences we’ve ingrained as reality have served their purpose and now begin to break down. Our logical, linear human brains really like conclusions and structure, so when that structure (reason) does begin to break down, it can feel as though all our beliefs and thinking no longer work or fit.

The West card is the Princess of Cups.

This princess is one of the most easily influenced cards in the deck. Though it’s the queen who’s the watery part of water, and therefore the most intuitive and empathic of the minor Arcana, she has the wisdom gained from experience and knows how to handle those, sometimes (okay often) manipulative influences. The princess, not so much. The princesses represent the youngest of the court cards and go forth innocently, without expectations or preconceived ideas. What this tells me in regard to the triad for this week is that we entered into the intellectual skirmishes last week honestly wanting to know what could be worked out or what could happen, and then work with what we found. We had new ideas doused in the vibrant energy of the young and we went into our interactions with open eyes. (Last week’s prince and princess of Swords.) It looks like what we found showed us as much, if not more, about the inner workings and true feelings of those we interacted with than the cooperation we sought. So we go into this week with psychic, intuitive, and empathic doors wide open. This can be an awesome position to be in as we can see behind the words and actions of those we’re dealing with to know the feelings behind them. The hard part is that many of these new realizations fall outside the lines of what we knew as “real” or usual regarding the folks we’re engaging in this intellectual dance with. It’s possible, even likely, that we found things we didn’t expect or want. This can leave us feeling wrung out and disappointed.

The East card is the 8 of Cups.

This eight shows how we can get caught up and mired in our feelings. For folks who are new to the awareness of intuition and empathy, the experience can be very confusing. Honestly it can be pretty confusing to those of us who’ve been doing it a while too. When we encounter an empathic connection with someone else it feels a lot like the emotions and feelings originate within ourselves. As we gain experience and consciously work with our ability to sense the feelings of others, the recognition of subtle shifts in emotion become clearer. What I’m trying to get across is that the feelings we find ourselves getting stuck in this week may not even be our own. Yes, some undoubtedly are, but see if you can eke out a bit of time—if you find yourself feeling mired in emotional muck—to get in touch with your inner self. Take 20 minutes to ground, center, and clear away the clutter of whirling emotions. Even just sitting quietly to do some deep breathing can help us feel more like ourselves, and if you can carve out some ME time, meditate, just sit and listen to music, or go for a walk to shake out the stresses and let them go; it will help get you feeling clearer and more in touch with your own knowing.

In conclusion;

This week we will likely be dealing with sensitive feelings, some confusion as to where to go from here and some fresh new beginnings. Though the feelings/emotions this week look like they’ll be big, perhaps even overwhelming for some, it doesn’t mean everything is dire and scary. We’re looking at working out new directions with those in our lives, and how to keep aligned and strong in our own ideals at the same time. Change is easier for some than for others, and what we’re truly facing this week is the way in which our ideas, perceptions, and realities are transforming towards the purity of a shifted direction.

Have a meditative week,



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Victoria LaPointe

I'm an intuitive Tarot card reader. It's my day job and I love it. My journey began in 1977 when I had my first card reading. I was astounded and inspired so I bought my first deck, began to learn and I'm still astounded and inspired.

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